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  1. Evening all. Having read all the comments, do I need the licence? We leave on our annual migration in January. The Spanish police like their grey arrears ie the use of A frames to tow a car behind a motorhome. Be Good Gerald
  2. Evening. We got fed up having a steam train behind us. Our dealer Newport C Caravans have changed them our Elddis is only three months old.
  3. Evening We don't know where you live but Newport Caravans have one with an SE pack for £15 813.
  4. Have a look at Dibles caravan park, Warsash SO31 9SA. We stay here when using Portsmouth. Hard standing pitches, showers etc. About 20 mins. from the port.
  5. Louise, as you've checked everywhere for a could be leaking petrol can, including the front lockers, I would call the Fire Brigade and explain your situation. They have special testing equipment and will sort you out. They don't mind if it's a false alarm.
  6. Evening all. My PA is looking at going to Norway next year. When is the best time to go? I'm thinking of the midges. Cheers Gerald
  7. Thanks for all the information. Cheers Gerald
  8. Evening All. We are thinking of going to the show this year. Has anyone been? what was it like? We are taking our caravan & would like to know where to stay. Cheers Gerald
  9. Thanks for all your replies. Took the car into a local tow-bar fitter, they tested but could find no fault. It could be a sticking relay. Car booked in for a more in depth check. Cheers
  10. Evening On our trip to Spain (24 hr crossing) our car battery became flat whilst on board, jump leads required. Thinking I was the culprit (left the cable connected to the car) on our return trip I disconnected the cable. I reconnected said cable but had to wait about an hour to disembark. Once again my battery was flat. We were away for 3 months with no other problems. I have never had any problems before. Is the fridge to cause of the problem? Gerald
  11. Afternoon all. We are going to Camping Marbella Playa over the Christmas & New Year period. Has anyone stayed here at these times. If so where did you go for Christmas lunch & the New Year festivities, campsite restaurant or local restaurants? Cheers Gerald
  12. Evening. Have a look at what Newport Caravans have to offer. Be Good Gerald
  13. Nice one. We live in South Wales, being a retired fireman I've been there and done that. Cheers Gerald
  14. Thanks for all the replies. My secretary is sorting out an itinerary. Cheers Gerald
  15. Evening all. We are thinking of going to see the Rhine in flames in September. What are the best places to see this & what campsites have you used? Cheers Gerald
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