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  1. 99% of a service is "checking", the last time I had a service I drove it 160 miles to the dealer and slept in it the night before, I was well aware that everything worked. All they did was light up the same appliances as I had used the night before and ticked a box.
  2. My Avondale Mayfair had a signed Certificate but it kept tripping the site electric pole, until I traced it to a loose connection in the external socket, so much for certification!
  3. To those who can wind down the steadies with a wheel brace - be thankful you can. The person you see using a drill may not be as able as you. For 36 years I wound the steadies down with a brace, but I afraid pancreatic cancer and chemo prevents me from being so 'energetic' now, so if you call me 'lazy' I will still have the brace handy to wrap around your neck!
  4. When I contacted my Insurance Company to point out that it would be due for renewal while we were away, they were perfectly OK, subject to routine inspection by a neighbour, and even reduced the premium to reflect that Accidental Damage was not required during the time the property was empty.
  5. I carry two 6 inch lengths of 100 mil water pipe, with two 6 X 6 pieces of half inch plywood to stop them sinking. The plywood is fitted with locating blocks to prevent the pipes slipping on it. The 'big feet' locate on the top of the pipes and the plywood on the grass, it's quite light and has worked for the past 5 years with no problems
  6. Abbey made a "Devon" in their County range.
  7. In 40 years of caravaning I have had 4 punctures (blowouts!), in each case I could put several fingers through the hole in the tyre, no way would a 'puncture repair kit' have fixed them.
  8. This thread came up a couple of years ago and caused a lot of controversy, is it genuine?
  9. If you buy a 10 year old car, how are to know what was original or what extras have been fitted (e. g different wheels, stiffer suspension or if it has been chipped)? After 40 years of caravanning, this was the first year I have had to inform an insurance company of having a towbar fitted, noted but no extra cost.
  10. A couple of years ago I bought a Halfords compresser with digital display and auto cutoff for £30 odd - it lasted two operations, I took it back and paid the extra and bought a Michelin one, nearly £40, that packed up the same way, it cutout and wouldn't switch on again, no matter how long you left it. So I took that back and got my money back, and bought a £10 from a market stall and that's still working!
  11. As I have chemo regularly, which can affect me quite badly some weeks, I queried how I stood regarding late cancellations or early departures due to illness. The Caravan Club's answer was:- "Thank you for your email that was forwarded to me on the 1st February 2012. As Product Development Manager for UK sites I am happy to respond to your concerns. We have spent a large proportion of 2011 understanding member concerns and to actively find resolutions to some of the most common complaints. These stem around pitch availability – members are regularly telling us that they cant get on to the sites that they want because we tell them they are always full. To then turn up and find out that there are empty pitches infuriates members on a regular basis. There can be many reasons for this, not always because of members just not turning up. In fact our ‘no-show’ rate has actually reduced this year by 23% on last year, and they account for a very small percentage of the total bookings made in a year. At the end of this research, we began to understand that there are a small minority of members who book many sites only to cancel them at the last minute when they feel that they don’t want them anymore. As a Club we feel that this behaviour is not right. This is why we are aiming to target these members by introducing this policy. We are very aware that there will be some members who, like yourselves suffer with long term illnesses that can sometimes impact when they are forced to cancel. In genuine circumstances, we would urge you to call us and speak to one of our agents. Please also be rest assured that in circumstances where you have to leave site early because you are quite clearly poorly, our wardens will do their utmost to ensure that you are not inconvenienced financially. I do hope that this email goes some way toward alleviating your concerns. The majority of our members wont be affected by the policy as most are very considerate of their fellow members in The Club. I really do wish you well and I very much hope you get great use out of our wonderful network this year With warm regards"
  12. I'll buy one after I get round to buying the "Speed stickers" that were all the rage last year!
  13. I position the 'van at an angle, put the ramp behind the wheel and then use the motor to rotate the 'van using one wheel to climb the ramp. That way the mover locks the other wheel and all the power goes to one motor to climb the ramp.
  14. Don't fix both ends or else you could end up lying on the ground (in the wet!) with your arm up the drain pipe trying to reach a piece that is at the far end. You would still have to carry the awning corner fittings etc separately as the are too big to go down a drain pipe.
  15. I know that! but the OP said ".....basically i'd be towing a caravan, that is registered and bought in the UK. .."
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