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  1. Where are you located? Where was the Hobby purchased originally, when new? Hobby Germany would have type approval details should they be required.
  2. There is another way of improving fridge operation with ................ internal fans
  3. If you are using butane gas buy a French bottle which are very cheap at supermarkets and widely available as many French houses use it. The UK butane pigtail connector or bottle mounted regulator is a direct fit.
  4. Under ideal conditions absorption fridges may reduce ambient temperature by 30°C but few caravan installations are as efficient as they could (and should) be. If there is a large gap between back of fridge and caravan wall air flow take the line least resistance - the gap - and bypass the condensor cooling fins.. Improvements can be made by reducing the gap to a minimum, less than 25mm, using deflector strips or solid material. Seal off the full width of the back edge of fridge with a deflector plate curved to discharge air through top vent. If fitting a fan the optimum position is below the condensor fins blowing air upwards - Dometic know best!
  5. The test button ensures that the batteries are working but it doesn’t tell you if the detector is operating properly.
  6. Regulations here https://cartebateau.com/fr/permis-bateau-france translation of main points.......................... A boat license is compulsory in France to drive a motorized pleasure boat with a motor power of more than 6CV, whether on the sea or on the river. It is also necessary to pilot a motorboat or a jet ski. It allows you to drive a pleasure boat with a power of more than 6 CV on rivers, streams and lakes, provided that the boat does not exceed twenty meters in length. If a boat exceeds twenty meters in length, its operator must add to this first license an extension "large pleasure boat inland waters" (authorized only from 18 years).
  7. Hyundai permit a VAT registered workshops to carry out servicing to the Hyundai schedule to maintain the warranty. Providing any parts and lubricants meet the manufacturers specified requirements warranty should not be affected. Specified lubricants are standards not brands and a manufacturer may use/recommend different brands in different market areas.
  8. Unrenewed/withdrawn licence entitlements remain dormant for 10 years and can be restored within that period subject to any medical requirements.
  9. C & D entitlements remain 'live' for 10 years after expiry. You can renew now online without C1 and D and then supply a D4 medical with an application to reinstate the C1 and D entitlements at a later date.
  10. It's a Construction & Use offence so whether one is, or both are, missing is one offence.
  11. I think you have your ratings confused. N, P and Q rated tyres are likely to be remoulds or low quality and R is rarely seen. 'Car/caravan' tyres usually start at S rating and it's not usual for run of the mill sizes to have alternative speed ratings. Caravans cannot legally be towed at 81 mph so tyres with a higher rating create an additional safety margin.
  12. Plenty of CL type sites in France called 'camping a la ferme'. The FFCC https://ffcc.fr/ handbook lists every campsite in France. Family membership is €30 or €25.20 for single. Membership card may obtain discounts on site fees. Insurance is included related to any form of acccommodation from campsites to hotels. Well worth considering if contemplating long term touring in France.
  13. It's the €/£ exchange rate that controls the 'buy it from Europe' market. Where is it cheaper to buy a car and import it to the UK at the moment? Belgium used to be nearest and easiest to deal with but I've lost track in recent years.
  14. Somebody mis-calculated then. A survey should have calculated the angle and reach required with a safety margin .
  15. Apologies. I meant whether it is still viable to import a car from Europe.
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