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  1. For less than a cup of coffee a week I find the NT great value for money. Without members sub's these places wouldn't exist. We often plan where we are going with caravan just to visit these places as we especially like the gardens and YES they do great cream teas! Pam
  2. We use two duvets. A double on the bottom and king on top. Very cosy! Pam
  3. Weeell! Decided to give new Gloucester services a go. Didn't get there till 11. 30 due to setting off late, waiting for wind to drop. Really impressed, obviously new but a dedicated area for caravans and motorhomes away from lorries! Actually managed to sleep till 7. 30 next morning! So different from any other service station. Even refuelling area was well designed for ease of entry and egress! Only downside was cost at £20 but worth it for us but where do they get charge from? Even staff seemed embarrassed! Thanks again wouldn't have known about it without your help. Pam
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. can't set off till after 6pm and will need to leave earlyish so don't want to stop at cl or other site so as not to disturb other people. I know service stations not best option but needs must. Sounds as if its going to be choice of Michael wood, Gloucester or Sedgemoor. Will see how we feel as to which one we stop at. Thanks for your helpPam
  5. Thanks all. It would be Sat night. Probably about 10 or 11 o clock. Have stopped at Sedgemoor a few years back, bit rough in caravan part but ideal place as its about 5 hours from us and gets us below Bristol. Wondered if it had been tidied up a bit. Last time we stopped was £7. 00!! Not an ideal situation in any services but need to break journey as it is 8 hours driving without taking into account any breaks. Thanks for infoPam
  6. Sorry if this is a repeat of previous topics but couldn't find any up to date info. Thinking about stopping for a few hours overnight at either Michael Wood or Sedgemoor next Sat on way to Cornwall from North Yorks. Some time since we did this and wondered if anyone had any recent experiences of services in this area. Thanks Pam
  7. On short breaks - nothing. Longer ones - the grandchildren. Always glad to be away but happy to get home as well, so we can plan the next time away! Pam
  8. Hi Ganmar You will find there are always split opinions when the subject of waste bins on the door comes up. personally I find it very useful as we don't have space in a cupboard for it and very rarely have the awning up. Yes, they are small but that means they are emptied regularly so they never have chance to smell. We fitted one on an older caravan we had and it was fine using the screws provided but door construction was different then so would take Gordon's advice . Pam
  9. Hi When we used to camp our site "bible" was a Cades book. Still look through it now and again, got latest one from Catterick caravans so probably be able to get at other dealers or W H Smiths. Pam
  10. Glen and Les Thanks for that have passed info on. Pam
  11. Hi Has anyone stayed here? Have some friends going in May but they are concerned about tv reception and they REALLY need their telly!! Thanks Pam
  12. Hi We occasionally have a small flag on our awning canopy when we are in Cornwall, it is of the Yorkshire rose, just in case people can't tell by our accents where we are from!!! Pam
  13. Hi crvmeister Funnily enough we did the same thing this last week. We had a 2 man tent at home that we had bought from argos for £20 for our grandchildren to play in, in the garden (cheaper than a toy play tent and more robust!). Our Granddaughter normally sleeps in the double bed at the front of the van but asked if she could sleep in the tent in the awning this time. Worked great as she is almost 13 and it gave her (and us) more privacy and she said she was as warm as toast. So. ....... great minds must think alike eh? Pam ps Just had a thought, might need a bigger awning when Grandson (2) and Granddaughter number 2 due in October want to come with us. Might have to ditch the caravan and get a marquee!!
  14. Hi weekender505 We have been going to Cornwall (North) regularly for the last few years and always struggled to get a decent picture with any caravan aerial so always use independent one-brilliant picture. Should be even better soon as change over is August I think. Pam
  15. Hi we had a Ranger 470/4 2005, also Dorema (Madison) awning size 10 and it was a perfect fit. Pam
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