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  1. No surprise to me we had a avante 574 all of the faults you have suffered the last straw was waking up in the.night with water dripping on to my bed through the roof light thank god that we had a small loan through black horse who were great recouped nearly all of our money after two years of grief. Chris
  2. I had same problem this year cured by changing the filter on the outside of the water inlet its behind the large blue screw in cover next to where you connect your pump to ? Hope this helps . Chris
  3. Good choice not far from the beach and the we/shower on your pitch is well worth while .Chris
  4. Camping norgerberg in the lovely village of norgerberg about ten k from Groningen or in Groningen itself camping stadspark situated in a park in the city both around €20 euros when we visited the both in may my preference would be norgerberg with pool great toilet block cafe/bar etc and delightful village within a mile and easy access Chris Correction should read village of Norg ?
  5. Hi Dee Tee maybe it has something to do with the communication between devices as the iPhone downloads through Bluetooth so maybe a hard wire download works in a different way? Chris
  6. Hi Stevan I am not sure but believe the camper/caravan version is designed to drive to sites pre loaded into is memory so goes to a site address, maybe I will plan a route wth narrow road or height restrictions and see what happens ? chris
  7. hi Dee Tee I do not know if it works with a pc but I have the same tom tom 6200 with wifi updating as yourself I had downloaded it to my apple phone but hardly used it,but playing around with it I discovered the settings for size of vehicles planned a route to get me to Harwich ferry port and downloaded to to tom tom as car with caravan so a good tool it can take me on a hgv type route, as I never trust these things completely if heading to a site I will input the post code and drive as far I can on decent roads then re plan nearby with road map or site instructions for the final few miles Chris
  8. Hi all I have just discovered that in the my drive app that you can input the dimensions of your vehicle ,then chose a route based on the dimensions and download it direct to the sat nav save the route and when you need it it will be there.why buy the dedicated camper version?
  9. Is it the refrigerator door open warning beeps if door is closed it may be condensation on the switch terminals good luck. Chris
  10. You certainly are I should learn to read the full post I was thinking of tesco at Cosham of the A27
  11. Just corect to your tipo me thinks it's only three miles away ?
  12. Could be a air lock to get over this have the pump running and then forcibly dunk the pump into the aqua roll you will hear the change in tone and feel the pump try to pull into barrel good luck chris
  13. Excellent tip just booked for mid march return mid June £150 one happy bunny
  14. Our avante was collected from home by a towing company paid for by black horse and taken straight to a auction site near black bush
  15. Hi CheadleAl if it is alutec the front is bonded Alluminium as are the roof and sides they do however have grp panels screwed to the front you can spot them were you see the rubber gaskets so if it is grp it maybe a easy swap for a new part . Regards Chris
  16. Agree this is one off our favourite sites you should eat at the pub next door called the cottage. A limited menu but served well and allways tasty enjoy your stay . Chtis
  17. I feel your pain a very expensive lesson learned ?
  18. Black horse were fantastic when trying to get my money back for my explorer heap of junk? Can not speak highly enough of them.
  19. We were there early in June not really a problem as said the road works are a bit of a pain but we came in via the motorway and left via bath no real problems on the way in follow signs for ss Great Britain and look for the club site on the left just past the entrance to the cottage pub. Chris
  20. Yes mine leaked through the hinge bar I traced it by removing the stay arm raised the windows as high as possible then on inspection I noticed water track marks appearing from behind the the hinge bar then noticed the majority of the screws holding the hinge bar were loose so tightened then all and ran a bead of sealant across the top of the bar eighteen months on so far no leaks but will check the screws again before the end of summer. Chris
  21. When we visited the 2013 caravan show I noticed a crack in the locker door but I still went ahead and purchased a explorer van making a mental note not to apply any undue force on it when closing it all went well for eight months then a loud crack and it split about three inches in from the lhs of the hinge bar and back across to to the lhs this was replaced under warranty but a few months on and the van was returned to black horse finance as the thing began to fall apart such a shame four years on and they still fail you would think that they may have learned a lesson but no still think the end user will grin and bear it take dealer to court this is a design fault not a fault of the end user Chris
  22. Sounds like your sorted my advice just one word enjoy
  23. Hi Rcpilot I believe that you can do the delaminating repairs from the underneath?
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