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  1. Which on the Mayfly is a goodly length. Trouble is the ends will cut down both side windows and the fridge will exhaust into the awning.
  2. You need to measure from the ground, through the length of the awning rail then down to the ground at the rear of the van, which I think will be 788cms. The measurement is the AA length. You then need to match that with your choice of awning make. Having reread your post, it occurs to me that what you're looking for is a porch awning - so your height is too low for most of them. An alternative could be something like this
  3. The silicone version has only been marketed since 2011, meanwhile, the original WD40 has been in existence since the '60s and according to the tin, it "penetrates, lubricates, disperses damp, and cleans and protects." It goes on to say it "will not harm paints, plastics or rubber."
  4. And the reasons he gave you were.......................?
  5. Jaydug

    STERLING 554

    I keep a small pot of silicone grease in the caravan for that very purpose. Get it on ebay. For four quid, a small pot will last for years.
  6. If you were on site with steadies down for some appreciable time, AND if you have shock absorbers fitted, it may be that movement is causing the groan around the bushes in the mountings. If it worries you, try some WD40 on them.
  7. The fan and the heater are independent of each other. The fan most likely works off 12volts whilst the heater works off 230volts (or gas, if that is your choice.)
  8. And so would I. The secondhand awning I bought for my van was an 850-875 size. My van's measurement is 872 - so the awning should be ideal. But the plot where I pitch most frequently requires the nearside wheel to be on a ramp raising the wheel 40mm off the ground. That adds another 8cms to the 872 measurement. My solution eventually was to have a tapered dart stitched into the end panel skirt, just above the pegging straps.
  9. The 'popular detour' is from Dover up to Canterbury, then the M2 to junc. 5 then the A249 back to the M20. A few miles longer but at present a bit quicker than the M20.
  10. And indeed that is what I found when I went into my caravan before posting my answer. But then after looking at J.W.'s Caravan Manual, I posted the wrong figures. My apologies for the misinformation.
  11. Maybe an extension by retreading or recutting?
  12. Except for the road between the A249 and the turn for the M26, you'll miss it all except for the last eight miles - so it's a popular detour.
  13. I was about to write the same. On most caravans built in the last 20 years the main supply pipe up to the isolation valve block is 8mm. From the isolation valves to the appliance is 6mm. On much older vans the pipe measurement used was 3/16ths
  14. In addition to the above post and picture, these may be of interest to you. They are a replacement just for the tightening screw. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caravan-window-stay-lock-repair-Black/251610247471?hash=item3a9523b12f:g:zhQAAOSw7R9cSZss To change new for old, a roll pin needs to be removed. The new knob comes with a new pin.
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