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  1. That link could be much shorter https://tinyurl.com/3zr4ha4j or even this
  2. A 2kg tolerance on a large plate weighbridge is extremely unlikely. To check weighbridge tolerance use something with a known weight such as a battery or 20 litre container(s) of water to add whilst still on the weighbridge after the first weighing and see what, if any, difference is shown. Edit: Battery in MIRO????
  3. What evidence is there for stating "the French police like giving out fines to British motorists"? There is no confusion as the Code de la Route gives the legislation in Article R313-32-1 given above and French police will be well aware of the meaning of PTAC.
  4. In respect of the Robstop the answers are no it doesn't and no it won't based on about 5000+ miles towing with one in place.
  5. Here you are - from the horse's mouth (or bouche de cheval for the French speaking members)................................... http://Article R313-32-1 Objet :Signalisation matérialisant les angles morts sur les véhicules dont le Poids Total Autorisé en Charge excède 3,5 tonnes Poids Total Autorisé en Charge ( PTAC) is French for MAM or GVW Poids Total Roulant Autorise (PTRA) is weight of tow vehicle and trailer
  6. I am in the same situation as you but that information is at odds with what I have found on various forums which is that a non-EU spouse can be with an EU spouse within the EU without any time restriction. It helps when stating "asked the EU and they confirmed" to clarify the respondent's position and qualification to give such advice.
  7. Lutz, what does LE refer to on the AL-KO axle plate? I can usually work out German abbreviations/acronyms/initialisations but this one has me puzzled.
  8. Don't forget the weight of the bike carrier and the rack
  9. A grandchild has to have Foreign Birth Registration before applying for an Irish passport. Currently, these are not being processed and will take 12-18 months once the processing restarts.
  10. I had a 2005 Hobby 540 Hobby list the 540 awning length as 990cm. Hobby caravan brochures 1980-2021 HERE 2005 models on page 49 for awning lengths you can buy any brand
  11. The EU regulations are intended for trade not holidaymakers or short term visitors. As it is impossible for a traveller to provide the requisite documents for any product being taken into the EU the risk of seizure will always be present.
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