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  1. I have a 2019 Elddis fitted with a Teleco aerial and booster box. I have hooked up a coax cable to the site bollard and connected this to the aerial socket which is in the battery compartment. I assumed that this would override the van aerial but to test I turned the booster box off and we lost the TV signal. I’m confused now, how do I use the site bollard tv point, or is the aerial point in the battery box just for hooking up a tv in the awning?
  2. Well, picked up the new van this morning and feel such a stupid numpty....I never realised that there was a 13pin to 7 pin adaptor in place, The salesman saw it, gave it a turn and off it came revealing the 13 pin socket!!!
  3. I've now had a reply back from the lady i bought the car from. She didn't specify a 7 pin. They opted for the factory fit towbar and she doesnt even know that you can get 7 pin or 13 pin. She just ordered the electric folding towbar. Seems like I will need to take this up with Volvo UK
  4. Birdingbilly, I bought the car from the lady who purchased from new so have her details, she's a nice lady and I've emailed her to ask if she knows why a 7 pin socket was fitted.
  5. I'm awaiting a call back from the dealer who supplied the car from new. I have a copy of the original invoice with the last owner kindly gave to me and it shows "S & F Towbar" at £1,000 inc VAT. I have asked them why only a 7 pin socket was fitted . It may be that the last owner (purchaser of the car from new) specified a 7 pin socket only.
  6. I bought my Volvo secondhand, it was fitted from new with the Volvo folding towbar. I have not towed with it before but am due to collect my new caravan tomorrow. I was amazed and disappointed to find that it only has a 7 pin socket not the usual 13 pin. I know I can get a cheap adaptor but this will only give me the road lights on the caravan. My local Volvo dealer says the only option is to change the entire tow ball for another £1,000 ! I can't believe this....any helpful ideas or comments?
  7. Hello Well after a break from caravanning for a few years we're getting back in the saddle after striking a deal on a new Elddis Affinity 554 at the NEC show. We have been offered Diamondbrite by the dealer for £399. Some Googling reveals mixed opinions about paint sealing and I gather that the dealer gets a significant profit margin on £399. I remember from my caravanning days some 10 years ago that removing black streaks was a bit of a chore but I am fit and healthy and have no problem with washing and polishing a caravan. What I don't know however is whether, today, there are alternative products on the market which are just as good as paint sealants but much cheaper. Any thoughts?
  8. Some of you may recall me as being a contributor to these pages a while ago but as I sold my caravan over a year ago I tend not to visit now. I still however hanker after another caravan but this may be some years ahead. I still look fondly at rigs on my travels and have just got back from France (Saturday) and as I approached Calais on the dual carriage way we came across an accident involving a caravan that had obviously happened only minutes before. The accident was at the bottom of a long downwards hill. It looks as though the van made contact with the small wall in the central reservation. There appeared to be no other vehicles involved. There was a large white mark on he small wall on the central reservation and significant damage to the car. I'm assuming that the outfit got in to an unrecoverable snake. If you were the occupants of a silver Rexton with a Bailey (Pegasus?), I hope you are all OK. Kind regards NRF
  9. As for the external design, there is a complete lack of continuity, the black front looks like someone has bolted a black panel on as an after thought to a Bailey! If it was black and silver all over, it would be FAR more aesthetically pleasing. Regards NRF
  10. If a brand new car is fitted with Dunlop tyres but the owner then decides to put Michelin on, is this a modification? If half the population think a tow bar is not a modification the insurers would need to prove that it materially affected the risk. Even then I would think that the Unfair Contract Terms Act might apply Regards NRF
  11. I dont suppose they asked you if you eat/smoke/drink whilst driving or carry passengers in the back who dont wear seat belts, probably far more important to underwriters. ..I think someone was misinterpreting the rules at Zurich !! Regards NRF
  12. I agree, Chatsworth is a great site, was there a few weeks ago. The ONLY downside is the access road, it has not been maintained properly and was in a heck of a state. Giant potholes everywhere, looked more like the Helmand province than Derbyshire! Regards NRF
  13. Well early days and not sure if the computer is working as it seems to be stuck on average 28. 9 MPG with a mix of motorway and town driving. Given that I have saved a fortune compared with a new car I am not getting hung up on a few mpg here or there. Tow bar being fitted next week so will be interesting to see what its like. Regards NRF
  14. I have just got an XC90 D5 auto (2004 model) have yet to get tow bar fitted but its lovely to drive but feels like driving a gentlemans lounge with so much leather and wood! . ...not a good deal faster than a lounge either (!!!) but then I didnt get it for outright speed! Regards NRF
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