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  1. Jockey wheel

    I got it off ebay a couple of years ago from a company called Ketoplastics. They are still listed but only in pairs it seems. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/2-X-PU-10-METAL-Puncture-Proof-WHEEL-BARROW-wheel-4-10-3-50-4-20MM-BORE-/331793344397?hash=item4d406ca78d
  2. Jockey wheel

    It is indeed! The axle is 20mm diameter so to keep the wheel central, I've fitted a 22mm compression nut on each side.
  3. Jockey wheel

    Mine is also puncture proof. Big enough not to dig in on soft ground and never needs inflating.
  4. New MOT rules coming.

    Not only do they require self-levelling, they also require washer jets.
  5. New MOT rules coming.

    I could see that such a thing could happen a few years ago but now - I'm not so sure. I watch my four family cars go through the MOT process every March/April and from what I see the car is connected to the MOT computer for the smoke test and the brake test. The emission report comes off the computer. After that it's onto the four post and then it becomes the testers opinion.
  6. But how do you send them some cheques for paying in?
  7. immobiliser malfunction --Kuga

    Has the starter battery been disconnected? Some modern cars - Peugeots, Citroens to name just two - have a strict routine for disconnecting and reconnecting the starter battery. It's all to do with the computer closing down and then rebooting correctly. Not to carry out the procedure correctly may give various electrical malfunctions. One of which is the door locking plip malfunctioning. Another is the power steering failing or the electric windows not closing correctly. If any PSA vehicle owners need the correct procedure, say so and I will post it here.
  8. As far as I can see they don't have any branch offices.
  9. Yes - I had a current account with N&P and enjoyed many winters in Spain drawing cash at inter-bank exchange rates. But when N&P closed last August I joined Metro Bank simply because I have two branches, both within three miles of my home. It was a bit of a performance getting the new account set up so that it could operate on line, but it's ok now . I've being using my debit card in Spain since the end of October and it's worked fine at cash machines, restaurants and filling stations. Also their opening hours are something new in banking. They open at 8am, close at 8pm and are open on Saturdays and Sundays.
  10. Why these charges?

    That was my thought - about three days ago, but didn't comment. We're all different. We like different things. .............. My big pleasure when I travel to Spain for the winter is to spend the first week or so visiting different towns and cities; to see all the ancient sites and to see the remains of past times and civilisations. But I know it isn't for everyone. There are those who like to rush headlong down to the costas. If that's what they want - let them get on with it. I get so carried away by where I go and what I see that I write a blog about it. I know it doesn't interest everyone. I remember just around the turn of the century coming back from Italy and enthusing to my sister-in-law about the wonderful time her sister and I had had seeing the ancient town of Pompeii. After she'd looked at all our pictures her comment was "They look like any other heap of old stones."
  11. Breadmaker

    Your recipe sounds almost identical to that of the traditional Andalusia dish - Migas. Just a few weeks ago I attended a Migas Fiesta where the dish was prepared outdoors in a local carpark. I photographed the huge crowd waiting to be served. The wine barrels were set up around the park where you could help yourself. A great time was had by all.
  12. Breadmaker

    One of the things I look forward to when going to Spain for the winter is the heavily seeded wholemeal bread rolls made on site in the Mercadona stores. I get five at a time and put them in the caravan freezer box. With an egg and tomato or tuna and pepino filling, they make a lovely lunch. I don't take a breadmaker but I do pack mixing bowls, electric chopper, baking tins, wholemeal S-R flour, dried fruit, glace cherries etc for cake making.
  13. New tyres

    1. Yes 2. Yes - I take the wheels having put a pair of old wheels on the van. 3. No - a few years ago a 'fitter' took ages to remove mine. Finally when he got it off, he handed it to me and said "That doesn't need to go on" Didn't have a clue! 4. My van had Hankooks fitted at the factory. I replace with the same make. They give good service. 5. I order and buy on line (usually at Valuetyres) then have them fitted at one of their agents for no extra charge. If no ratio is stamped you can assume that it's close to 80. Many commercial tyres are that ratio. 6. Any tyres I've bought have always been made in the last 4 or 5 months. Much more, and I would refuse them.
  14. What language do you speak?

    When I went to reception at Camping Albarracin - a small mountain village between Zaragoza and Valencia, I didn't expect the receptionist to speak much English so I said to the guy " Tres noches con coche y caravana y ACSI". He cast his eyes over the car and said "You by your self?" I told him Yes and in perfect English explained that if I put my ACSI card away, he could price my bill so that it would be less than the ACSI price.
  15. Peugeot 407

    I don't have a 407. My tow car is a Citroen C5-X7 which apart from body shape is the same car. Same engine, same gearbox and same suspension on many of the C5's. I only tow around 1200Kgs with mine and most of the driving can be done in 6th gear achieving around 30mpg. On solo runs it does around 54mpg with an overall average at 47.