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  1. To the best of my knowledge, the alarm battery is fed from the 12V battery. It's not necessary to be on EHU to have the alarm operating.
  2. I am currently insured with LV, and have my OH as a named driver. Although she has her own car, there is absolutely no way she would attempt to drive mine, solo, let alone with a caravan on tow. If the situation ever arose whereby, having Red Pennant breakdown cover, I was incapacitated in Europe and the car and caravan requiring to be brought back to the UK, does anyone know if RP would supply a driver, or would this be refused on the grounds that my OH is named on the car insurance?
  3. That's exactly where it should go - in the shaded area behind the mirror.
  4. Your friend is wrong - it's 100Kgs.
  5. The maximum load on the rear" tyres" should never be exceeded, because the cars rear "axle" load is always well below the tyres maximum load. (In my case, max. axle load = 1450kgs., and the two tyres = 1750Kgs.)
  6. I tow with a 2015 Santa Fe auto, and just keep the tyres at 33psi. as per door sticker - tows great like that.
  7. Obviously depends on the site. I've just cancelled my booking, and getting a full refund less £5. Cancellation had to be at least 14 days before arrival date.
  8. Have a read of pages 4 to 6 HERE
  9. That would be really useful to know Alan. Is there any possibility you could explain how to do it please?
  10. Eddie

    Tyre pal

    On my Tyre Pal system, I only use the temp reading for reference. In your situation, I would recommend low pressure setting of around 32psi, and high pressure of 48-50psi . - The increase in pressure is quite surprising, the hotter the tyres become.
  11. Did you remember to put the square metal bar in, between the inner and outer handles?
  12. Policy documents HERE. More Here
  13. After passing through the last Toll booth in France, you will then travel a few miles before crossing in to Spain. The first Spanish toll-booth is about two or three miles after the "border", and this is where you collect your first Spanish ticket.
  14. Welcome to the forum Puffin14. It sounds as though your front left radiator has an air lock and needs bled.
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