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  1. Hi James I have looked on the Zig web site 12 volt DC https://www.freewebs.com/12voltsdc the SP8E1 panel is not listed but panel refers as "e" for elddis Zig often designed and supplied panels to the caravan manufactures reqirements elddis, ABI Avondale etc often the panels carried the trade name of the manufacture ie abi, with out any referance to Zig From past experiance the top right panel with various switches marked "pump . Lights 1 & 2 " etc )willl be 12 volt DC one or two may be spare switchs made avalable for othe models and not labled
  2. Hi this file may help Nord_fault_finding_guide.pdf
  3. Hi Try ex plug in Steve Plug In Systems Spares and Advice - Spares and Advice www.expluginsteve.co.uk I would fit an external from the consumer unit case a battery charger they run cooler Sargent elec are a good make and reliable https://sargentltd.co.uk/shop/Conversion/chargersforvans Most dealer / caravan shops stock battery chargers question is the quality loads via a net search My avice is to get a " multy stage version " Dave
  4. Hi the mcb ill have 2 connections 1 fridge 1 charger disconnect the charger and test the mcb tpowering the fridge then disconnect the frige reconnect the charger test mcb can be faulty if the mcb is marked made in china S and F r( not standard fittuing ) eplace with a city elec factors protect range mcb
  5. Hi you may find a ZIG manual at this web site https://www.freewebs.com/12voltsdc/ Dave
  6. this may help The Nord alarm, via the LED on the PIR, is able to inform the user of the reason for the activation. The LED will flash in a sequence, which will be repeated 20 times, when the alarm is disarmed. The following list shows the causes of alarm activation, and the number of LED flashes for each. LED Flashes Cause 1 PIR 1 2 PIR 2 3 TILT SENSOR 4 CIRCUIT OPEN ON TAMPER 1 5 CIRCUIT OPEN ON TAMPER 2 6 PANIC PUSH BUTTON 7 EXTERNAL ALARM JP19 8 SABOTAGE ON P
  7. Hi I have a pdf swift 94 caravan manual with i can forward to you its to large to post on the forum you will need to look at my profile and obtain my direct email address which starts :=ros Dave
  8. All avondale mauals Under avondale section
  9. Hi for help and advice contact Steve http://www.expluginsteve.co.uk/spares-and-advice Dave
  10. Hi Tow ball I woud go for a sargent mutistage charger see tier web site Mount the new charger external from the PSU to allow the heat to disipate Dave
  11. Hi Try Motors EMD http://www.emd.co.uk/ now part of parvalux Motors and Parts http://www.parvalux.co.uk/
  12. Hi in the garage I had a box of "O" rings and seals one of the flat round seals fitted the screw down collier of the punp (in the header tank ) no probs now Dave
  13. Hi here is the manual for PRIMUS AQWE6 (AQUAFLEX) HEATING SYSTEM If its not correct one contact Alde they own Primus Dave primus-caravan.pdf
  14. Hi Try Bailey parts https://www.primaleisure.com The F & S mcb 's ( fronm China )re known for there faults and non standard profile try City Elc Factors own brand PROTEUS range Tak the origanal breaker as a sample
  15. Hi If you Have 2pairs of wires with no unit they are prob for the charger unit which may have been removed as a faulty unit the chargers where a free standng unit fixed to the floor or wall 1 ) will be the 230volt AC feed 2) the 12 volt ( 13.7 volt max dc ) supply from the charger to the van battery
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