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  1. It's worth bearing in mind that if you need to postpone or change your Brittany Ferries direct booking in any way, the change can be done online without charge (unless it's last minute) whilst a booking with the clubs needs to be done by phone - cclosed over the weekend - and there will probably be a charge to make the change.
  2. Mine certainly isn't. It's a much easier job to load the bike into the car if I remove the battery first.
  3. I think where they ask for the surname, what they want is the surname of the lead passenger. At least that's what I always give them and they don't object.
  4. There's plenty of information on the internet written by caravanners that have done it before. Here's a couple of blogs to start you off giving information about routes and what to see on the journey. https://jennyandjohngocaravanning.wordpress.com/category/caravanning-in-europe/ https://jondogoescaravanning.com/european-tours/ Have a read then come back with specific questions.
  5. Some caravanners travelling to southern Spain often like to take a break in the Madrid area to visit the two Royal Palaces at Aranhuez and El Escorial.. There is a camp site very close to each Palace. Not far from Camping El Escorial is the Valle de los Caídos - the huge Basilica hewn into a cliff side high up in the mountains. It was built between 1940 and 1958 to commemorate all those who died on both sides during the Spanish Civil War. About 40,000 soldiers are buried here. However, because Franco was the one who ordered its construction, and because his tomb was built close to the high altar, the entire complex has inevitably become associated with the Dictator’s regime. Various Spanish governments over several years have wanted to remove Franco's remains from the Basilica, but there has always been strong resistance. Apparently, court proceedings are just drawing to a close and the removal of the remains is imminent. For those planning a stop at Madrid, you should be aware that as from last Saturday, The Valley of the Fallen will remain closed for the next few months while the exhumation takes place.
  6. It's a common error made by newcomers. Maybe one of the mods or admin will change it for you.
  7. Is this what you mean. It's fitted to stop black streaks appearing on the paintwork
  8. The Mondeo (I think) is still using the Citroen/Peugeot DW engine. Both the 150 and the 180 engines are offered in the PSA range with the 150 being the more popular. Whilst the 180 version does produce more torque, there's only a small margin of 30Nm between the two engines. Of course owners of the 180bhp car will pay more in insurance premiums since the two cars have a difference of around 5 insurance groups. Whether or not the emission output will make a difference on VED I don't know. The smaller engine produces 112 g/km against the bigger's 124g/km
  9. Jaydug

    Water pump

    As SDAndy said - the pump is usually attached to the end of the pipe you put into the Aquaroll. The other end plugs into a socket on the side of the caravan which carries a connection to power up the pump when you turn the tap.
  10. When you say it ignites on gas - does it still work for a while after you've released the gas valve - or does the pilot light go out as you release the knob.
  11. When faced with gravel or lawn, many owners fit pneumatic jockey wheels. Or a solid wheel which is the same size as the pneumatic type.
  12. Here's another method. Get a blacksmith/engineer to cut you a piece of 3mm plate 100mm square with four holes drilled. Top two holes to match the plate on your van and the bottom two to match a new clamp.
  13. They all are now. The fact that yours comes off is why it's lost.
  14. From your photo we cant see whether your clamp is bolted to the chassis or welded. Could be either. Here's another version. If yours will unbolt from your chassis and you can't get a match up on the bolt holes, and engineering workshop could always weld a new clamp to your old one - then just refit it.
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