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  1. According to their website KNAUS, TABBERT, WEINSBERG, T@B and MORELO are their brands and Northstar is a model name for the Scandavian market so presumably a heavy duty version hence the Australian market sales?
  2. A car cannot exceed 3500kg and a caravan cannot exceed 3500kg so the maximum GTW is 7000kg. C1 entitlement is for a Commercial vehicle up to 7500kg.
  3. The other tyre of the pair on one side will, usually, be seriously overloaded when one is flat because the load rating is unlikely to be sufficient to carry the total load of that side even if inflated to maximum pressure. Running any distance with a flat tyre on a t/a should be cause to replace both tyres.
  4. Things have changed? €34 for a motorhome + €16 trailer and no charges for driver/passenger or trailer load. Royan ferry Legislation is long overdue to make VAT included in quoted prices.
  5. They used to make their own some years back and I visited the workshop in Sheffield. However, I think they no longer do so.
  6. The 19" wheels or the low profile sidewall they come with?
  7. beejay


    Supermarkets and other shops sell balls of stainless steel mesh for putiing in kettles to reduce limescale. I unroll and use these to block of mouse entry holes. kettle descaler
  8. Try contacting https://leisureelectronicrepairs.co.uk/ about the transformer problem. Post the model of transformer and I may have some wiring diagrams for adding a battery and charger.
  9. Garmin sat navs have an option in settings to use several versions of coordinates. Select Where To? > Categories > Coordinates > change the coordinate format or datum.
  10. Search on line for "how to open locks" will produce many ways of doing so without causing damage. Drilling the barrel and buying a replacement will be cheaper than your locksmith!
  11. I'm a Nostalgie fan. Owing to the size of France RDS radio programmes will fail to change frequency automatically if too far away from the next transmitter en-route. Incidentally, selecting an RDS radio channel will reset the car clock to local time.
  12. Post on the New French Forum where there are many with reliable information about French law. In fact it may provide you with much more information pending your move especially regarding the situation after January 2021 when you will be restricted in the time you can spend in the EU.
  13. I don't know where you shop but my local Tesco stores (three within 10 miles) have abandoned all Covid precautions that were in place, No sanitiser, no floor markings, no one-way system, no 2 metre signage and no cleaning of trollies. Shame on them.
  14. The difference between an M class and N class vehicle? Vehicle categories
  15. No two people will get the same premium as there are too many unknown variables. My wife and I are the same age with claim free, penalty free records but if we apply with me as main driver and wife as named driver and then vice versa for the same car there is a large difference in premiums quoted on all the comparison sites.
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