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  1. An advanced decision to refuse treatment only deals with Dementia, Brain injury, Diseases of the central nervous system and a Terminal illness and even then, when " I can no longer make or communicate a decision about my medical treatment" The document is witnessed by all the family members with whom the decision has been discussed. So it's unlikely that a snap decision could be made regarding a person admitted to a unit suspected of being a Covid-19 carrier.
  2. One of my daughters went shopping to Tesco yesterday for me. She got most things I wanted. A couple of items weren't available. One of them - a lemon.
  3. Just a few months ago I watched a documentary about Birmingham City's Environmental Health Dept. They called in at a fast-food outlet and found mouse droppings under work benches and out of date ingredients in their fridges. They gave the owner a written warning and told him they would return. Four weeks later, little had changed so the shop was immediately closed down. In the same programme Birmingham sent their inspectors into several take-away outlets to buy menu items. The purchases were sent to the City's laboratories were the samples were examined. The seller of the chicken/pork burger who was selling it as a premium beefburger was prosecuted, as was the 'chippy' owner who was selling pollack as cod & chips. So, I guess your statement isn't correct.
  4. Except that in the UK you'll need a street traders licence, a food hygiene certificate and be registered with environmental health dept.
  5. I've got no idea but I asked my daughter to get me some eggs. She went to the local Coop but couldn't find any. She asked a member of staff and was told they were kept behind the counter. So when she got to the till she asked for two boxes of six. She couldn't have two boxes. Only one "but you can have a box of 12". She said that would do but since she was shopping for two parties, she really wanted two boxes. "Ah! well in that case, you can have two boxes" Unfathomable!
  6. I presumed it was your first option that the OP was referring to. I've always called your second option the mud-wall, And of course, unless you took out all the stitching, the mud-wall couldn't be separated from the rest of the awning. Regarding the missing panel the OP mentioned. During last summer, https://citcamping.co.uk/ put in a new zip in one of my panels. Several years ago they also extended an awning for me. Given that they can do both jobs, as I said earlier, they could also make up a replacement for her missing panel.
  7. Ok! I stand corrected. Never-the-less, my Trio didn't come with an awning skirt.
  8. Thank you for this. It's given me ideas for when I travel to Spain. It could save me messing about with frozen ready meals which only last for the first two days anyway.
  9. The awning skirt isn't usually included when buying an awning. Plenty of places can supply by the required length. Measure your skirt rail; add three or four inches and look HERE. About seven quid a metre including postage. For the missing panel - an awning repairer could make you one up. Google for any that may be local to you.
  10. I remember it well. First came across it when I joined the LCC. Every sheet was printed at one end "London County Council" and at the other "Now wash your hands please." It also worked well as make-shift tracing paper.
  11. My youngest daughter bought a new Xsara in August of 2002. In 2003 she put it in for dealer servicing - to maintain the warranty. They told her she'd need new front pads and discs within the next 6 months. By August of 2004 I'd taken over the maintenance of her car. I didn't need to do the pads and discs till 2005 when it had done 38000. Even then it didn't really need the discs.
  12. The Government website says under the Covit-19 amendments "You can get an MOT earlier, but the renewal date for the following year will change to one year (minus a day) from the date the vehicle last passed its MOT."
  13. Just had an email from my test centre telling me they will be staying open until told otherwise. However with two more MOTs booked for April, I'll take advantage of the six month extension, so have cancelled both and rebooked them for August. The warmer weather will give me an opportunity to replace a ten-year-old cambelt and a twenty-two year old water pump before then.
  14. Yes - my valve was a new one about three years ago. Had to get it sent out to Spain when the old one failed.
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