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  1. Kayak

    Beginning Kayaking/canoeing

    As a number of people have already said go to a local club. They will have all the gear you need, let you try a suitable canoe or kayak and give you some basic training. Then you can take it further if you enjoy it.
  2. Kayak

    Shower room sink tap not working

    I'll have a look, thanks.
  3. The tap in the shower room sink has stopped working. I'm not very technically minded so my description of the problem may not be very clear. The tap is one of those that is for hot and cold water. You lift it up to turn the tap on, however when I lift the tap now there is no risistance and it just drops down, will not stay up on its own. No water comes out. All other taps are working. Is there anything I can do or do I need a new tap? Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Kayak

    Insurance and remapped car

    It became obvious to me that I am going to go over the estimated mileage I gave at the time of taking out my insurance. It was based on previous yearly mileage, but due to various reasons I have done a greater mileage this year. On the insurance policy it states "Estimated mileage 14000 ." I asked the insurance company for their definition of estimated but they couldn't give one. All they would say was that if I go over the 14000 and had to make a claim it may be refused. I was able to add another 3000 miles for no extra premium but had to pay the £25 admin fee. I would have thought that an estimate is a guess and there would be some flexibility of say a couple of thousand on an estimated 14000, however I'm not prepared to take the chance with insurance companies.
  5. Kayak

    Tent to Caravan

    Starting off in the 60's with a Bukta Wanderlust and finally finishing off with a Cabanon Frame tent. We decided on the way back from France in 1986 that we needed a camping trailer. On getting back home and giving it some thought we decided that if we were pulling a trailer it might has well be a caravan. We found an end of season brand new Alpine sprite going cheap. No electric, no loo, no fridge but a great little caravan. We eventually did have a fridge fitted and had that van for seven years. We are now on our fifth caravan. My son has just bought his first caravan after a number of years in tents and loves it.
  6. Kayak

    Normandy beaches

    We had a one night stop at the site at St Mere Eglise. Nice site, short walk to the centre of the town and the excellent museum. Utah Beach is about 15 minutes away and the ferry port, at Cherbourg, about 30 minutes.
  7. Thanks for rep[ies, it seems there are still some buffets to try.
  8. Back in the 80's when we first started taking the caravan to the continent, we used the Olau Line from Sheeness. They did an excellent buffet as did the Sally Line from Ramsgate, which we used for a number of years. More recently we have used Dover and tend not to bother eating on short crossings. Have just got back from France, having used Brittany Ferries from Poole, we were very disappointed to find no buffet restaurant on this longer crossing. Just wondered if any crossings still provide the excellent buffets like the Olau and Sally ferries use to provide?
  9. Kayak

    Alko spare wheel carrier.

    I've just moved my spare from the Alko wheel carrier to the front box. Nose weight is fine and have just completed two trips one to North Wales and the other to the Chilterns without any issues.
  10. Kayak

    Vw Tiguan 2. 0l Diesel 2017

    Depends how close you are to a VW dealership and doing it yourself is very easy with the starter pack.
  11. Thanks again for all help he's got it now, 130Nm it is. It's his first caravan and he is just trying to get things sorted. There seems to be far more to think about now than when I started. Thirty odd years ago nobody mentioned torque, security, nose weight, I didn't have electric, no loo, no fridge.
  12. Thanks for quick replies. Nothing on plate by the door, first place I told him to look. Will remind him to have a look in the book and see what it says there. Figures for my Swift are definitely wrong, on the dealer's sheet, because it does have the torque on the plate by my caravan door and it states 130nm. He got it from a Swift dealership!
  13. My son has just bought a 2015 Elddis Xplore 526. The dealer gave him a sheet with torque figures for various caravans, for his it was 88 which does not seem very high for alloy wheels. The figures on the sheet were wrong for my caravan so just wondered if anybody can verify the figures for the Elddis Xplore.
  14. Kayak

    Vw Tiguan 2. 0l Diesel 2017

    Adblue filler, on the new Tiguan, is next to the diesel filler. I'm topping up approximately every 5000 miles. You are given warnings to top up at least a 1000 miles before it will run out. The engine will not run without the Adblue. Quite a simple process to top up if you buy an Adblue starter pack and then reuse it with the 10L packs from Halfords.
  15. Kayak

    Swift Recall For Rear Panel.

    I discovered a small crack in the rear panel, by the off side top light at the end of April this year. Contacted my dealer who asked me to take the caravan in, photographs taken to send to Swift, crack filled with sealer. Couple of weeks later Swift contacted me to say they wanted it back at the factory. Caravan collected from dealer, it was away at factory for approx. three weeks. I went to collect it from factory. Given thorough explanation of repairs, all parts of caravan checked over before handing back to me. Petrol expenses for going and collecting caravan sent a week later. This all happened over a period of just over two months. Very pleased with response from dealer and Swift.