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  1. I'll shall tell my grandchildren there once was a time when we could go to the EU when we wanted and for as long as we liked, but that was before we believed in unicorns!
  2. Depends on the quality of your inflatable kayaks, your skill level and how much water there is in the river. in the photograph the water is definitely above normal flow. There are far more rocks at normal levels but usually a channel to follow. Below the campsite the water is much calmer and more suitable for inflatable kayaks but watch out for fishermen they are not keen on any sort of kayak or canoe on what they see as their river. The Ure is virtually flat to Ripon except for one narrow, strid like rapid.
  3. Just downloaded to my Moto G5 without any problems. It will only work if lots more download it, lets hope they do.
  4. I've got a Kampa Ace Pro 300 and I'm very pleased with it. Got it on the recommendation of my son, he's had his a couple of years and loves it. I'm very pleased with mine, so easy to put up and no leaks and we've had some very heavy rain on it. I won't be going back to an awning with poles.
  5. Thanks for replies, I've just got to the point where it seems silly to carry it everywhere for no purpose.
  6. Having carried my spare wheel in front box for a number of years, on my 2015 Eccles Topaz, I'm thinking of removing the Alko spare wheel carrier. Just wondered if anyone who has removed the carrier has had any problems or issues later and does anyone know what the weight saving would be? In other words is it worth removing it?
  7. Used them for the first time this week, they went on easily and have stayed on. My son recommend them having used them over the last year, but he did warn me not to over tighten them.
  8. I'm sure policy starts higher up than from "minimum pay wardens" but as members of a club I would have thought suggestions would be welcome from members of the club.
  9. The CMC site we are on has two toilet blocks but one is closed to allow deep cleaning of the open one. Now not sure what the difference is between a normal clean and deep clean as the closure time appears to be the same as normal. The wrist band system works well. My moan would be that with the showers and loos in the same block if you are unfortunate to arrive as two people go in for a shower you have a long wait for the loo. Why not showers in one block and loos in the other block?
  10. Yes you're right for EU EHIC card will be ok for medical issues though I was thinking further USA and other countries not in EU.
  11. Same with Natwest, so rules out holidays abroad unless you are prepared to take the risk.
  12. Although it seems children don't suffer from the virus like adults from what I have read no one seems to be clear if children are carriers of the virus. The difficulty with children coming back to school is the age range they are suggesting. Year six I'm fairly sure could to a certain extent social distance, reception and year one could not. I've seen Denmark schools been held up as an example of how it works but the only examples I have seen in primary schools have been older children. In fact compulsory education doesn't begin until the children reach their sixth birthday in Denmark.
  13. Campsite deposit refunded, credit given for DFDS ferry crossing. As far as I can see the ferry crossing we were booked on is still sailing so even though we probably would not be allowed to leave Dover and not allowed into France the ferry has not been cancelled so can't claim refund. Terms and conditions say we are responsible for any increase in price and must book another crossing by end of March 2021 and crossing must be made by end of June 2021.
  14. This is the supposed leader of the free world, a man that has great difficulty putting a coherent sentence together, suggests that injecting disinfectant may cure coronavirus, when asked a question by the free press can only come out with "fake news" and other insults, a man that Britain will have to deal with even more now because of Brexit, yes I think we should be discussing President Trump!
  15. I booked a DFDS crossing through the Caravan Club and seven nights on a site in France for June. Spoke to someone at the club last week and was told the deposit on the site would be refunded but the full amount I had paid for the ferry could not be refunded but I could change the date of the crossing for another time so long as I changed it before the date of the original crossing and the new date is before the end of December 2020.
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