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  1. There is no point people comparing insurance premiums as their individual circumstances will never produce the similar results owing to the very complex algorithms used to arrive at the figure. My wife and I are exactly the same age, have identical driving records and require the same cover but quotes for each of our cars with the main driver and named driver reversed produces premiums that are hugely different. My wife has her own car and never drives mine but if I remove her as a named driver from my policy the premium increases by £200.
  2. You can always remove the auto-renewal set up on your bank account after the policy is issued. However, you have to be given 21 days notice of renewal and what usually happens is that a pre-authorisation is placed to ensure sufficient funds are held to pay the amount due on the renewal date. If renewal is cancelled the money never leaves the bank account.
  3. Your other post which was closed was entitled Hobby Landhaus. Is this the caravan you are seeking to insure? If so, it exceeds 7m body length and will require a tow vehicle with a GVW over 3500 kg but, perhaps, you already knew that.
  4. . Are they 6mm threads if so try roofing bolts with a 'penny' washer.
  5. That seems to be the accepted view but.................................... Your car insurance almost certainly requires you to report any incident involving damage to your car and, by doing so, your NCD will be affected as it is 'no claim' not 'no blame'. The NCD may be recoverable from the other party but your premium is likely to be increased on renewal. Failing to do so and claiming from the person responsible is fraught with problems should it be rejected further down the line and you then have to claim from to your insurer for repairs to be carried out.
  6. It seems the latest information for driving in France with a non-EU licence requires an IDP or official translation. How would you get an IDP for a SA licence? "Si vous venez en France pour un court séjour (pour des vacances par exemple), vous pouvez conduire avec votre permis. Il doit être valide et être rédigé en français ou accompagné d'une traduction officielle en français ou d'un permis international." Using a SA licence held by a UK resident as an acceptable document for driving in the EU seems fraught with problems.
  7. According to the DVLA website it's necessary to exchange a SA licence within 12 months of becoming a UK resident. If you have exchanged your SA licence for a UK licence then the SA licence should have been surrendered and became invalid. Unless your post has been misinterpreted.
  8. It appears to have a 12v inlet socket so , presumably, comes with a wall wart. Easy to provide a 12v supply in the 'van. Edit: It does come with a wall wart so could be 5v or 12v.
  9. Can you explain how that works please? I am not a member of CMC (left some years ago after 40 years membership - could see where things were heading and didn't like it)
  10. Very white apparently. Scottish weather
  11. There are mirrors that are almost identical to Repusel at a much lower cost Towng mirrors
  12. LV delivered my green cards 48 hours after a phone call.
  13. Seems fishy - Avril poisson?
  14. Another excellent place for accessories, parts and caravans at deWit near s'Hertogenbosch
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