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  1. It has crossed my mind, does the intention of banning the sale of petrol/deisel cars mark the demise of the towing caravan. When I recently changed my tow vehicle I looked into buying one of the current Hybid/Electric vehicles but was informed they are not powerful enough to tow so unless there is a major improvement in design in power output, I would say that the caravanning and associated industry would become a thing of the past. There again, it's 23 years hence and at my age, I cannot see it affecting me.
  2. CC Abbey Wood has spaces available. Not according to the web page.
  3. Can anyone suggest a site in the London area which has pitches available for the period covering New Years Eve. One with Public Transport nearby for access to the city celebrations would be handy.
  4. We also have a problem with yellow staining on our Kampa Rally Pro 390. Bought in April. On the centre front panel two bands of yellow have appeared. They are only visible from the inside. There is nothing in that location which comes in contact or masks it. They are at the same height and are both the same width. Also a patchy yellow stain has appeared on one of the lower panels. Again only visible from the inside. We are only just back from a trip and have yet to contact anyone.
  5. We had to cancel last years' trip to Italy 3 days before we were due to go owing to the Dr. not allowing the present No. 1 wife to travel. That really was a disappointment. This year is on hold owing to me receiving 6 months of treatment for a serious medical condition. Something which I was never ill with and came as a complete shock to both me and the doctors. We do have a three week cruise booked for July/August, something to do with a coming of age, (coming of age for B&Q card, Free presecriptions, etc. I got the bus pass but she will have to wait) That will not be the same
  6. Pack of screw head covers. B&Q £2. 35p Local DIY shop 75p
  7. It's a place with retailers selling stuff. Would you pay to go into a shopping centre?
  8. Chatting to someone late last year, he expressed his dissappointment in his current Bailey service centre. I commented that I had never had a problem with my Bailey dealer/service centre in the 10 years or so of dealing with them. He then listed all the problems he had had with my service centre which is why he had changed. I expect an excellent service which is what I get. The point is, why is my service more than satisfactory and his was less so at the same outlet?
  9. Have used it on mre than one accasion via the Kandersteg - Goppenstein tunnel then to Brig for the accent. Easy smooth ride up on the Swiss side then the usual Italian road surface down. Not found any problems with it.
  10. I seem to recall in my youth that all the young men wanted Spanish Fly. Or is that something else
  11. Two points on Distance and Cost:- Calais to Milan via France A4 and Mont Blanc 714 miles £154. 95 tolls car and caravan one way Calais to Milan via Luxembourg, Switzerland 689 miles £10. 45 tolls plus £52 Swiss vignettes (also valid for your return)This route can be done toll free to Basle via Nancy and Epinal instead of Strasbourg. Then tolls from Italian border.
  12. About 8 years ago we were the first Brit caravanners in the 30 years the site had been open. The first night we shared 'a pitch' with a German caravan, the following morning got a pitch overlooking the sea after two or three vans moved off. The owner was over the moon that I was going to put a site report in the CC European guide as he hoped more Brits would then go. From the web page, I can see they have greatly improved the facilities.
  13. Trying to do it but keep getting texts back saying "Sorry but we have a problem. we are working on it"
  14. I can only agree with your report. Florin and Beatrice are very welcoming. When we stay there, which we have done on many occasions, we never use the car only the bus and trains.
  15. I am not aware of any sites on the Amalfi coast line, the nearest one actually on the coast is Camping Nettuna at Cantone near Massa Lubrense. A superb location but difficult approach. Nothing to do in the immediate area. We were the first Brit caravanners in 30 years. Camping Santa Fortunata at Sorrento, again a superb location with plenty to do and easy access. As David said, the Amalfi coast road is a bit of a nightmare, we saw one parked vehicle actually being pushed out of the way by another so they could get through. We have not been further south than Amalfi so are unab
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