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  1. Jaydug

    PMS4 socket/fire switch stays down

    Are you plugged into the mains?
  2. Jaydug

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

    I should hope not. .
  3. Jaydug

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

    Usually, I write about somewhere I’ve been, but here I'm going to write about someone I’ve met……… Or rather - I'm going to write about his hobby. It features friend, William – a guy I first met here several years ago, who with Yvonne, has been a regular visitor to El Pino for a lot of years. Every morning William and Bentley - his dog, take a walk, down the road, along the beach and back up along the river. As they wander along the shoreline, William picks up likely pebbles, pockets them and takes them back to his van. Using a masonry bit in a cordless drill, the stones are drilled, threaded on a wire and formed into figures. Each figure William builds is created with a particular recipient in mind. So last year, at their farewell party, Martin and Joanne, our longtime friends from Scotland, and a keen boules player were presented with a figure carrying his boules, and of course, dressed in tartan plaid and kilt. During the party the inevitable question was asked………….. was he wearing anything under his kilt? Another Martin who we nick-name Dutch-Martin hardly goes anywhere without his bike so this was his figure. Another friend who is always going off to play tennis got this one Ormond, our Norwegian friend is occupying his usual pitch across the road from me. Being from Norway he knows all about skiing. William made him his figure two years ago. Since last year, a guitar-player has appeared in the shrubbery outside the site’s reception, Take a closer look! as has another figure sitting on the tree at the front of Les and Val’s bungalow. My pebble-man, wearing the inevitable cap has been sitting in my dining room at home for the past three years. One can’t help but wonder where next one of William’s trademark figures might appear? Oh - and the question as to whether or not Martin’s Scotsman was dressed under his kilt? Well! See for yourself.
  4. Jaydug

    caravan paint colour

    One of the things I like about my old Avondale is its cream paintwork.
  5. Yes! If memory serves, that was on Cherbourg to Dublin.
  6. Just had a text message from a mate who's pulled into Virgen del Mar for the night. Gale or no gale, he arrived in Santander on the Baie de Seine a couple of hours ago. Apparently, the zig-zag course they followed was the reason for the delayed arrival.
  7. Jaydug

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    But still not easy to tighten and undo. I made myself a shaped spanner to fit them.
  8. I don't doubt that it happened! I was simply drawing attention to sloppy reporting. The Daily Mail seems to excel at it. As for Brittany Ferries paying compensation, in early November of 2012, I travelled on Cap Finistere and the voyage was perfect. However, upon arrival at my destination, I was talking to friends who had used the same service just a week earlier. Theirs was a very different story. As they sailed into Biscay, it was discovered that one stabilizer was jammed. The ship turned about and put into Brest. All the drivers were handed an A4 sheet, printed with a map of France and told they would have to make their own way into Spain. As my friends were travelling by solo car, new additional hotels needed to be booked and existing ones cancelled. It took them several weeks of correspondence before adequate compensation was received. But to put our two misadventures into perspective, I've travelled out on Brittany Ferries in November and back in February for the past seven years, plus also for three years on P&O's Pride of Bilbao, and so far have not experienced any unpleasant travelling.
  9. Typical Daily Wail inaccurate reporting - "The ferry left Portsmouth at 10. 30pm on Sunday night, docked briefly at Plymouth as scheduled and was supposed to reach northern Spain this morning." Sure - Cap Finistere leaves Portsmouth on Sunday evening at 10. 30 but it doesn't go anywhere near Plymouth. It is however scheduled to call in briefly at Roscoff around 07. 30 to change crews.
  10. Jaydug

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    The brass locking nut is to prevent unauthorized removal of the sensors.
  11. Jaydug

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    Yes - the same applies to my caravan sensors. Just a few yards and they're active. The four on the car spring to life as soon as the car door bangs shut. The kit of six sensors is the Carchet model however, the monitor is identical to the Tyrepal kit.
  12. Jaydug

    Mondeo 2. 0 Diesel

    One of my forum friends had a similar problem on his Citroen C5 which probably has the same model engine to your Mondeo. All his repair consisted of was a replacement circlip on one of the selector cables. Cost of the new part was 81p plus labour.
  13. Jaydug

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 6

    Indeed! How different it could have been if one of the buses had been passing by.
  14. I take Brittany Ferries reasons for cancellations "with a pinch of salt". I often wonder if a bad weather cancellation sounds better than a technical problem. The BdeS should have left Portsmouth this morning at 0845 - the same time as I left just four weeks ago. Here is the Biscay weather forecast for the next two days. Nothing untowards as far as I can see.
  15. Jaydug

    Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 6

    It’s two weeks since I arrived at El Pino and the weather has been pretty awful. In fact, it’s probably the worst autumn weather I’ve experienced in all the years I’ve stayed here. Yes! In previous years we’ve had rain that’s gone on for 36hours at a stretch. But then, it has stopped and the sun has returned again. Not so during the past fortnight. Just an odd dry day interspersed with day after day of thunderstorms and torrential rain, turning site roads into rivers and flooding some of the pitches. This was just one day. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=WezpqWkC1KE&feature=youtu. be All of which was probably responsible for the rock fall which occurred last Tuesday along the coast road. A lump of rock - the engineers estimate the weight to be in the region of five tons, detached itself from the cliff face and rolled down into the road completely blocking it in both directions. Before it could be moved, breakers had to be brought in to cut it into manageable pieces. The road will remain closed until the cliff face can be secured and the road surface repaired. A section of about ½ mile is closed And here is where the fall occurred The road surface is damaged, the Armco barrier bent where the rock hit, then rolled back to the centre of the road. The A7 motorway runs through the hills, about 2 miles inland, but the coast road carries a lot of local cars and buses. The gods were certainly smiling when they arranged the fall to coincide with a lull in the traffic. Happily, the weather has changed for the better and we are able to get out again. I rode the bike along the coast road to see how repairs were progressing. They weren’t!