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  1. It's the norm for British built caravans but dis heartening I have had it with a lunar also with a Elddis super sirocco. Make a list of everything that's wrong then email to dealer ask for a reply in email for them to explain their plan of action and time scale to rectify faults also if financed cc them because they are as liable under sales of goods act
  2. My one is a 8280 w/s use it for uk & Europe also I have a demountable camper north star for quick trips though I was down torrejveca and Cadiz with it. Back in 2014
  3. Well done Phil you got her out there did you go with the truck or fly just got my one ready to use puncture repaired new rod in water heater then broke my right leg Tib and fib last Wednesday hopefully I will get some summer The wife's not to keen driving LHD truck
  4. Tom Tom go live caravan camper and van sat nav got me through Rouen that has a lot of under passes with a 3m high demount able camper You can add your height weight and length works great for my fifth wheel
  5. Best caravans i have owned with no damp or floor delamantion have been adrias last one t/a forma 610c that was 5 when i purchased it i run it for 10 years and it is still around now a showman has it I do not buy British any more build quality is not fit for purpose i had a lunar delta floor delamnation at 18 months old Eldds super sirocco from brand new cracks and electrical issues coach bolts up through the floor Go German or Slovenian
  6. With the no guarantee of a British summer at least you can fly or drive out to Spain once you have the outfit across the water you can go any where Portugal morocco Italy France all close. And if things do not work out you can bring it back
  7. Have fun Phil i have exactly the same one purchased from ccrv and if youre one is the one i think it is a new uk style cooker has been fitted. Who is the lucky person getting a great road trip delivering it to spain?
  8. To far to obernai with first pinch point Brussels then all the steep hills across the Ardennes from namur to luxembourg no over taking in some sections Luxemburg can be busy with the queuing for cheap fuel at service stations strasbourg peak times this is with out any accidents For comfort nancy area 6 hrs to 8 hrs
  9. Oldgeezer I see you out in lane 2 on all of the pictures what was in lane 1 and your speed a true tom tom 50mph or a 40 to 45mph And the free lander struggling a bit up hill
  10. Traveling back home from Cromer yesterday roads A148 in sections were not the best due to water . Got to Fakenham road conditions improved on to the A1065 see the traffic slowing down Eriba puck towed by a 56 plate estate car no towing mirrors holding every one up . Driving at 35 to 40 mph braking every time something approached him every time there was a chance to over take increased speed to 50mph then back to 35 / 40 mph playing havoc with my mpg me having to leave a gap for suicidal car drivers thinking its me then cutting in last minuet then the added factor of a arti
  11. only way that Elddis will learn is when they have no customers
  12. I don't know if this video has been posted on here before but looks great fun and I love the caravan car color cordination https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=jrPeMAQuAos
  13. The super sirocco is off to oz put down a deposit on 2016 rockwood signature ultra lite will be collecting in 2 weeks Purchased a chevy Silverado on Lpg last week cant wait
  14. I put a ad in autotrader Monday to sell our super sirocco had a few emails of buyers that worked on rigs or in wheelchairs and deaf Saying they can not view the caravan but consider it sold for full asking price will send a courier to collect and pay money in to pay pal or give our bank details yer ok. Then a chap rang yesterday with a local accent lived local wanted to view this morning so he came round left him to look over we done our deal and he said our van will be shipped to oz Just googled caravan sales Australia and they really like our English built caravans and sell for good mo
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