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  1. Yes you're right for EU EHIC card will be ok for medical issues though I was thinking further USA and other countries not in EU.
  2. Same with Natwest, so rules out holidays abroad unless you are prepared to take the risk.
  3. Although it seems children don't suffer from the virus like adults from what I have read no one seems to be clear if children are carriers of the virus. The difficulty with children coming back to school is the age range they are suggesting. Year six I'm fairly sure could to a certain extent social distance, reception and year one could not. I've seen Denmark schools been held up as an example of how it works but the only examples I have seen in primary schools have been older children. In fact compulsory education doesn't begin until the children reach their sixth birthday in Denmark.
  4. Campsite deposit refunded, credit given for DFDS ferry crossing. As far as I can see the ferry crossing we were booked on is still sailing so even though we probably would not be allowed to leave Dover and not allowed into France the ferry has not been cancelled so can't claim refund. Terms and conditions say we are responsible for any increase in price and must book another crossing by end of March 2021 and crossing must be made by end of June 2021.
  5. This is the supposed leader of the free world, a man that has great difficulty putting a coherent sentence together, suggests that injecting disinfectant may cure coronavirus, when asked a question by the free press can only come out with "fake news" and other insults, a man that Britain will have to deal with even more now because of Brexit, yes I think we should be discussing President Trump!
  6. I booked a DFDS crossing through the Caravan Club and seven nights on a site in France for June. Spoke to someone at the club last week and was told the deposit on the site would be refunded but the full amount I had paid for the ferry could not be refunded but I could change the date of the crossing for another time so long as I changed it before the date of the original crossing and the new date is before the end of December 2020.
  7. Well all I can say is that is not my recollection!
  8. Did they? I always thought it was political ideology of successive governments that forced autonomy on the NHS.
  9. On Sunday we should have been flying to Singapore for three nights and then a 16 night cruise to Japan. It was one of the first cruises to be cancelled back in February. Yesterday cancelled our two week caravan trip to France in June.
  10. So are they only taking bookings for one night stays? Have they announced they are closing in a couple of days? Very few places in UK that would need more than a couple of days for people to get home.
  11. Considering the Government's advise not to travel, I can't understand why all club sites have not been closed!
  12. If cars fitted with keyless entry are more liable to be stolen I'm sure insurance companies will already be increasing premiums for those cars.
  13. Oh good someone at last who can tell me what there is to celebrate now we are out of Europe!
  14. It's a double length garage and it's a tight fit. I reverse both cars in VW Up first followed by the Tiguan, there is just enough room to get out of the Tiguan with a squeeze. No rubbish stored in the garage though I do have three bikes in there, two hanging from the walls, and a canoe.
  15. Instead of putting the key in a pouch I put the car in a brick box, I'm the only person in the street that does.
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