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  1. 11 years we have had this van and I just thought this was just your usual badly fitted piece of trim, unfortunately it never bothered me enough to look close enough to realise it actually is meant to look like that and have a function!
  2. Somebody must have been really fed up with the Carver pump stopping working at some point, I used to be able to reach ours from the front side window so I was never that bothered 😂
  3. On a 1990 Elddis it should have a Carver Crystal water inlet with built in filter similar to this one.
  4. These pins on the plug are the ones, it didn’t take much for them to lose their connection to the socket.
  5. The pins on ours needed to be gently prised apart every so often to make sure they had a good connection, if the pump is getting power it should make a slight whirling noise. If it is getting power and not running if I remember correctly it is possible to get at the impeller to see if it will free off.
  6. I’ll be going out to the van soon, I can bring back the manual and copy it for you, we can work out how best to get the files to you later if that’s any use?
  7. If you are concerned that you may need extra cooling in the south of France then you could fit some smallish 12v fans inside the vents to maintain an airflow in the heat.
  8. That would cover quite easily with D C Fix film.
  9. I found my locker door to be leaking again after months of being dry, gave the rubber and the frame a smear of silicone grease as suggested by @Silversurf and it’s not leaked again 😁
  10. It sounds to me like there’s a build up of dust on the fan edges causing the fan to be off balance, the unit is actually quite easily removed from the rear of the heater to allow you to clean it, once you’ve done that it should be a few years before you hear the noise again!
  11. Not sure about the window leak but I had a similar problem with my locker door, I removed the seal cleaned it and the door rim thoroughly of old sealant then refitted with new silicone sealant all the way around inside the rubber seal. Not had any water inside the locker so far!
  12. I use the Edinburgh CC site, Linwater park and have also used Morton Hall sites. Linwater is a private site which is close to a park and ride, Morton Hall has a regular bus service pass the end of the road ( which is quite a walk) and was also on the night bus route the last time we stayed there eight years ago. The CC site at Silverknowes is not on the bus route and the walk to the bus stop is much further than Morton Halls.
  13. Have you tried any of the caravan breakers, there's one in North Wales which had a good stock the last time I looked at their web site. There are a few others which come up on Google when you type in "caravan breakers"
  14. We stopped at the CC site at the race course, easy to get to and not too much of a detour from the motorway. We've just come back up the road again today, decided we would test the kids and run all the way from London to Edinburgh, it went well all the north bound roads were flowing fine. M6 at Birmingham south bound was like a car park again south bound though when we passed through.
  15. I was of that opinion until I came down to London two weeks ago, the sat nav showed an hour of delay on the M6 compaired to the M6 Toll, I decided that it would cost me more than £5. 50 to be stuck in the traffic with the van on the back- so that and the extra hour of the kids complaining from the back seat meant that principals lost out!
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