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  1. Ah! So you set up the dish with an fta box not the SX............any particular reason? By activation I mean that the instructions state the channels need to programmed in when the SX is first connected as the device does not have them pre-programmed. The TV has HDMI selected So, I should see the SX without a dish connected because, if so, that isn't happening?
  2. I have an old SKY dish on my house installed by me, unused for years, but assumed to be correctly aligned to Astra 28. When I connect the new Manhattan SX to it nothing happens. I've fitted a new SKY Mk4 LNB to it and the cable has new F type connectors but still no joy. I am using a sat meter. I assume that to set up the SX on site you adjust the dish until you receive a picture and I want to know if this can be done if the SX has not been activated first . I used a SKY box for many years when caravanning and could set up within a few minutes every time. The SX is going to France to be permanently installed with a new dish by me but I may have to get a local installer to align the dish if I can't do it myself. I'll keep looking in during the week.
  3. Not sure what car you have that your view is obscured by the sticker but I have the Crit'Air vertically above the Umwelt sticker at the right hand edge of my screen where they are outside the wiper swept area and create no obstruction. Staff in government departments sometimes gives answers outside their competence and have no authority to amend or vary legislation. Neither a French "traffic warden" nor the ANTAI penalty processing staff would be aware of your communication so relying on it may be unwise. But, despite all, Paris only issued 462 Crit'Air penalties in the last 'pic de pollution' alert so the risk is low.
  4. I GB per hour on SD and 3GB for HD. Three limits data to 12GB month when roaming on contract and payg so I assume this also applies to their pre-loaded sims
  5. Did you mean the towbar has a 100kg sticker. Towballs are rated/stamped 3500kg.
  6. Anybody using a Manhattan SX satellite receiver able to help please? It's many years since I set up Sky boxes on caravan sites and have no sat at home. I am trying to set up the SX to an aerial that is assumed correctly aligned to Astra 28. The receiver only shows a blue light whether the standby button is pressed or not and there is no picture. I'm reluctant to adjust this dish at this stage and have no other receiver to check it. A basic satellite meter gives no reading. I have a tripod mounted dish so can it be aligned manually by using the receiver and TV to see when a picture appears on screen? What lights show on the receiver?
  7. Australian Hyundai cars are made in Korea and probably to an Australian specification with heavy duty panels for the towbar mounting points. Road conditions in Oz are much poorer in certain areas. Edit: The model you refer to has a tow weight of 2267kg and hitch loads were10% i.e. 226kg but later models have much lower weights.
  8. In France the penalty for not displaying or not mounting the sticker correctly is €68 and reduced to €45 for early payment. Penalty tickets are processed in the same way as speeding or other motoring penalties via ANTAI central processing in Rennes. However, there is always the risk of the vehicle being immobilised or impounded if left unattended.
  9. You received a form to nominate the driver not a speeding fine?
  10. A tax holder mounted Umwelt/Crit'Air sticker is easy to spot you could end up with penalty as 'traffic wardens' in France and Germany can issue them for the offence of not installing them correctly.
  11. Thank you for that info - my turn next week. Is there a paper version of the Passenger Locator Form as I can't find one? As my wife doesn't use a smart phone I would prefer everything on paper to save time at check in etc. I have got her vax details and French covid pass on my phone though for use once in France. Edit: At least I won't need the French exit test as I return after 4th October
  12. Loophole Lou in action again. What was the error in the TRO? If the speed recording equipment was working correctly then those caught exceeding the limit shown were speeding regardless of any technicality in the written order about which they were ignorant at the time. Speeding fines go to central government and refunds have been authorised. Course costs go to the privately owned course operators with a small processing cost to the appropriate police authority. MCOL anyone?
  13. beejay

    The M6!

    Tax - tax -tax Comparing LPG prices with France is misleading owing to the widespread use of LPG in domestic properties.. In France there is a large number of major suppliers and supermarkets everywhere stock a range of brands compared to the UK's monopoly by two brands.
  14. As the towing capability of the car will have restricted the choice of caravan weight there can't be that many drivers who will be changing their caravan, and possibly the car, for a larger model in time for this years holiday on the continent. Could those that do apply for an IDP rather than risk a DVLA delay in renewing their licence? Overall, how much will outfit weights increase in the next year or so?
  15. The regulations also permit a chain (secondary coupling) on trailers up to 1500kg instead of a breakaway cable. Breakaway cables are intended to fail after the trailer brakes have been appplied. A spring clip gate (dog lead) should be designed to straighten and fail after the brakes have been applied and has been shown to do so whether clipped directly or looped. AL-KO used them for many years. A cable with a locking gate carabiner clip should have an attachment at the handbrake that will fail when the brakes are applied like this AL-KO cable ( the 'hook' is attached to the handbrake then closed up) link. The regulations apply to an accidental detachment of a trailer, not one caused by mechanical failure, which is probably why removable towballs from some manufacturers have integral eyes for cable attachment.
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