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  1. On that route we always stop at Domaine des Forges, close to junction 43 Masseret. It has a lake, swimming, bar/cafe with food is ACSI and easy going. https://www.camping-domainedesforges.com/
  2. Yes, it just screws into the Safefill. BUT be very careful. The genuine Safefill ones have a left-hand thread (to match propane pigtail). The ones on ebay are right-hand thread and won't fit. They are meant for fixed installations etc. Whilst they are more expensive it is best to buy direct from Safefill on this one.
  3. I think you will find Mr Anders is Europe based.
  4. Sorry, not paying attention properly!
  5. You need to send them a message. Apparently German law is different to ours. Here we would just stop paying. There you have to give notice. If you email them on service@adac.de telling them you want to quit, quote your member number and details they will acknowledge eventually. They are rather slow, maybe a fortnight to reply but reliable enough. Even better, find the contact form on their website and use that, you get a ticket number and it is logged. Type your message then use free translation.com to turn it into German.
  6. It doesn't except that if you do the bathroom last, the pipes get pressured up with air and then when you turn on one of the taps you get drowned when the air blows out water straight up the basin in your face!
  7. Alan, I have sent them two emails recently. One to cancel my membership which got a reply after about 10 days and the second giving details of my bank for a refund of an overpayment (which was to be used next year). I was beginning to fear for the refund after nothing for another 10 days. However, yesterday the money appeared in my account, no problem. They do seem to take a while to grind their way through but I suppose they are struggling like everyone else. Incidentally, we got auto renew letters too.
  8. Thanks for that Mr Puffin. When my ADAC runs out in July I think Brittania will be my choice. Mayday sounds fine but the extra cost of joining the club makes it more expensive for me as a non-clubsite user.
  9. Just the fact that my insurance for medical only seems unaffected. I suppose insurance is all about risk and maybe their modelling of risk as an EU tourist is not high? Although they do exclude cruise ship travel!! Other posters comments seem all related to travel disruption benefits?
  10. I think there are two separate elements to this cover exclusion. My insurance is for EU (+UK) only. It is also not for disruption, mainly medical plus a few incidentals like public liability and legal help etc. I reason that having our caravan and only booking the tunnel at the last minute and never booking sites, I am unlikely to have much trouble with disruption in the wider sense. I get the feeling that the withdrawal of cover due to the virus is aimed at the disruption element in most cases, not the medical.
  11. In a bored moment yesterday, I read through the various renewal documents. I couldn't see anything that excluded the virus. I did wonder if the price hike may also be due to potential Brexit costs when (if) EHIC stops? I don't think we have passed any obvious birthdays except I passed state pension age last year (65 1/2). The policy is an annual multi-trip so maybe they think we'll be away every second month??
  12. Yes, I have a month to renewal anyway, so time to search around. My wife is currently one of the 1.5 million shielding so we are going nowhere very soon. We'll probably let it lapse and start again when things get better. I must read the small print to see if any new clauses have been added!
  13. That is for Europe only, not worldwide. it has been about the same each year for a while until now.
  14. I have just had an email from Aviva with our travel insurance renewal for the coming year. It looks like they want me to pay for the whole virus claims single-handed!
  15. Our Sterling 2012/13 had a similar problem but luckily it was still under warranty when it started. Apparently it is a known issue and Swift have/had a man driving from dealer to dealer redoing them on a long rota basis. On ours, the whole of the black was removed and replaced, never been a problem since. I could never make my mind up if the window had been removed or not. I should have taken before pics. but didn't. I suspected it had been removed but wouldn't swear to it.
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