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  1. Thanks for all comments I'm not really thinking of changing this year (current model coming up to 4 years old) But still wondering whether to allow myself to be tempted Scales
  2. Page 102 of the latest C. C magazine has a Nissan advert with savings up to £5,014 off a brand new X-Trail (exclusive to members) Question is. "Is it a bargain" or just a way of shifting excess stock befrore a new model launch Has anybody had personal experience of these kind of offers? Scales
  3. I sold witin 7 days on ebay (classified ad) 2 years ago for £8,995 (realistically priced) I purposely targetted Whitsun. Easter is normally too cold. Whitsun brings Spring, sunshine and prospective purchasers more Optimistic My ad appeared one week before Whit weekend. Remember you need to present it properly (both the ad and the caravan) I even set up my own website for the purpose at http://www. patcrowley. f2s. com/ Scales
  4. The thin lightweight spanner should be strong enough. As has already been said it doesn't need tightened that much. In fact a large adjustable probably has too much leverage. I have seen hoses tightened up really tight like this but predominantly on construction site where the hose connector is often dragged along the ground and the mating surface damaged. As it's a metal to metal joint the surfaces need to be clean and undamaged. (damaged surfaces can be successfully dressed with a file) Scales
  5. In my opinion having daytime lights is a major safety factor at times A few years ago I owned a dark green Citroen Xantia and could not understand why other vehicles in the Lake District were coming straight at me in the middle of the road (at the height of summer). I realised that other drivers coming from bright sunshine into a wooded area couldn't adjust their eyesight quickly enough to see me and so I started driving on dipped headlights at all times This cured the problem. I now have a silver vehicle but still adopt the same procedure around The Lake District and other similar ar
  6. The Dyson does need recharged regularly (3 hours recharge for around 10 minutes use if I remember correctly) Scales
  7. I think you may well be right. The Euro is doomed in its current form. Scales
  8. By the sound of it we're in for another round of quantative easing so the pound might drop even further, especially against the US dollar I'm amazed the markets are being so patient with Europe. Scales
  9. I've found up to now that the best bulbs for almost instant brightness are the spiral flourescent type. The GU10 Halogen low energy bulbs seem to be astronomically expenive, ranging from around £7 to £19 at our local B&Q They did have some GU10's on offer at a reasonable price with a sign stating they use 20% less energy than the standard 50 watt bulb. They were 40 watt bulbs. I think I could have worked that out myself! Scales
  10. I noticed this at our local Homebase. Pretty dangerous I think when you consider the reccommended action if a bulb is broken. Just looked like an ordinary cardboard box with nothing to break the fall, and right by the tills too. I wouldn't like to be a member of staff transporting it around either. Scales
  11. Perhaps I haven't explained myself Dave If a lampshade is marked max 60 watts why can't I use a 46 watt low energy bulb with a light output of 200 watts (according to your post) Scales
  12. We've been looking at various light fittings and lampshades for the house. I am surprised to notice that the maximum wattage for any particular light states that the maximum low energy bulb is the equivalent. i. e. 60 watt max or 15 watt low energy. I always assumed the maximum wattage was all about current and heat, not light output. Anybody able to enlighten me please? Scales
  13. Have a look at the map and decide where you want to be. The Lakes is not a massive area but you can spend a lot of time driving around to find what suits you. Perhaps a couple of days in the South at Coniston - Park Coppice followed by a couple of days up North at Troutbeck That should give you a fair taster. You might find you'll want to come back year after year like a lot of us. I'm planning on four 2 week visits next year Scales
  14. I plug my tyre inflator extension into the towing electrics 13 pin socket. Convenient, never have a problem and it reaches all 4 car tyres and the caravan tyres too. Scales
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