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  1. In 30 years we have only been refused twice. Both were council sites run by inflexible rules. Otherwise, even if there are signs, we still enquire and no problem. "It doesn't apply to you" is the normal answer!
  2. Many houses have three phase supplies, mainly for spreading heating load. Mine supply is for my workshop. Most houses have a SINGLE phase supply ie. phase + neutral. Three phase is 3 phases + neutral. 240v between phase and neutral, 415v between phases.
  3. Online sales and forms are retained even if they are not submitted. Our former business sold via a website shop and we could examine 'abandoned carts' for information and marketing purposes although we didn't get to names and addresses as the carts had not checked out.
  4. We initially had a single mover fitted. It worked fine and for home, on the flat it didn't have a problem. However, at other places with steeper ground, or as said above, uneven ground, plus soggy ground, it struggled. If you read the weight ratings for a single set, they are only for flat ground. A 1900Kg TA takes some shoving up a gradient. So I got another mover from fleabay and fitted it myself. It does do tighter turns and it does do steep slopes and quagmires now. It just depends on where you go with your caravan.
  5. I am on my third Sorento, towing a 1900kg twin axle and before that a single axle. All have had SLS. They are superb towcars. At the time we bought the first Sorento (2011) the new shape had just come out and there was a lot of Talk about unsteady towing with the non-SLS models so we had a KX3 with SLS and it was fine. Bottom line is if you like everything else about the Sorento, then you need to get one with SLS and life will be wonderful! For towing an automatic is doubly wonderful...
  6. We have had a manual 2011, an auto 2014 and currently an auto GT line S 2019. They have all been good, the autos better and the latest one the best of the lot. All towing a 1900Kg twin axle caravan. The latest does have a small spare though. That is to make room for the Adblue tank.
  7. I had the same problem on my new Sorento. I knew the fridge was cutting out because my rear view camera is wired into the same feed and it kept going off unless I ran with my headlights on to boost the charging! I took it back to the towbar company (PF Jones) and told them to sort it out. We agreed that they would fit an extra relay operated directly from the "power feed when running" side of the fuse box. No problem since. It was their problem and they fixed it at no extra charge.
  8. Yep! pay every time, free exit. It has been that for the last 5 Easters when we have been.
  9. Slightly off topic. Can you buy spare rubber tips for these pigtails? I have lost mine, I think after disconnecting, it stuck inside the cylinder and I didn't notice. As above, they are much easier to use than the spanner variety with a Safefill.
  10. Tanks seem to come and go. We have a 2013 Sterling Searcher which was the same as the equivalent Conqueror of the year, just different colours. That has all the internal tank and plumbing.
  11. Odd that such a light weight trailer is double axled though? You'll have to sneak over tonight with your night vision goggles on and read the rating plate on the trailer! Now you have started, we HAVE to know.....
  12. I would think that as LPG in gas form is heavier than air, any air trapped in the bottle would be on top of everything else and could be quickly blown out when the bottle is first used. If so, it would be better to first use it on either the gas hob or a BBQ where you can see the flame when it lights. Not too much different from when you first light a BBQ after changing a cylinder, all the air has to be blown through before it lights.
  13. If you like long sandy beaches, miles of cycleways and a nice clean site, try https://www.la-grainetiere.com/campsite-france-island-re.html In my opinion it is the best site on the Isle of Re. Lots of bars and eating in nearby, walkable La Flotte. E20 per night with ACSI
  14. They do push into the tyre quite heavily. They need to to get the grip. That is also why you shouldn't leave them on when parked up.
  15. I have two Purpleline movers. Mine are moved by a large lever that overcentres a cam. It is either on or off. That is the point of the setting distance of 20 mm. Mine sometimes gets confused and has to be turned off and on again to reset. Once you get used to that it is fine. Mine have been working fine for seven years now.
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