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  1. Jaydug

    Lino or not?

    Good ideas cost money and the accountants call the shots. I believe Avondale dropped the wheel well idea just before they finally 'went under'
  2. Copied from the Red Pennant Policy Document. If you require Emergency Assistance call: 00800 1907 1907 or +44 (0)1342 336606
  3. No! When you're languishing in a foreign hospital having had an unexpected stroke, and the medical staff is telling your family members that they can do nothing more for you, it's them that will be doing the bleating wondering where they're going to get the £16000 from to fetch you home. (Not an imaginary chain of events. It all happened during the last winter)
  4. The question I was invited to click on last week went further. It asked "In the last five years, have you had or caused any accidents, claims or damage involving any motor vehicle (including cars, motorbikes and/or vans), even if no claim was made and regardless of blame?
  5. Well bully for you! Me, on the other hand, having paid out a hefty wodge for my travel insurance for my winter stay in Spain got heartily sick of seeing people on social media trying to organise crowdfund collections to bring their sick and injured relatives home from far away places because they were too tight-fisted or they thought it would never happen to them.
  6. Jaydug

    Lino or not?

    The fitters held it down with something like a spray adhesive that does not set. Mine just sits on the floor without any adhesive. There are two thickness, the thicker one being of better quality. Also the thicker vinyl is less likely to show up imperfections in the wooden floor. Does the trap door lead to your wine cellar ? As flat_at says - it houses the spare wheel.
  7. Jaydug

    Lino or not?

    When I bought my Avondale I wasn't satisfied with the grubby carpet and also I decided the floor was bouncy in places so I cut out the carpet and used it as a template to cut some vinyl flooring. Once the resin was cured I laid the vinyl. It's approximately 3mm thick so it doesn't move. I bought a length of stair carpet to go between the front seats. It's so easy to lift the carpet and wash over the floor.
  8. Your son's neighbour must be "one in a million". There's no way I would hand a similar claim to my car insurers. For a start, I'd have to stump up the first £350 myself since that is a condition of the policy. Then although my no-claim bonus is protected, I could look forward to a hike when renewal time came around. I'm afraid I'd be looking for a different solution.
  9. But they might dry out and need not be replaced. You only need to replace sections which are clearly rotted. Those can be cut out and replaced by new pieces suitably reinforced at the join. The most important job is to find out where the water has been entering and stop any further water getting in. When I did a similar job I fixed the timber to the outer skin with Screwfix grab adhesive by clamping a length of timber on the outside until the adhesive was set. The aluminium sheet is fragile once the supporting timber is cut away so it is easily bent and stretched.. You may find further help by reading the first job in my blog.
  10. French Customs is far worse than the Spanish end. On one occasion when we did a day trip from our campsite in Lucenac, as we left Andorra the customs officer wanted my roof box opened. It had in it my awning bag, poles, sunloungers, pegs and awning mats and hadn't been opened since I left home. The French guy turned it over so much that the lid wouldn't close. He left me to remove the contents and repack it.
  11. Ten to fifteen years ago we used to go in that direction during the summer but in the opposite direction. From Calais we headed for the A20 down to Toulouse. From there we drove towards Andorra but stopped at Luzenac, booking in at Camping Castella. From there we did day trips up into Andorra. To continue our journey we drove back to Foix then took the D117 to Perpignan and across the border on the A9 and into Spain. Looking at the map from Barcelona into France, it looks like a short cut going through Andorra. By the time you've driven along the meandering roads through the mountains, you have in fact saved just 15 miles less than using the motorway. I believe there's a new tunnel now in Andorra which shortens the journey time - but then you don't see much scenery that way.
  12. My solution to the problem was to remove the shower hose from the union, then fit a straight radiator valve in its place. The shower hose goes onto the other end of the valve. Once the water temperature is adjusted at the hot and cold taps, they are always left in their adjusted position. Water flow is controlled by the rad valve.
  13. I fitted a hanging rail in my van. Bought two supports from Ebay then used a piece of oval tube found in the garage. It was a bit scruffy so I covered it with a length of heat shrink.

  15. There's several types on Ebay for less than a tenner per pair
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