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  1. Try a remote "reset". With remote turned Off, and isolating switch,if fitted,On, press and hold the reset button on the control box. Then turn the handset On (2 clicks), wait a few seconds, then turn Off handset (1 click), and finally release the reset button on the control box.
  2. Hi Simon, and welcome to the forum. On my move control panel, the aerial is a length of 1.5..mm single core cable, about 10" in length, and soldered into the panel just next to where the "emergency" cable plugs in to (It's labelled Antenna.) The cable jacks are fitted with two isolating rings.
  3. Are you sure it went through alright, because I can't see it anywhere?
  4. In order to ascertain whether your road light faults are on the car or the caravan, do you know anyone who has a trailer or caravan that you could connect your car up to? Regarding your toilet not flushing, you may find something useful HERE
  5. It may not be the pump, but you may find some useful information HERE
  6. I think your best bet at this stage of the evening, is probably to call upon one of your "neighbours" - I'm sure they would be very willing to help.
  7. The two lugs at the bottom are obviously there for a reason, so you may find that you need to remove the upper shaft in order to fit it.
  8. The broken handles referred to in this post appear to be the ones fitted to the clamps which are on the outside of the A-frame. In Hort2074's case, and mine, the clamp is on the inside of the frame, which means that if the handle breaks, there is only one way the residual part can come out, and that's "backwards", as it will be pushing hard up against the jockey-wheel shaft, so, in our situation, prevention/replacing after x number of years, would be a lot easier than dealing with a broken handle.
  9. Is your Santa Fe fitted with self levelling suspension? I believe that has been giving problems around that era. Edit. Sorry, should have read OP properly.
  10. Eddie

    Challenger 570

    Yes - looks a good job rinty.
  11. Are you certain that the handbrake was fully released before leaving the site? Secondly, have you checked to make sure the jockey-wheel hasn't fouled and bent the brake rod.
  12. Great job Charliefarlie - glad you managed to find the culprit. Thanks for coming back and letting us all know.
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