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  1. Having got my caravan home from where I bought it in the Midlands, I was horrified to find the tyres were original. They were ten years old. I bought identical tyres from Oponeo and after delivery, I took the tyres and wheels to their nearest agent for fitting. I couldn't help but notice that the fitter, instead of putting my old tyres on the 'heap', put them in the racks to sell as 'part-worn'
  2. Jaydug

    Flies in the static

    One fly can lay hundreds of eggs - usually in food remnants, but sometimes in soil. They remain dormant until the first warm day then they quickly hatch out as fully grown flies.
  3. Me! Me! Me! They don't give a toss about anyone else.
  4. Jaydug

    information pls

    Nothing sinister. They are just another campsite agency who probably will do a booking for you with a campsite. They've been around since about 2012.
  5. Jaydug

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    Immigrants from North Africa are getting into Spain over the border surrounding Ceuta. At the moment, the Spanish Government is in the process of removing the razor wire because the climbers are hurting themselves. ...
  6. Jaydug

    Last Caravan

    I became 70 in 2000 and looking at my logbook, 2002 and 2003 were our busiest caravanning years. Then, for instance, we did southern Spain around the middle of January, down to Rome and Pompeii during the summer, then back again to southern Spain in November. Now I do much less. Last year I settled for just 140 night away. ..
  7. Jaydug

    CMC finances

    At the time, you could also pay £100 and receive membership for life. Just slightly less than my weekly take home.
  8. Jaydug

    CMC finances

    Earlier in the day, I came across a Caravan Club magazine for 1976 in which there was the Chairman's Report. Among other items he spoke about was the proposal to raise the membership fee "from its present £5 level."
  9. Jaydug

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    Not at all! The question the OP asked was about travel on the continent before the EU came into being.
  10. Jaydug

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    My wife and I began touring in Europe long before they got rid of our blue passports. In fact, wifey didn't have one - she had the bottom half of my photo page. To go abroad we booked a crossing on Sally Line or Townsend Thoreson, went to the bank and ordered French Francs, Belgian Francs, Swiss Francs and Italian Lira and just went - carrying our cash with us. We queued at each border control, got our passports stamped and got on our way. Occasionally, customs would look in our boot or roof box but never any problem. Touring was fine.
  11. Jaydug

    Hey all!

    Welcome! If I were you I would think long and hard about which it's to be. Either a tourer or a motorvan. Personally. a motorvan is the last thing I would want. It just doesn't tick any of the boxes for me. I like to arrive on site. Settle in, then use the car to visit interesting places and see things within a radius of sixty miles or so. Other people who might be fond of walking prefer a motor van. They do the local walks, then pack up and move on. An initial mistake could cost you dearly.
  12. Jaydug

    DIY Reversing Camera

    I tried getting my rear view by clamping the camera to the unit top in my rear bathroom. The trouble I found was not with sunlight on the outer window, but rain droplets.
  13. Jaydug

    CMC finances

    In reply to the question, "Were the members consulted?"........................................................ They give the reply, "The change in name and logo were based on your feedback and in consultation with your representatives on the Committee.".....
  14. Jaydug

    CMC finances

    Yes! And does he know he could do the same with his motorvan.
  15. I haven't, but if you have a prescription request, show it at the Farmacia and you'll get similar - maybe different name. They shouldn't be too expensive. In the UK, the NHS pays around £1. 50 for 28 tablets.