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  1. beejay

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    So is the chassis uprated for those markets? If the noseweight is limited how can it be the minimum?
  2. beejay

    Emergency Brake breakaway cable

    The legislation reads "in the event of the separation of the main coupling while the trailer is in motion" So what, exactly, was in the mind of the person(s) drafting the regulations? Surely, the main coupling is the ball and socket (or jaw and pin) as the regulations also refer to a secondary coupling, a breakaway cable or chain? Doesn't separation imply accidental parting rather than mechanical failure? Were there any instances of the flange mounted tow ball falling off the tow bar or the socket assembly falling off the drawbar?
  3. Fitting instructions Truma 14l Electro boiler
  4. beejay

    Hobby 645vip

    The 645 VIP version doesn't appear in German brochures as it is a UK only version and doesn't match the German brochure specs. Advertisers of Hobby caravans never quote the body length when it exceeds 7 metres because of the requirements to tow it legally the main one being a tow vehicle that exceeds 3500kg GVW or, in other words, a large van. Measure the body length yourself from the plastic moulding at the front to the same at the rear. UK importer, Ambergate caravans 01773853900 may help if you have the VIN.
  5. beejay

    International Driving Permits

    Although yellow headlamps were mandatory on French cars from the late 30's until the early 90's it was never a requirement for visitors considering the original reason was to distinguish French cars from other nationalities. Whilst rarely seen on cars from other European countries some UK drivers did to paint the glass yellow. We really do not want a return of the Carnet de Passage en Douanes!
  6. beejay

    Insurance cover abroad

    A weight limit for what? No cars or caravans exceed 3500 kg. Many outfits will exceed 8 metres. The figure appears to relate to a motorhome with a 750kg trailer
  7. beejay

    Welcome pack

    You missed the point completely and, in doing so, repeated it. .
  8. beejay

    Hobby 650 2002

    If it's a commercial inlet designed for caravans surely the wall thickness is immaterial? But the answer is 31mm. Hobby spec
  9. beejay


    More details needed. What make and type number or a photo would help.
  10. beejay

    Welcome pack

    Yet another condescending remark that's less than helpful? There is no way of knowing what has been in a secondhand water container whereas water from a tap has been processed to remove the 'living things'.
  11. beejay

    Insurance cover abroad

    Commercial medical insurance usually requires prior approval for any treatment, the costs are then paid directly to the provider of care and invoking the EHIC will normally remove any excess on the policy.
  12. beejay

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    A road in Dunstable has over 4000 prosecutions for exceeding 20mph and two adjacent roads adjacent roads over 600 each. Speed limit sign Camera Local news report Wonder what justified the several cameras listed below that are in single figures very efficient as a deterrent or unnecessary?
  13. beejay

    Gas, Propane, regulator

    Is this in a caravan? Are you connecting the hose to a bulkhead regulator i. e two regulators in tandem?
  14. beejay

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Cambs police and foreign cars have moved upmarket. ..BCH roads policing You will get points with a foreign licence as they put on a ghost record at DVLA. France operates a similar arrangement.
  15. beejay

    American Express Cards

    The problem can only occur with pay-at-the-pump! - which are often found in a manned service station And manned stations can ask for the card to be checked before fuelling. Rare but not unknown .