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  1. I still need to explore much more of Europe. It's my cultural heritage and I want to see as much of it as I can before I snuff it.
  2. We use the Portuguese toll roads to get to Turiscampo and then we use non toll roads to get around. We reckon the toll price is worth paying. Minimal traffic and cruise control all the way.
  3. Thanks for that helpful info. We now have an "E Movis"tag for Spain and Portugal. It makes tolls much easier as you can just drive straight through them using a dedicated lane. The tag bleeps to let you know it has registered, and the toll is deducted from your bank account. We used it last year and it made the toll booths effortless.
  4. We are heading for Turiscampo too. From Carcares we head west to Evora and then use the toll roads down to Algarve and then West to Lagos. Can't remember the road designations but will check. 310 miles approx but easy driving on major roads and motorways (tolls). If you want to split the journey there is a caravan site in Evora ( Camping Obitur Evora). Don't know what it's like as the Obitur chain sites are variable. Should be OK for one nighter though. The journey from Seville to Lagos, on the other hand is approx 175 miles. (By the time we arrive at Turiscampo all I want is a drink...or two! The awning and subsequent divorce can wait until the next day ).
  5. Reuters now report that the strike has been called off for further talks (again).
  6. Thanks for this. Yup. Just checked. Bit depressing as we travel down from Bilbao on Wednesday. I think we will now drive further South, to Seville, fill up there and then travel West to Lagos. Longer than our usual route which is via Casares and directly into Portugal from there.
  7. Just tried to remove the "plastic" cover from ours. Tried gently tapping it with a hammer. Won't budge. Am I just a 9 stone weakling? Bit afraid of breaking it.
  8. The strike has now been "postponed" until Friday to allow for talks.
  9. I have no problem with CMC sites. You know what you are getting and going to a new (to us) site is rarely a gamble. However, we also like many private sites which offer more luxury. Horses for courses etc.
  10. Fair enough. My comment wasn't directed specifically to you. I was just pointing out that the thread was developing " how many angels fit on the head of a pin" tendencies.
  11. Why debate and go into the minutiae of the law? Towing mirrors are relatively cheap to buy and easy to fit,
  12. 15 litres limit in "designated" fuel stations. 25 litres in others ...if available.
  13. As from today tanker drivers are on strike in Portugal. Fuel is being rationed and not all fuel stations will have fuel available. Details available on various Portuguese websites.
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