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  1. Your first step should be to fit a battery, plug in your mains cable and switch on your charger. With all that going, use a multimeter across the battery terminals. You should get a reading of approximately 13.8 volts. If you have that, leave the battery on charge for 24 hours then switch off. After four hours or so, check the voltage of the battery again. It should be around 12.7 to be in good condition. If the charger isn't working, make sure it is switched on. Some have a switch on the top which is difficult to see. Some are wired directly; others by a plug and socket. A
  2. It's developed from the DV6 by PSA and Ford. Citroen/Peugeot refer to it as the DV5. Apparently produced to suit the VED regime.
  3. If you read this document you'll see that if a Spanish resident (or any other EU citizen) travels to the UK as a tourist, there is no requirement to apply for a visa.
  4. You might well be right, but if the 90 day limit was set by the UK government, why would they make it 90 days for us going there but 180 days for them coming here. Just wondering.
  5. I didn't remove your post but since you are using my quote will you point me to where I've said I want to break any laws. I merely said that Spain could be very likely to disregard the 90 day rule. Please don't put your own interpretation on to my posting. Should it eventually be decided that anything more than a 90 day stay will require a visa, then I'll settle for that. It'll be no big deal.!
  6. I disagree! My mains entry is on the nearside of the van and connects to the charger which is inside the bed locker. The control panel is in an overhead locker on the opposite side of the van, so my sensing coil is situated just before where the 2.5mm cable connects via an IEC plug and socket to the circuit breaker unit.
  7. If it's a switch to isolate the complete meter rather than just the readings, then No, those switches wouldn't do. You would need a switch that would carry 16 amps. Those switches shown are maximum 10amps.
  8. The meter has its own internal switch which turns off the illumination.
  9. For several years I have spent 122 winter days in Spain. When I've been packing to leave, many of my friends have said "You going home already", because they stay for 6 months. The camp sites love it, so do the shops and restaurants. What we spend make up a big part of Spain's revenue. I can't honestly see them objecting, or doing much about it if anyone were to stay longer than 90 days. Also - EU citizens coming to the UK as a holiday maker can stay for 6 months, That's hardly a 'level playing field'
  10. That's partly right! The DV6 is a 1.6 Ford designed engine, although PSA build them at Tremery and Metz. They are used in all the small and mid-ranged sized PSA vehicles. Citroen/Peugeot call it the DV6 HDI and Ford's name is DLD-416 The 2 ltr engine is a Peugeot/Citroen designed engine, although Ford built them at Dagenham. PSA refer to them as DW10 engines whilst to Ford they are DuraTorq TDCi. Ford fit them in the Focus, Galaxy, S-Max, Mondeo and Kuga. PSA have a modified engine which they call the DW12 which is a 2.2ltr engine. Ford also built that and they fit it into M
  11. No more so than our own railway companies. A couple of weeks ago my daughter caught the 8am train from home in Sussex, up to London Bridge. What would normally be a journey where she had to search for an empty seat, on the morning she travelled, there were only three other passengers in the carriage.
  12. I can't answer your question re buying a combination steam oven but if you decide to remove your gas oven, get it professionally disconnected and capped otherwise you could end up with an explosive situation. As far as buying the pani steam oven, read some of the reviews first. They don't make for good reading.
  13. Take a look on ebay. Remember that the design and size of the opening has varied slightly over the years. Take some accurate measurements of your locker, then get dimensions from the seller before closing a deal. Here's three for starters. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254770539074 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124357857347 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274251479552
  14. I heartily endorse that. My previous van was a 2001 Pageant Imperial and it was a gem. I sold it in 2011 and within months I was regretting it. Regarding the caravan you had inspected. The amount of damp found might not be much. After all, you don't get much damp repair work done for £500. It could even be used as a bargaining tool on a purchase price.
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