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  1. The fitting instructions for most movers come with precise measurements for fitting the mover rails and motor housings away from the tyres. If the rollers are not putting the correct pressure on the tyres, they will slip. You need to get the measurements checked. The other possibility is that your tyres are not at the correct pressure.
  2. The Chinese probably do make them for Truma and charge them peanuts. Truma then stick a couple of noughts to arrive at the selling price.
  3. Brittany Ferries have confirmed that Portsmouth to Bilbao crossings won't run from the end of October till the 27 March 2022.
  4. For a couple of seasons my floor creaked when I trod on a certain area. Eventually, I discovered that it wasn't the floor, but the fridge housing and sink unit moving slightly against the side wall. A good squirt with an aerosol of silicone oil down the back edge of the fridge panel cured the noise.
  5. Do you have in the caravan a switch that's off in its mid-position then switched one way for when the caravan is being towed, and the other way for when on site? Some caravans have such switches; some don't.
  6. It may be an electrical problem but on the other hand it may just require maintenance. This is a picture I took of mine when it was removed. After several years of use, dust and debris had built up on the fan. A clean-up and a squirt of light oil solved the sluggishness.
  7. And providing your pockets are empty and you don't have any luggage.
  8. Is this the first time you've used it this season and was it left stored over winter with the system full of water?
  9. Having already bought might be too late, but if you obtained the VIN for the caravan then touted around for an insurance quote, the theft may ping on the data base. Certainly if the caravan had been damaged and written off, the insurance companies would be aware of the fact.
  10. I replaced my shower tray a couple of years ago. I described doing the job HERE or in more detail HERE ( at Paragraph 15) Total cost was around £60.
  11. I doubt that you'll be able to get the runner on its own. Breakers sell the window blinds as complete units. Therefore you'll need to measure the particular window and find one to match. HERE'S one as an example. There's also a list of caravan breakers HERE
  12. Before anyone can answer we need to know what type of hitch you have on the van. It could be an AL-KO hitch (the top one) or a Winterhof (the lower one) Hitchlocks are available for both hitches.
  13. Thanks Bill. Yes! It was nice to get away with the caravan again.
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