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  1. It's done regularly in France and very efficient With date, approximate time and registration number the video record will be checked to confirm the class of the vehicle. It also identifies those that tailgate through without paying!
  2. Exactly so. Tyre load and speed indices are related. The load is the maximum that can be carried at the rated speed. A tyre with the correct load index fitted to a caravan will have a speed index of at least N (87 mph) but most will be much higher. In the UK the maximum speed permitted when towing is 60 mph and this means caravan tyres are operated with a safety margin of at least 10% for the lowest load index possible.
  3. Some German caravans have a large, pre-drilled, wooden block attached to the roof frame between the outer panel and the ceiling board in the wardrobe. This can be used for mounting a pole through the roof with a watertight gland allowing a sat dish or terrestrial aerial to be rotated/adjusted from the inside. Roof mounting I'm not aware of any UK vans have such provision but the link below is a video showing a sat dish being fitted to a UK caravan where the load is spread over a large plate screwed and glued to the roof.. sat dish fitting
  4. A con - hardly! There is always (well, nearly always) the opportunity to use satellite reception called Freesat.
  5. Seen travellers' vans on the road with a sat dish upright, concave face to the wind. Mind you German vans usually have a reinforced section of the roof frame above the wardrobe so a sat dish can be fitted but lacking on UK vans?
  6. I helped a Kiwi export three caravans and a car from UK to NZ last year. Two caravans in one container and a car and caravan in another container. It's a shoehorn job but can be done. He used a company in Felixstowe that specialises in moving caravans to various countries.
  7. Your outfit is 'classe 2'. The bikes shouldn't affect the sensors as they use the vehicle's outline not just height but occasionally it does happen. French autoroute vehicle classifications As already posted if you get charged the wrong class press the call button and query it. You can also query it later at any toll plaza which has a customer service office or by post. All toll booths have cameras and all vehicles are recorded. Edit: It's possible to reduce autoroute costs considerably by leaving and re-joining at certain points using the app below https://www.autoroute-eco.fr/
  8. My post was to draw attention to the special offer of the tag without the deposit usually required. The tag is free - using it costs money. Would you expect to pay no toll charges?
  9. Committing a driving offence does not normally affect the insurance. If it did thousands of drivers would be affected every day. A conviction for an offence may affect insurance at renewal. Vehicle insurance is compulsory and the third party element cannot be voided although an insurer could attempt to recover via a civil action any claim paid out. Is towing a trailer that exceeds the permitted length for the vehicle towing it a Construction & Use offence or a licence offence? The trailer itself is legal as it can be towed by a vehicle with GVW over 3500kg. Licence offences appear to refer only to weights. The UK is the only European country with a 7m trailer body length which was reviewed some years ago as a result of which permitted a width increase to 2.55m but kept the length to 7m. Most of the other countries have a 12m overall length which includes Ireland and this may account for the overlength caravans seen in the UK if they are on Irish plates despite the lack of concession for foreign visitors.
  10. If this is in relation to registering it in France you may want to make certain that it can be done before you try to get a CoC. The gas and electrics will need to conform as well as road lights.
  11. It seems to be a Hobby and, if so, should read WHB27B25MOF430239 - a 2004 model A call to Ambergate Caravans quoting the number will confirm the details.
  12. ATMB are offering a free autoroute tag plus €4 postage in the link below. It appears to be only in French as there is nothing in the English language version but the online application accepts UK phone numbers and addresses. A UK credit/debit card can be used to set up the payment details. https://evasion.atmb.com/
  13. The courses are run by an AA company in my area and the police receive £25 from the £98 cost to the person attending. As a course can only be offered to those who haven't done one within the previous three years it is hardly a get-out-of-jail card for persistent offenders. My police authority once issued a list of fixed cameras within the force area and whether the offence was paid or a SAC offered with which makes interesting reading in relation to your post above. https://tinyurl.com/y45c5nox Seven cameras of 53 in total had a single digit figure for the year so hardly revenue earning! Out of nearly 39000 offences by far the highest number was on a rat-run road through a residential estate with 5691 offences. SACs were nearly twice the number of penalties paid and court appearances about a fifth of the total offences.
  14. What make is the rooflight and is 470 x 470 the opening size? Have you tried caravan dealers as most rooflights are from one or two manufacturers? Try MB Caravans
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