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  1. M12 x 80mm with self-locking nuts. (On my Swift, but I'm sure they're fairly standard).
  2. Looks very like a DIY handbrake cable to me.
  3. It does you know - it stops you getting sprayed with the initial pressure inside the hose.
  4. Could be a loose connection. Take the cover off the control box, and check that all the connections are tight. I had something similar recently, but it was all or nothing, intermittently, and it turned out to be a loose connection on the master switch.
  5. Before you buy another pump, have a look at this VIDEO
  6. I prefer the stop-end to be connected to the tap. That way, I can disconnect the hose easily in order to fill the kettle or container.
  7. Any 12V battery will do the job. I had an old car battery which I used. And if it's any help, how I went about it was; I "pumped" the contents of the header tank out with one of those £1 "fuel" pumps from Poundland, to just under the level of the header tank connections, then removed the tank, and flushed through deionised water until it ran clear. I then pumped the new fluid through (Comma Xstream GG40- 50/50 mix) until it appeared in the discharge pipe, and ran a heating test to make sure there wasn't any air in the system. (On the "fill" pipe, I used a shut-off valve, as per photo abo
  8. Loads of people have now done this themselves. I did mine a couple of months ago, and I'll attach some photos of how I went about it;
  9. Apologies for my lack of knowledge of finance agreements, as I have never been involved with any, but are you saying that BH have offered you £3,600, decided to cancel your contract, and therefore you are not required to make any further payments? If so, and in the assumption that because Lunar have gone out of business, it will be very difficult, if at all possible, to obtain a new rear panel, it may be worth considering a repair to the panel, if that's doable. Edit; Sorry Paul, you beat me to it.
  10. There's always Hull/Rotterdam John.
  11. Pride of Bruges is currently on route to Zeebrugge from Hull. (Pride of York is berthed in Hull).
  12. Yes, there is an overflow. However, if you prefer to run some off, rather than using the drain valve underneath the caravan, and risking the chance of running too much off, you could always release some fluid using one of the radiator vent valves. The other alternative is to syphon some out.
  13. I'm afraid there's nothing obvious from the label. It's really a case of measuring the diameter of the outlet pipe.
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