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  1. I often thought it would be interesting to put a rat into one of those and listen for the screams from the cash office...
  2. Google "Archie's Campings" find a site where you want to go then google the site direct for more details. Archie is updated several times each year.
  3. No problem at all. Best to remove it all including the gas connection, just to ensure that nobody later connects up to half a system by mistake!
  4. Yes, you have confused yourself! Caravan and modern trailer brakes are made so that when you reverse the shoes automatically "dislocate" and do not apply to the drum. Years ago, you had to nip out and flip a catch over.
  5. I'm a mining engineer/consultant. One of my sidelines is doing safety inspections for the outdoor education industry. If they want to take kids underground they need a report and safe route document by a qualified person.
  6. Is that last one at Dolgoch? I had to inspect the small slate mines up that path last year.
  7. He says about 7.30 that the pump has cut back in automatically. I'm not familiar with that type of tyre inflator but it would seem it maitains pressure.
  8. I have that model fridge working fine from my Kia Sorento. I know when it is getting power because I have wired my rear view camera from the same supply wires. No picture = no volts!
  9. I thought so. I too trained in the industry, only as a mining engineer. I retired as a mine manager last year. I still do a bit of consultancy but will retire fully next year, 50 years is enough I think.
  10. I have always understood the term "Engineer" to be someone who holds chartered status. This means an honours degree or equivalent plus several documented years of experience in a junior role before applying for chartered status in the appropriate institution for your profession. Given logiclee's qualifications, he was previously in the coal mining industry where correct training and schooling was taken seriously.
  11. Not just these caves but the whole outdoor education industry that takes kids underground is in trouble. Many of the instructors who lead these groups are freelancers and have no other income. I am the engineer who does safety inspections for the outdoor industry at old mine sites and business is definitely not booming...
  12. I use the fridge heavy feed on our set up. It is only on when the engine is running, plus it tells you your fridge is powered up.
  13. Apparently Kia recruited a German designer for the body to make it more appealing to Western eyes!
  14. Whilst the headline price for the top end models is eye-watering, if you use the likes of carwow to get a price it will be much lower. Plus, if you have it on a PCP then pay it off after 100 days, you keep the extra 2.5K offered for the plan too. My 19 plate Sorento was 45K list but I got it for 37.5K. Unlike caravans, you can buy a car from any dealer and just use your local dealer for services. Our local dealer is superb except they don't do discounts. I have bought my last three Sorentos elsewhere but use the local for everything else.
  15. We have had this before. Take a multimeter to the 240 supply. These fridges don't like voltage below about 200v. Everything else works OK but the fridge bleeps as a warning. Mainly found on foreign sites but some UK sites where they are poorly wired too. The answer is as you have found, run on gas and move sites!
  16. I do enjoy a really good Pyrenean thunderstorm, from the safety of our caravan!
  17. I tow half and half. We have a Kia Sorento for hols and an Iveco daily van for steam rallies (to carry our miniature traction engine). The van is less able than the car but plenty good enough and very economical. I have only used one commercial site with the van so I can't comment on the welcome generally. However, I would be surprised if there was a problem if you told them beforehand.
  18. A couple of years ago we were on a French commercial site at the end of season weekend in August. They had a huge bay set aside for unwanted items. All the usual chairs with three legs etc, but also fridges and big stuff too! A lot of it looked perfectly servicable but maybe the owners only used them for one season then dumped them to avoid winter storage?
  19. Before you make a fool of yourself, check exactly where they have connected to. Is it connected to your side of the meter or the incoming side. If you don't understand the difference ask someone who does. Maybe someone else on the site has had a similar thing done?
  20. We always travel with some water in the flush tank. It is certain that we will stop multiple times in a days travelling so with water in the flush, water in the onboard tank for cooking and some gas, we can stop anywhere for a break. Any layby becomes a services. Been doing it that way for over thirty years now and it works for us.
  21. Our Sterling is pre- camera so I fitted one myself based on advice from a thread on this site. I too brought the camera lead to the font locker box to a digital transmitter. It is powered from the fridge feed so only works when towing. Never misses a beat.
  22. Our Sterling is now 8 years old and the alarm has stopped working unless it is connected to a hook-up and the charger is on. I suspect it's internal battery has failed so only makes an effort with external power.
  23. Our caravan has a similar layout of sockets and switches. One of the switches is the one that work the silly LED light on the floor by the door. I removed that switch, insulated it's wires and just pushed them back under, then fitted a USB socket piggy-backed off the cigar socket wires. I never used the floor light so don't miss it.
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