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  1. Last time I stayed here (in 2016) they did not allow any units in until 21. 00 . Is this still the case?
  2. Hi. I am planning the above trip in a motorhome in May. Dont mind using toll road but happy to use a good alternative. Plan to do the trip in 4-5 days. Any advice on routes and stopoffs (sites or motorhome aires with facilities) gratefully accepted.
  3. I have been trying to get a good ferry deal from the club and have asked about vouchers. I am flexible on routes and dates but can't seem to make any savings.
  4. Hi. We are looking at booking a ferry from Plymouth to Santander next Spring and returning from St Malo to Portsmouth. It has been suggested to me that I should get a discount code - Can anyone advise me how I get one? Thanks Chrisheg
  5. Going to Cornwall in September and thinking about taking my golf clubs. Can anyone advise me about any sites that have golf nearby. We are in a motorhome which I would prefer to leave onsite whilst pursuing this spoilt walk.
  6. Hi. I am heading to France for six weeks next Sunday. My mobile contract is with vodafone and whilst its eurotraveller (£3 per day to be on your normal tariff) is good it can work out very expensive for a six week period. Also site wifi can work out expensive What do others do? Is it worth buying a french sim card. I tend to make few calls and texts but use data for emails, facebook, and whatsapp which we use to contact kids in SE Asia. Advice please?
  7. Planning to travel to Cherbourg from Poole in August. Ferry leaves at 8. 30am. Looking for information about overnighting at the port prior to departure from Poole or nearby cheap sites that would be happy with an early morning departure?
  8. With the reduction in roaming charges coming into effect 30 April is the vodafone euro deal still good value for money?
  9. Hi Daughter is getting married near lyme regis in June and we live in the north east. We are hiring a house in lyme regis for the week of the wedding but we would like to take the van to the area to extend the holiday. Does anyone know of any sites where we could store the caravan for a week?
  10. If the cassette has not been fully pushed home the seal between the toilet bowl and the cassette does not work properly. This can lead to fluids from the toilet bowl leaking into the cassette chamber and you will get an awful smell permeating up into the bathroom. You may wish to take the cassette out and give the cassette chamber a very thorough clean. Worth trying before you start tearing up carpets.
  11. Feeling much happier tonight. Spoke to Elddis Customer care and they seem to acknowledge that the IDC should be covered under the Warranty and they are intending to approve the warranty claim. Thanks for the useful comments and advice.
  12. It was certainly not an optional extra - it is standard equipment on that range.
  13. Hi I have now heard that Elddis have refused my warranty claim for the defective IDC unit on the grounds that that component is not covered by the caravans three year warranty. I really cannot understand how they can refuse when the information given on their website about warranties states " At The Explorer Group Ltd we are confident that our new caravans and motorhomes are engineered using the latest manufacturing techniques and advanced materials technology ensuring that, when buying one of our products, you are buying the very best. We extend this philosophy to our customers by offering long term peace of mind and reassurance through our extensive warranty cover. Your warranty cover commences on the day your new caravan is purchased and comprises two key elements: Three year manufacturer's warranty Ten year body integrity warranty Warranty cover ScopeThis applies to all new Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer products manufactured from 2012 model year onwards. Three year manufacturer's warranty Year 1 warranty - Covers all original components, including permanently fitted equipment forming part of the original product specification. Year 2 and 3 warranty - Covers all original components, including permanently fitted equipment forming part of the original product specification, with the exception of the following items: Microwaves Tyres Batteries Windows and glass Deterioration of exterior paint work Soft furnishings, carpets and floor coverings Entertainment equipment Fluorescent tubes, bulbs, LEDs and fuses Plastic and GRP exterior panels Plastic products including A-frame covers, wheel spats and shower trays Minor adjustment of blinds, hinges, catches, stays and doors Would welcome any advice on this matter. Where should I go now?
  14. I have a two year old Elddis Affinity 574 and the Intelligent Drive control unit has failed. I understand that BPC only guarantee the unit for 12 months. Elddis have indicated that they will consider a warranty claim! Has anyone had similar problem and if so how did they get on with Elddis? Also if a claim was refused how much was a replacement unit and how much did fitting cost?
  15. Yes the Germans and dutch were a great crowd - very well behaved. As for looking at the football fixtures well ahead this will not work as Sky seem to determine when over any weekend which teams they wish to broadcast and when those games are played.
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