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  1. Has anyone fitted the 2010 Series II Purpleline Enduro Motor Mover to a Abbey Iona Caravan ?. I have just purchased this mover to fit on my Iona and found that I need to purchase the Optional 16mm Spacers and the longer bolts to make it fit correctly and I'm just wondering if anyone else has experiance any problems !. Cheers Tez
  2. I bought a 24v with 1 hour fast charger last week from our local NETTO for £24. 99 Tez
  3. I have had the same problem a few times as my van is just over a fence at side of a public footpath. .. I used boiling water from the kettle to soften it and it just wiped away with kitchen towels. Tez
  4. Is anyone a member of the Touring Caravan Club (North Staffs & District Section )?. Information needed. Cheers. .. SuzukiGV
  5. Hi. . my insurance runs out too at 12. 00 midday on the 1st Mar 2009 too and i have just changed companies for a cheaper quote and have requested that the new policy starts at 11. 30am on the 1st Mar 2009 just in case I am out driving at the time. Tez
  6. Hi Wee Jock. ... yes I know that but the Status 315 is suppose to pick up signals all round !!! and sorry no chance of letting it go until I have given it a good test and I do have 2 other aerial's one a Image 530 and the other a Vision Plus both which can be mounted on a Maxiview 5 section Alum pole that I have I don't bother with TV much myself it's the wife who is disabled that I have to look after Cheers Tez
  7. Wish I knew beforehand that there were cheaper one's about ! Think I'll complain to Fringe electronics Cheers Tez
  8. Are you sure it's 3 Ton ? thought they were 1. 5 Ton !. Cheers Tez
  9. Thats what I do generally. .. but we are exhibitors at Steam & Vintage rallies and most of the time there are no buildings or houses around the rally/exhabition site to look at Cheers Tez
  10. --> QUOTE(Andy B @ Jan 31 2009, 04:54 PM) 226998[/snapback] Maplins do this . ..... >clicky< and I bought one of these from eBay, and bought the cable adatpters from Maplins. There might very well be better available but it takes a lots of the guess work and aerial twirling out of getting a telly picture! Wow. . wish I'd seen that before. . could have saved £10 bloody quid there Cheers Tez
  11. Funny enough I saw these gadgets in a recent Caravan magazine and thought. . that might be just what I have been looking for and last weekend I visited the caravan & camping show at Manchester G-MEX and saw some on offer at £24. 95 and I bought one in the hope that I would be able to get better pictures on the 15" LCD TV in the caravan when on rallies. ..and a few days later being rather curious to how it will work I opened the box inserted the battery read the instructions and downstairs we have a 32" HD TV and last year we had a new Digital aerial fitted and set by a pro fitter so I trie
  12. Hi there Contact Pyramid they will supply with any length of skirting. .. sales@pyramid-products. co. uk Tel: 01623 754567 Cheers Tez
  13. Hi. .. were the LED's you replaced your halogen bulbs with 12v and Bayonet fittings ?, I'm looking for some for my van too Cheers Tez
  14. Blimey ! all this over a "Hole" in a Chassis !, I almost thought WWIII was being started Tez
  15. Hi you might be able to find what you are after at a Caravan Breakers yard as they have many accident damaged caravans that heve been recovered. .. Do a search on Google "Caravan Breakers" to see if there are any around your area !. Cheers Tez
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