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  1. How does the length of time it's been in business impact upon a judgement as to whether it's right or wrong? Puzzled.
  2. I would argue that his inside knowledge gives him a bit of an advantage over us humble investors.
  3. I hope the UK will value its public sector far more than it has done in the past few decades. There is no reason why the private and public sectors can't work in partnership.
  4. Yes. Obviously. But we are not China. We are are a free democracy.
  5. "Stirring up" is what discovers scandals, corruption and lies. I'm not saying that is what is currently happening but it's an important part of our democracy. Even during the war censorship was quite limited. At the very beginning of the war "stirring up" involved questions as to why the BEF was so unprepared and ill equipped. "Stirring up" is what dictatorships prohibit It isn't , and should not be, what western democracies prohibit.
  6. Please note. Due to circumstances beyond our control the non returnable deposit has been raised to £5,000. This will apply retrospectively to all who have already booked. Many thanks to all our loyal customers. (NB. The complaints book is currently unavailable).
  7. What "personal agenda"? Determining the best approach to tackling the problem? Surely that's what everybody is trying to determine!
  8. Sorry. Totally incomprehensible. Just one example-PPE. Do front line staff have sufficient? Was there sufficient before media pressure was applied? Who, in the general public knows? Seems an entirely valid question to me. Should recognized experts not "crawl out of the woodwork " in order to put forward well researched views? I have no idea whether the government is doing a good job or not. The indications are that it may well be, but why on earth does that mean no questions should be asked? Crazy!
  9. I am not necessarily arguing for political debate. What I am arguing for is continuing questioning, by the (responsible) media and recognized experts, as to whether policies, tactics and strategies to deal with the epidemic are effective and working. Otherwise, we are relying solely on the words of politicians. Nothing to do with the "exit from the EU" about which you and I have totally opposite views.
  10. I like the adverts...apart from the incontinence pads and trousers with elasticated waists. Oh, and the Care Homes, home delivery meals, equity release and "comfortable" shoes. ...Or am I thinking of Saga magazine? Not always that easy to differentiate!
  11. Nope. Ongoing policies and tactics need to be questioned all along the way.
  12. Nope. Sorry. Holding government to account is a vital part of our democracy...even in a crisis.
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