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  1. Thanks for this. The issue would appear to be a weak signal as we can get a strong signal if we leave the caravan and go to the campsites' receptions.
  2. We go to Portugal and Spain every year and find the sites' wifi very poor. Can anyone recommend a good booster that is easy to fix and use? All responses highly appreciated.
  3. Don't let the bar stewards grind you down Woody!

    I would be very sorry if you left.

    1. shipbroker


      But change your avatar again if you are stopping,please.



  4. Not that I know of. You just need to check the tide times. Available on line. Foreign driver apparently.
  5. If you think we are going to "crash out" buy your Euros now. If you think there will be some kind of "deal" then wait because there will be some strengthening of the pound as a "bounce back" from current anxieties. In the latter case, do it quickly before the pound sinks again. .............says my crystal ball.
  6. Many thanks folks. Some very helpful recommendations there. Will do some further research too.
  7. We are thinking about visiting this area in late May/early June. Research seems to show Lake Garda area as the best for a first visit . ...but not essential if people know better sites elsewhere in the area. Can anyone recommend quality sites (they don't need to be "all singing and dancing" type ones) but we wouldn't dismiss them either. Our criteria are; . Attractive area with easy access to the sights, . Clean, uncrowded, . Fully serviced pitches. . Relatively easy access. Responses much appreciated
  8. True. Please outline details of other economists who think Brexit is a good idea. I try not to post "untruths" as it undermines whatever point I am trying to make. I wish, pre referendum, a fair few politicians had tried similarly.
  9. In reply to both previous posts. My "spurious" ( a word I tend not to use when responding to posters) comments relate, not to the fact that all U. K. factories will be closed on the 29 th March, but that there will be a big economic hit initially and the likelihood that further investment will be directed towards the EU rather than the U. K. Japanese manufacturers also draw components from the EU. What incentives will there be to stay in the U. K. , unless we operate an extremely low tax regime with resulting damage to the NHS, Education, policing etc? I, too, think a "no deal" scenario is unlikely, but TM's deal does not appear to have parliamentary support, neither does Norway + or Norway ++ (!). God knows what Labour will try to do. ..and meanwhile the clock ticks and businesses scream for clarity. It's insane.
  10. Preparations are incredibly complex, and expensive, eating up money that should be used for investment. An indication of the complexities involved relates to accessing and manufacturing parts. Just one example indicative of the issues; The driveshaft for a Mini crosses the channel four times before it is fitted at Cowley. ..and that's just one component! Multiply that by thousands, millions even, for UK manufacturers and you see the problem. Stockpiling driveshafts etc would also rely on the ability to increase the rate of manufacturing in the EU source countries. Ditto for other manufacturers. Our businesses have spent 40 plus years "weaving" themselves into EU based systems. Don't even mention those companies that rely on " just in time" deliveries! It's a quagmire!
  11. Roger Bootle is in a minority of two. He and Patrick Minford ( poll tax advocate and "losing the UK's auto industry is a price worth paying for Brexit") are the sole economists in favour of Brexit. The great majority are warning of the economic damage it will cause. You will note that, today, businesses are already warning of the damage uncertainty is causing, and of the disaster that a "no deal" Brexit will cause. Who would have thought in 2016 that the forces would have to be on alert as a contingency in any kind of Brexit!
  12. Yup. This ludicrous demonisation of the (imperfect) EU, which is merely protecting the interests of its member states at the expense of an outsider, becomes increasingly far fetched. The U. K. voted to be an outsider. The EU! sadly, owes us nothing. Blaming the EU is the government's diversion from its cack handed "management" of the whole process!
  13. I wonder how many of you bothered to read the attachment to " rsiys" post earlier on this thread ("page"2 )? Sir Ivan Rogers is a very experienced, respected diplomat. His views are worth a read.
  14. It's not naivety to believe that this government has made little preparation for the eventuality of Brexit. The evidence is all around, including today's farce in the House of Commons. They can't even agree what Brexit means . ..with less than three months to go! Businesses are screaming for some clarity. ...and they are getting nothing.
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