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  1. Green channel = good chance of losing the undeclared coat? Red channel = coat should have been declared.
  2. Since 1983 I've had 2 Terracans - i30 - i20 - i20 - Tucson. Between 1972 and 1983 a selection of new Citroëns and Vauxhalls All bought new and changed at 3/4 years. About 12000 miles pa and no warranty claims or repairs.
  3. Often quoted but not necessarily true. The cheapest quote is often an introductory offer and providing all quotes are based on identical proposal details any other difference in cost is usually owing to an insurer's assessment of risk. I can get quotes where the lowest price is from top class insurers once the finer detail is included or excluded from the list that appears. Further checks on the selected insurers site often reveals details not shown in the online quote.
  4. beejay

    Microfibre towels

    Presumably, it's dry in the container when purchased and Immotec website mentions nothing about not allowing it to dry out in the instructions. Keeping a damp cloth in an closed container seems a recipe for mould growth.
  5. Flexplus is 12 x £13 = £156 pa but with 3% interest on balance up to £2500 it can be £81 pa
  6. If your oil filled heater is connected to the mains (230 volt) then it will not affect the leisure battery. Just check the rating to ensure you remain within the EHU rated supply.
  7. Use a network app such as Network Cell Info Lite which will show strength of signal and direction of cell mast on a map. I have dual sim phones so can compare two sim signals side by side.
  8. A myth unfortunately. The jackstaff came into use long after the Union Jack was named. Union Jack history Flags are not usually flown between sunset and sunrise unless illuminated by spotlight.
  9. Age can be identified reasonably accurately by the manufacturing date code on any plastic parts such as windows or mouldings. Usually a circle with an arrow pointing to 1 to 12 for the month and last two numbers of the year in centre.
  10. Voile is a very light and fine mesh material so whilst 'net curtains' can include voile it covers a much larger range of materials. The word comes from French voile = veil voile curtains
  11. According to their website KNAUS, TABBERT, WEINSBERG, T@B and MORELO are their brands and Northstar is a model name for the Scandavian market so presumably a heavy duty version hence the Australian market sales?
  12. A car cannot exceed 3500kg and a caravan cannot exceed 3500kg so the maximum GTW is 7000kg. C1 entitlement is for a Commercial vehicle up to 7500kg.
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