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  1. According to a 1983 magazine I have the spec for the Wren is 12ft length; 7ft width; ULW 12cwt58lbs and MGW 15cwt30lbs. And the new price was £4720.
  2. An end bathroom with a separate shower room and decent sized wardrobe has always been our No 1 priority.
  3. Are both rollers applying the same amount of pressure to the tyres? Maybe one of them requires adjusting. Or maybe the tyre pressure is down.
  4. That's true. Although a chrome rail may look smarter, on a caravan sized electric rail, there could be around 25% more BTU output on the white model.
  5. If you cant find the correct pin, you could probably fashion something that would work using some nylon rod, nylon nuts and super-glue. There's a selection of different diameters on ebay
  6. The battery condition meter fitted in my old Avondale caravan was a simple pointer registering on a red/yellow/green scale. But twenty years on, I felt it was time for something better, so on a wet afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I decided to fit a digital volt meter. I’d previously purchased item 352627865033 from ebay. With the electric disconnected from the van, I took out the control panel, then unplugged the mains supply together with the connectors for the fridge, water and room heaters. The control unit could then be carried away to the work bench.. The leads t
  7. It was these ones that I bought. Also on ebay:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-Caravan-Motorhome-Fixer-Rubber-Grommet-Screw-for-Rear-Light-Cluster-/224153704668?hash=item34309a18dc Before finally tightening the screws, I smeared a wipe of vaseline on the thread first.
  8. I too have fitted a light-weight towel rail in the bathroom. It's only about 55 watts and have it powered through a timer switch giving 45 minutes on and 90 minutes off throughout the 24 hours.
  9. If you've just fitted a new gas bottle the caravan's pipework will be full of air. It can take quite a long time to clear the air before getting the gas through. Quickest way is to light the oven or gas rings first.
  10. What you are wanting to do is to restore the caravan's electrics to how it was originally intended. All the necessary wiring may still be there but how it's been 'butchered' is anyone's guess. If you go to the Avondale section, you may find a manual for your year which will have a wiring diagram in it.
  11. Your caravan should have a built-in battery charger which may or may not be working. What reading do you get on the battery condition meter without any mains electric connected? If the battery is in good condition it should be reaching the green section. Plug in your mains electric and the needle on the meter should slowly begin to move higher. If it doesn't move, try switching the battery switch. Do the 12volt interior lights work? Do the lights stay on or go out when the car (with the engine running) is connected to the van?
  12. I'm a member of both. But I find myself using the CMC more than CCC. I prefer the CMC's insurance services and Red Pennant and tend to use more CMC CLs
  13. I've never had one. I don't use one. When I'm in the van, I use a hard drive + a screen
  14. Several members of this forum have simply fitted something like a Ctec smart charger in place of their caravan's original failed charger. Ebay do them for around GBP55.
  15. Another example of Truma's greedy pricing is the two heat switches in the bottom of the Ultraheat. Current price is around £30 for each one. I remember about ten years ago they could be bought on ebay for around a tenner for both of them. But no longer. And the current price shouldn't be much more now. See this price list. There are dozens of different switching temperatures and they are all priced from two quid to a fiver. Probably if the temperatures of the Truma switches could be matched, they could be bought at a sensible price.
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