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  1. I use the Edinburgh CC site, Linwater park and have also used Morton Hall sites. Linwater is a private site which is close to a park and ride, Morton Hall has a regular bus service pass the end of the road ( which is quite a walk) and was also on the night bus route the last time we stayed there eight years ago. The CC site at Silverknowes is not on the bus route and the walk to the bus stop is much further than Morton Halls.
  2. Have you tried any of the caravan breakers, there's one in North Wales which had a good stock the last time I looked at their web site. There are a few others which come up on Google when you type in "caravan breakers"
  3. We stopped at the CC site at the race course, easy to get to and not too much of a detour from the motorway. We've just come back up the road again today, decided we would test the kids and run all the way from London to Edinburgh, it went well all the north bound roads were flowing fine. M6 at Birmingham south bound was like a car park again south bound though when we passed through.
  4. I was of that opinion until I came down to London two weeks ago, the sat nav showed an hour of delay on the M6 compaired to the M6 Toll, I decided that it would cost me more than £5. 50 to be stuck in the traffic with the van on the back- so that and the extra hour of the kids complaining from the back seat meant that principals lost out!
  5. We used a bed guard for both of ours with spare caravan cushions to make it more cot like, this worked fine until they were old enough to escape!
  6. That appears to be some sort of protector/ socket outlet attached to your water pump connection, it should come off easily if you release the top and bottom lugs and pull it off.
  7. We just did it on Friday, we went down the M6, M6 toll (Caravan Club members get discount so it only cost £5. 50 and saved us an hour of queuing according to the sat nav) stopping over at Warwick. This just left us with an hour and a half so run into London on Saturday morning. It went so well that we have decided just to run back up to Edinburgh without stopping, not decide wether to go up M6 or A1M yet though! In previous years we have stopped at Kendal then Warwick and taken an extra day to get here but it reduced the daily time of listening to "are we nearly there yet"! We left Glasgow (Strathclyde Country Park CC site) at 0900 and had one toilet stop about an hour down the road, we ran as far as we could before we had to stop for lunch, I believe it was Knutsford Services we made it too before the kids realised they hadn't been fed! That left us just a couple of hours away from Warwick where we arrived around 1630.
  8. MrOmori


    This is the only information I'm interested in, didn't bother reading any of your last post as it was too long, here have a photo of the owners manual- it's much shorter.
  9. MrOmori


    Not according to my handbook.
  10. MrOmori


    When a Vectra is in DPF regeneration the glow plug light blinks to indicate that regeneration is taking place.
  11. MrOmori


    On that mileage level I would go for a petrol engined car, I don't believe that mileage level would be beneficial to a diesel engine. I do 34 miles a day with mine and am currently sitting at 126,000 miles- never seen the DPF regeneration light yet! Still got the original exhaust on too, I love this car!!
  12. I use my krook lock, it wedges nicely between my brake pedal and drivers seat.
  13. The reason most of us have the details in our signature is because it made it easier for everyone else when you were referring to your outfit before it was recently made an option in the info panel on the left hand side of the screen, I hardly feel that my outfit gives me anything to be snobbish about but it saves me having to remember to tell others what I'm referring to when I refer to my van or car. Now can anyone tell me what this thread now has to do about the problem of mold on my locker doors and ideas on how to kill it off?
  14. We have the same problem finding a layout we like that will eventually replace our series 6 Vendee, it looks like we may end up going for fixed bunks for the kids and going back to having to build up our beds again as all the fixed bed vans we have seen recently seem to waste so much space by having them in the what feels like the middle of the van!
  15. We used to go to a site eight miles away from the house- far enough to be away, close enough to be able to get anything done that needed to be done! Then they got too expensive and now we don't get away as often
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