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  1. Eddie

    13 pin plug problem

    Does THIS video help?
  2. Eddie

    Motor Mover Wheel Distance

    Usually 6mm2 (6mil squared).
  3. Eddie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    That's good to know beejay, thank you.
  4. Eddie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    Not according to LV,s Policy Documents which state, quote; UK & European Assist ✓ The benefits of UK Recovery & Home Assist ✓ Added cover for Europe including: ✓ Help at the roadside ✓ Recovery to a local garage within 10 miles (including attached caravans & trailers) ✓ If your vehicle can’t be repaired by the end of the working day you can chose either a hire car, alternative transport or overnight accommodation (please refer to the Breakdown Policy Document for further details) ✓ If it’s not possible to repair your vehicle in time for your return to the UK we’ll pay for it to be transported home along with you, your passengers and your luggage. Edit; Perhaps that just means that they wouldn't leave the caravan on the side of the road!
  5. Eddie

    Saga & others European length of cover

    It's now £134, but doesn't cover/recover a caravan unless it is attached to the car at time of breakdown - otherwise, a good policy.
  6. Same currency as the OP, not the ROI.
  7. Eddie

    Rear lights not working

    I think it was just a separate issue he was referring to tictag.
  8. Eddie

    Swift Warranty work

    Yes - Newtownabbey.
  9. Eddie

    Swift Warranty work

    Unfortunately, it's going to cost quite a lot of money to take it down to Somerset, and then to recover it after repair. One other possibility which might be worth looking into would be to part exchange it as is, making the dealer aware of the major faults. I traded one in to LPC, Bangor,(NI), which had a waranty issue, a few years ago, and they were very accommodating.
  10. I have the same problem at home also, and ruined both tyres on my last 'van as a consequence. They both became mis-shaped, and as a result, I now use a ramp to level the 'van up.
  11. No, there are no height restrictions going through Lyon. It's used massively on a daily basis by articulated vehicles. An alternative route, and one that I prefer, is the A46 east of Lyon.
  12. Eddie

    Cutlery drawer cleaning

    Sorry, the above post should read "To adjust, slide something narrow (piece of wood/screwdriver,etc), between the two sections of runner, and tap with a hammer".
  13. Eddie

    Cutlery drawer cleaning

    Just adjusted mine recently. Remove one screw each side of the drawer internally, and the drawer will just pull out. You then need to remove the runners, two screws either side. Between the inner "static" and outer "moving" parts of the runner, you will see a section with roller bearings, about 3 or 4 inches long. With the two parts lined up level with each other, the section with the roller bearings needs to be near enough half way along. To adjust, slide something narrow (piece of wood/screwdriver,etc), and tap with a hammer. Sorry if my explanation is no clearer than mud, but it's the best I can do.
  14. Eddie

    Al-Ko ATC Woes

    Loose connection on either pin 9 or pin 13 on the caravan plug????