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  1. Hi Tow ball I woud go for a sargent mutistage charger see tier web site Mount the new charger external from the PSU to allow the heat to disipate Dave
  2. Hi Try Motors EMD http://www.emd.co.uk/ now part of parvalux Motors and Parts http://www.parvalux.co.uk/
  3. Hi in the garage I had a box of "O" rings and seals one of the flat round seals fitted the screw down collier of the punp (in the header tank ) no probs now Dave
  4. Hi here is the manual for PRIMUS AQWE6 (AQUAFLEX) HEATING SYSTEM If its not correct one contact Alde they own Primus Dave primus-caravan.pdf
  5. Hi Try Bailey parts https://www.primaleisure.com The F & S mcb 's ( fronm China )re known for there faults and non standard profile try City Elc Factors own brand PROTEUS range Tak the origanal breaker as a sample
  6. Hi If you Have 2pairs of wires with no unit they are prob for the charger unit which may have been removed as a faulty unit the chargers where a free standng unit fixed to the floor or wall 1 ) will be the 230volt AC feed 2) the 12 volt ( 13.7 volt max dc ) supply from the charger to the van battery
  7. Hi Chances are that the charger is Nordelettronica Electrical long hisytory of problems with this manufacturer sargent electrical https://sargentltd.co.uk › shop do a direct replacment muti stage charge with a conveter cable www.apuljackengineering.co.uk do repairs / upgrade other off the shelf chargers can be installed Get a muti stage charger Dave
  8. Hi Mike look up my direct email addy in my profile or pm me your diect email addy I have the manual Dave
  9. Hi some of the zig chargers used have an internal fuse ( not sure of the model ) worth a look inside the unit if you are replacing the charger go for a multi stage charger ie from sargents elec or another supplier Dave
  10. Hi the wiring for the zig x7 can be found at https://www.freewebs.com/12voltsdc/zigmanuals.htm Dave
  11. Hi As per the advice above bench charge the battery to a min of 12 dc The control panel "shuts down " at about 10 volt I asume you have Nord Elettronica control panel the battery charger and control panel have a known history of faults Charge the van battery on a bench charger or borrow a fuly charged battery re test if this fails there are companys that repair the control panels and sargent elec supply direct easy to replacement chargers Dave
  12. Hi I saved this info from the Lunar web site they listed the supplers Lunar The Decorative Panels Group http://www.decorativepanels.co.uk/ Motique Plastics Ltd - Flatbed Printing - Signs - Labels www.motique.co.uk/ www.euramax.EU Euramax supplies innovative pre-coated aluminium www.ellbee.co.uk/ - Aluminium and uPVC windows & doors Coated aluminium for exterior walls and roofs Tourer and Motorhome doors Shower enclosures Aluminium extrusions Aluminium and uPVC guttering Company Plastoform( windows) http://www.plastoform.si/ TECNOFORM S.p.A. http://www.tecnoform.com/ May help Lunar owners Dave
  13. Hi you could try Gummi Pflege Rubber Care Stick from Micks Garage N I via amazon uk or dirct from Micks https://www.micksgarage.com/d/dash-rubber-and-plastics/products/2517984/gummi-pflege-stift-100ml Dave
  14. Hi if the van is fitted with Nordelettronica control panel contact :- www.apuljackengineering.co.uk/ www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/
  15. Hi you culd cover the area with Fablon Cear see https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/brand/fablon?filter=FABLON~Classic/Colour~Clear/&followsearch=9691
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