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  1. Alko hitch swap

    Having read your post and noted that the Winterhoff hitch works much better than your Alko hitch, I wonder if you are using the Alko type towball on your car or whether you have the short necked type fitted. I would agree with you that the Winterhoff is a better hitch. I have mine off at the moment awaiting delivery of a new boot.
  2. Parking a caravan/tourer

    Are you going to supply electricity and water and toilet disposal?
  3. Changing holiday dates

    A good result. .
  4. Tyre and wheel size

    In fact it doesn't. It shows the tyre is of radial construction. .
  5. Intermittent gas ignition on fridge

    Sorry! I should have kept my big mouth closed. . I picked up on the OP's use of 'piezo' and thought he was referring to the ignition system I have in my RM 6000 series. Maybe he'll come back and clear up the doubt.
  6. Tyre and wheel size

    Apologies for describing your van as old. The Amara name has been around for a long time. It sounds as though your tyres are the original factory fit. All the information you need will be found embossed on the sides of your existing tyres. Look for markings which look something like 165R13C 94/92 P. The R indicates that it's a reinforced tyre. The C is that it's a van tyre. The first number which is the width of the tyre could be 155 or even 175. The 13 is the diameter of the wheel in inches but yours may be 14. The 94/92 is the code for the weight rating. Tyre depots will have many car tyres which will match the width and diameter but they won't necessarily have the load carrying capacity. Its essential that the code is sufficient to carry the weight of your van.
  7. Intermittent gas ignition on fridge

    Yes - the fridge has a pilot light. If it goes out, the thermocouple goes cold and the gas valve closes. No more gas until the gas valve is held open manually and the piezo ignition relights the pilot.
  8. Intermittent gas ignition on fridge

    I believe the OP mentioned piezo - so it wouldn't use a 12volt supply. ..................... I don't think they are serviceable but they can be had for around a fiver on ebay.
  9. I manage to buy mine without paying VAT but they are still costly - 70 quid for 24 strips. But it's a health necessity we're talking about. After all, it's no more than what you'd pay for a pint in the local. ......... Or 6 or 7 cigarettes.
  10. Tyre and wheel size

    As yours is an older light-weight caravan the wheel size is probably 13" but check on your existing tyres. The size will be marked on them.
  11. Site lighting

    So you'll be happy at Camping Villsom in Seville. They don't have any street lights. OK in summer but not so good in winter when it's dark by 18. 00hrs. My long term site at Torrox is much better. Their street lamps go out at mid-night.
  12. E bike insurance

    Two years ago when I bought a new electric bike I looked into insurance for it before I went to Spain for the winter. No insurance company would give me longer than a few weeks cover. In the end I bought another lock. I didn't leave the bike anywhere without two locks on it. One on the back wheel; another securing the frame to an immovable piece of street furniture.
  13. Selling a private number plate

    Yes - Regtransfers. co. uk has reg. number PEN15 for sale. Yours for a mere £99995. ...
  14. Selling a private number plate

    Most just sell on behalf of the owner, hence you can see the same number popping up on different dealers' sites - often at different prices.
  15. Whenever I've read about caravan VINs or CRiS numbers the tenth digit has always been described as "Year of manufacture"