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  1. Hello Folks Have any members on here tried this BBQ. Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe.i am thinking of purchasing one.
  2. sorry should have said hardstand
  3. We are putting up our Air awning this weekend.Part of the pitch is concrete are steel pegs any use.All advice welcome.
  4. hi We had a simpler problem with our mover.No connection between the the handset and the control box .To make a long story short we had to get a new control box installed cost 350 euros
  5. Hi All Were can i get a right support arm and a right support leg for my Fiamma Caravanstore 3m pull out canopy.i lost both due to wind while the canopy was not pegged down.
  6. Hi has anyone on here put a solar panel on the roof on a bailey pegasus the van is 2010.My fear would be the roof leaking after the installation.
  7. Hi folks what size tyres does my Bailey Pegasus 524 2010 need as they are due to be replaced.
  8. Hi All I had to replace the Powertouch Control Power Unit plus New Hand Set.The price was £260 sterling before it had been installed not to bad all working ok now.
  9. Hi I have been told the control box on my Powertouch motor mover is broken. Can i replace the box and get a new remote control.i am not going to change the rollers. Have i to stick with Powertouch or can i use other makes using their Control Boxes and remotes without changing the rollers.
  10. Hi I own a Bailey Pegasus 524 2010 caravan i want to check for dampness but with the thick insulation in the caravan how do i know i am getting a proper reading from my meter.
  11. Hi my thetford toilet keeps running when I flush it.what is my problem.
  12. Hi folks i want to check my bailey pegasus for dampness but the insulation in the walls are a lot thicker than other vans.can i get a true reading of the dampness in the walls.
  13. Hi all i am looking to purchase a Caravan Damp Meter to test on my van.I am looking for recommendations for which one to buy.
  14. Hi Our Powertouch motor mover was fine last week when moving our van out of storage.We tried it last week and not a sounds out of the mover.I checked the caravan battery plus the battery handset and all the fuses in the van all were ok. Very strange in deed.
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