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  1. I bought a new Delta RS in January and have exactly the same problem around all the roof vents. Dissapointing but at least I can`t see them unless I`m up a ladder !!
  2. Jasons, The Pro Tec covers a bit more expensive but they are made to measure for your van therefore the door access in the cover is exactly where the door is on your van and an allowance is made for the aerial. I wouldn`t be without mine.
  3. And you don`t have to take it anywhere !! Sounds good to me. I will have to try and remember that when mine needs doing. Pete.
  4. Iv`e had a cover on mine for many years. I always clean the van before I put the cover on after use and when it`s time to unveil it again it`s as clean as when I put it away. Pete.
  5. Yes - That`s em. Worth ringing and getting a quote and its not too far to take it for you. Pete.
  6. Conor & Lucy, I used a company in Wavendon last year. They seemed OK and the price wasn`t bad either. Pete.
  7. This weekend I bought a 3. 6 mtr length of decking board from Wickes for £6. and 4 x 4" bolts for £2. 99 I cut the board to 3 lengths of 1. 2 metres each ( plenty long enough to get both wheels on ) I screwed 2 pieces together ( one on top of the other ) and then drilled 4 holes through all 3 pieces. With the 3 pieces on top of each other I then bevelled one end for the wheels to roll up. Now if I need to raise the caravan slightly I use only the top board because it`s not joined to the others. If I need to raise it more I use the 2 pieces which are screwed together. If I need to raise it even more I put the single piece on top of the double piece and hammer the 4 bolts through the pre drilled holes into the ground so that the ramp doesn`t move. Simples !! ( Patent applied For )
  8. Hi Jockey, You don`t need the heating on to get hot water. You can turn the heating off and just have hot water or you can have hot water with the heating on at the same time. Pete.
  9. Hi Brian, The instructions in my handbook are for a Truma hot water heater but in the back of the 2011 Lunar brochure it lists everthing in all of their caravans and it says Truma water heater fitted. When you read the extras in the Delta it says " Alde wet central heating system " it doesn`t say fitted instead of Truma water system and it doesn`t say Alde hot water system that`s where my problem has been. Anyway - all sorted and I now know how to get hot water. Pete.
  10. Got it sorted fellas thanks for your advice all, Robhar and Roger you were right. I do intend to ring Lunar because their handbook states " ensure the water heater is full then press the isolation switch to on " It also states " the water temperatature is not adjustable using the mains heating element. The temperature is set at 70 degrees C. " There are no other instructions so why would I think that I have to do anything else to get hot water ? In the ALDE instructions the hot water operation is under the heading " Heating with Electricity " I have been taking this to mean it was the central heating instructions. ( silly me ! ) Lunar expect my call tomorrow !!
  11. Thanks for the replys guys. Pierre. If by drain valves you mean the coloured plastic valve that is horizontal for closed and vertical for open, It is closed. Robhar. I will have to have a look at this at the weekend. David. I will try this but I can`t see that it is an air block as the tank is full and cold water comes out of the hot taps. Pete.
  12. Hi All, I have a new Delta RS and used it for the first time last week. I sorted out most things and how they work but I could not get any hot water using electric. According to the Lunar hand book all I needed to do was fill the hot water tank and switch the isolation switch to ON and I should have hot water - I didn`t. I tried heating the water with the Alde system. The instuctions said the flashing tap symbol will give you extra hot water for 30 minutes when turned ON - mine didn`t. It worked fine on gas. Any Ideas ?? Thanks. Pete.
  13. I used my new Delta RS for the first time last week and I have also damaged the alloy putting the lock on. On a similar thread who thought of putting the jack housing underneath the caravan so you have to virtually crawl underneath to line it up which is what you have to do everytime to get the rear wheel lock on because the rear wheel never lines up with the front one !! The person who thought of these things could not have been a caravaner.
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