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  1. Jaydug

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Sweden changed to driving on the right in 1967 in spite of 83% of the population voting in a referendum against any change just five years earlier. The first few days were chaotic.
  2. Jaydug

    Brittany Ferries winter timetable

    If the story is correct that will be middle of next week. I'll look forward to seeing you. ..
  3. Jaydug

    Brittany Ferries winter timetable

    For some bookings you need to plan well in advance. I booked my October outward sailing last January. I wasn't able to get my first choice of date because by then cabin availability was restricted. What I need to book now is my return in March.
  4. I hear that winter timetables for next year (so presumably bookings as well) will be available from "the middle of next week". If so that's from Thursday 26th.
  5. Jaydug

    Hot water tank - do I need to be concerned?

    Thank you for that confirmation. I've suspected as much ever since I had to replace my element two or three years ago.
  6. Jaydug

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Turned off and secured? Yes - but 'full'? My understanding was that a NEW gas bottle is only 3/4 filled otherwise you'd never get any gas out of it.
  7. Jaydug

    Motor way services

    I stopped at Maidstone services on the way home this morning. They have 12 dedicated caravan parking slots. Three were occupied by white van man, two by HGvs, two by caravans, one by a motorvan, so I was lucky to get one.
  8. Jaydug

    Seasonal pitching

    I can't recall having been on a site where I'd want to keep going back to it every time I wanted to get away. For me, caravanning is all about seeing new places.
  9. Jaydug

    Fridge not working on 12v

    Did you plug it into the mains for 24 hours before setting off? A caravan fridge will only attempt to maintain the temperature level. And how well it does that depends on how the 12volt supply is relayed from the car. What it won't do is lower the fridge temperature from scratch - not unless it was a very long journey.
  10. Jaydug

    Musing over new tow car next year?

    Depends on the type of clutch in your vehicle. Many vehicles these days have Dual Mass Flywheels fitted in place of the previous solid flywheels. Whereas a solid flywheel would last the life of the vehicle, the DMF is prone to damage by sloppy driving methods. If you have a DMF you may be lucky and get away with a new clutch plate and pressure plate. In which case you'd be looking at 6-7 hundred. If you need the DMF as well, add another £175. Material wise it's probably less than £200 all in but there's a huge amount of work to fit the parts.
  11. Jaydug

    Alko spare wheel carrier.

    It would but too many differences. Caravan tyres are built to carry heavier loads than car tyres. And how many of us have wheel diameters that are the same on car and caravan.
  12. Jaydug

    Trolley jack

    Yes - the same. Various offers on ebay.
  13. Jaydug

    Alko spare wheel carrier.

    Agreed - Alko hasn't updated the ghastly design ever since they thought of it in the mid 1990's. Only one caravan designer thought about an improvement. But sadly they no longer exist.
  14. Jaydug

    Trolley jack

    Not as much as you might think. For aluminium to have the strength of steel, it needs to be much thicker. The aluminium jack shown in Hawkeye's post is 11ish Kgs where as the Screwfix jack which I have a pair of is 10Kgs. On the other hand, the electric jack which I carry with me easily lifts my towcar and modified to fit the Alko bracket on the caravan weighs only 5Kgs.
  15. Jaydug

    Possible change of van with ferry

    Depends how the ferry company plan their fare structure. Should you be travelling with BrittanyFerries, their fares go up with each successive metre. So you would be within the band. Anyway, I would drop them an email then you have no worries and no repercussions.