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  1. I long Stay in the Costa del Sol and only ever pay one toll Bilbao to Burgos . There are toll roads in southern Spain very lightly used . Use eg A7 not AP 7 . When you are on A 7 signs will direct you on to AP 7 no mention of A7 after that sign the A 7 will be back on the signage.
  2. Amazing the outrage of some posters. Must have complex a about being a caravanner . Ok the program may have not have been how some would have made by some posters , but it has certainly provoked a lively discussion among CC members and others 11 pages !!!
  3. If I see someone reversing better than me ( Which is not that difficult ) I think well done a little bit envious maybe, certainly the guys penis does not come to mind, probably will in the future now you brought it up.
  4. WOW 30 second review which bit offended so much. Should may stayed a bit longer all these were genuine CC members and part of the caravan /motor home fraternity the top man certainly is and did his bit to entertain us .
  5. I Caravanning can be like that I'm sure we have all have mishaps at times are not all experts at reversing . I am average at best. We have seen people struggle with awing's and hopefully help them and not ridicule them . Worry about neighbours they probably already think you are a caravan nerd, I Have had several Skoda's great cars still have to put up with Skoda jokes who cares . I thought the program would be dull, not at all it was a good watch.
  6. It was so bad it was great fun . Do try to see it on catch up etc
  7. I think this was a spoof black comedy program . I enjoyed it a as comedy show . The caravan "expert " and his mum were the best characters they could have been from "Little Britain " Her banksman sketch was hilarious. The couple with the list were good "If it is not on the list i have to put it on for the pleasure of ticking it off " Great stuff. They have some great characters to do a series. How easily the chairman smashed up the bottom of his van was well planned im sure if this was real his attitude would have been more extreme. look forward to the next one in a couple of months
  8. I would say firstly learn to reverse with car . Use motor mover for less stress on car and for accurate and safe positioning of van. Reverse with car when M/M is inoperative . Is that a too simple or sensible reply to this topic ?
  9. When a friend had a two areas of damp in a six month old Swift the dealer said common problem, they have set up a line to put them right. They are only a cottage industry compared to cars and they produce new models and customers are used as a test bed . Fine that's all ok then . Hope all goes well you have received some sound advice.
  10. Cabopino in Spain pitches if opposite pitch's are occupied are virtually impossible to reverse on to so movers are the answer Spanish tend not to have movers so a push is required usually help is on hand .
  11. Yes a forum so I put my view the basic point is you wish to use a mover or reverse is one personal choice can you tell me why anyone else would be bothered what method I would choose to do? A friendly question .
  12. . Hope the finger is making a healing well Popped the odd finger out of joint playing rugby elbow as well. The Mayday driver did a great job reversing his van . I had a coming together with a narrow toll barrier in the Costa del Sol Southern Spain, my sliding sun roof became a pop up . May day sent a fitter out from Britain to make it safe for the long journey home he had two jobs to do in Spain 400kms apart . Fantastic service if in trouble .
  13. When I decided to stop caravanning for a time and rent static caravan in Spain . I sold my large diesel car and van to dealer who trades in both for a smaller petrol car for the reasons you state and it often used for short runs as I live in a city and have a bus pass for trips to the coast here in Norfolk Will be driving down to the Costa Del Sol next week solo and would will get around 50 mls to a gallon . With regards to solid fly wheel I read on the net they seem to be ok on the Octavia maybe under less stress than the Trannie.
  14. DMF can be replaced with a solid fly wheel. Skoda Octavia's are very commonly used as taxis and many will have been converted I had a 2010 Octavia estate 140hp PD engine with no DPF which was good no active / passive regens to happen or dealer visit if the regen light would not go out after a high revs run hoping that a active regen would clear the exhaust of particles so the regen light would go out . The dealer would try a passive regen if that would not work it could mean a new DPF £ 1600 or a new exhaust sensor . The VAG group cars with PD engines which were great but had pro
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