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  1. LV insurance have issued the following information "If you now need to use your car for work or are choosing to drive to work in order to avoid public transport due to social distancing, business use (class 1) will be the minimum class of use for all LV= Direct Motor policies with immediate effect and until further notice. There will be no charge for this increase in cover and it will be honoured should you need to claim".
  2. If you have SDP cover then commuting to work is not covered. Admiral insurance website states Social Domestic and Pleasure The class of use described as Social, Domestic and Pleasure covers the drivers named on the policy for normal day to day driving. Shopping, visiting friends or family and pleasure driving such as going to the park or on holiday. However, it doesn't include commuting to work Other websites have similar wording.
  3. beejay

    New Towbar Paint.

    Totally sealing the tow ball will lead to condensation forming and causing rust.
  4. If soap and water is good enough for Covid19 your toilet will be just fine with it.
  5. It's not flush! Aren't dealerships' showrooms AND workshops closed and only independent workshops can remain open.
  6. MoTs are not postponed unless the owner decides to do so. There is no restriction on getting an MoT at any time before one is due and that probably hasn't changed.
  7. Received a magazine in the post today and enclosed within it was a flyer from Ocado for home delivery with 30% off first order and free delivery for 3 months. I wonder if the "subject to availability" condition will exclude my application.
  8. What type of battery? Perhaps some useful info HERE
  9. Lutz lives in Germany. How are Germans reacting to the restrictions imposed on them?
  10. TfL has suspended the ULEZ and Congestion Charge for the time being.
  11. I have no idea what type of magnetic strip is fitted to your caravan but there are plenty of suppliers online for something that may suit. magnetic strip ebay - magnetic strip
  12. Isn't such legislation about to be introduced? France and Spain are controlling vehicle movements and there is no reason why it shouldn't happen here in the UK.
  13. A 40 proof spirit is only 20% alcohol not the 70% alcohol required to kill off viruses.
  14. this is enforcing lock-down - Spanish style Brits abroad
  15. Perhaps entitlement would be a more appropriate description as driving licence descriptions are referred to as such? .gov.uk - To drive a particular type of vehicle, you need an ‘entitlement’ for that category on your driving licence. WIKI: "An entitlement is a provision made in accordance with a legal framework of a society. Typically, entitlements are based on concepts of principle which are themselves based in concepts of social equality or enfranchisement" Whereas: Privilege is a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed by a particular person or a restricted group of persons. 2. a special right, immunity, or exemption granted to persons in authority or office to free them from certain obligations or liabilities.
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