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  1. I don't understand. Why, if there is travel insurance, would anyone go down the EHIC route? If using the EHIC it's better to try starting a claim in the country concerned rather than after returning to the UK. In France the Caisse Primaire Assurance Maladie (CPAM) of the region will initiate the claim using the documents issued by the provider. Perhaps not always convenient at the time but definitely more effective at recovering the maximum amount due.
  2. beejay

    Dartford Crossing

    I wonder why a company that takes payments by card needs to issue refunds by cheque? After the fee for account holders was increased to £2.00 I was left with an odd 28p on my credit which cannot be used. (fee was £1.67 which would round up to £10 every six crossings 'cos it was actually a 33% discount) Delaying tactic............... Change your registration number to that of a friend/relative or add another vehicle which will re-activate your account. You can remove/change it again later.
  3. Maximum width includes all fittings and fixtures including lights but excluding mirrors. Perhaps you were thinking of regs for mirrors? .........where the bottom edge of an exterior mirror is less than 2 m above the road surface when the vehicle is laden, that mirror shall not project more than 20 cm beyond the overall width of the vehicle or, in a case where the vehicle is drawing a trailer which has an overall width greater than that of the drawing vehicle, more than 20 cm beyond the overall width of the trailer....................................
  4. The hitch damper prevents a surge occurring. Whilst the tow car is braking a caravan, with well maintained brakes, will also be braking. AlKo have been making disc brakes for years so why aren't they in use for caravans?
  5. Welcome Bubbles. Are you not being over-ambitious? Your figures suggest 780 miles per day which at 60mph (if achievable) is 13 hours driving per day. Fuel consumption may be the least of your worries.
  6. Many TVs, own brand and major brand are produced in Turkey by Vestel. Check to see where it was made and if Turkey it will be made by Vestel. How to check if your TV is made by Vestel
  7. There are some Gatso cameras that can be set up to differentiate between trucks and cars based on the strength of the reflected signal from the larger vehicle's cross sectional area. Perhaps this is the reason although it does need manual reading of the image to ensure that the correct designation is applied. France has already introduced a dual hi/lo camera unit to differentiate trucks from smaller vehicles. radars discriminant
  8. 130kph (81mph) is legal when towing some outfits in France on the autoroute. Isn't it an EU requirement to cover the maximum permitted speed in any EU country and currently only France has such a limit?
  9. It's nothing to do with whether it's in date or not it's always been the case of how long it remains valid during a trip abroad. EU passport/ID card holders have become accustomed to travelling within the EU where there is no restriction on EU passport validity but this will no longer apply to UK passports if the UK leaves the EU.
  10. French satellite TV requires a Fransat or TNTsat receiver with card slot. You can get French terrestrial TV (TNT) on a UK TV set via an aerial though.
  11. You are more likely to get the information that you need on this forum Hobby Owners Club
  12. What on earth is the point of an English language version brochure? It cannot be towed by a conventional car or SUV in the UK so the market will be virtually non-existent here. Make a comfortable permanent installation though.
  13. Here is a Bürstner with end bathroom. See 2m30s I had an earlier model than the one in the link with an even larger end bathroom/dressing room/wardrobe.
  14. More likely to find kilopascal on a tyre pressure gauge. Bar, psi and (kilo)pascal on all four of my gauges. My car's door placard indicates the tyre pressures in kpal and bar only.
  15. 'Eco' efficient tyre pressures are usually higher then normal to reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency.. How can it run at a lower pressure when that is set by the caravan manufacturer and will (should) be the same for all four on a t/a?
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