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  1. Hi I am thinking about purchasing a Ford Kuga 180bhp Manual AWD Diesel ST-LINE EDITION .Towing a Swift freesyle 4 berth. The car model in question has 19inch wheels tyres 235/45 I think these are low profile tyres, are these wheel sizes and tyres ok suitable for towing. I have seen forums where some people say they are great and no problem for towing and others saying they are not very good going into all sorts of technical detail why they aren't very good. Anyone got first hand experience of towing with this Ford Kuga model with respect to the wheels and tyres. Many thanks in advance for any information. Best regards Duffy
  2. Hi Many thanks for all the replies regarding my topic on earth leakage problem with my caravans 240volt. I took the advice given on this forum and got an electrician to solve the problem. I forgot to say that my caravan was hooked up to my garage 13amp sockets to keep the battery charged. The electrcian found I had no earth in the garage. What it turned out to be was that about 4years ago I had an alarm fitted in the garage and the alarm man broke into the ring main circuit to power up the alarm system but what he forgot to do was connect the earth back up to the ring main so for about for years now my garage has had no earth supply. Its no wonder I got a small electric shock from the caravan I think have been very lucky. Many thanks John Duffy
  3. Hi I had to remove one of my caravan motor mover rollers as i was doing this i received a small electric shock from the roller/mover housing, i had the mains cable connected to my van at the time to keep the battery charged up and i did not disconnect the power cable. I checked with a multi meter from the mover/roller housing to actual ground earth and i got a reading of 60volts. I then checked from the caravan corner steadies again 60volts. I have just put on four plastic corner steady feet i know this will insulate the caravan from earth but as i see it the power cable should take care of any earthing problems. I checked with a fault finder inside the caravan into the 13amp socket and three red lights came on on the fault finder indicating that everything was ok. Can anyone explain what is going on. Many thanks in advance for any help. Best regards John Duffy
  4. Hi Sorry i made an error when asking about caravan covers on my previous topic today i didn't mean towing covers but covers when my van is in storage sorry about that i hope someone can still help. Many thanks once again John Duffy
  5. Hi all Thinking about purchasing a caravan cover. I have looked at various prices and makes Pro tec, Specialised covers, Maypole,Quest. The more expensive ones are a tailored fit one draw back with these if you change the van then they may not fit. Has anyone purchased a cover and had any dealings with a company called the Caravan Cover Shop they make a cover called Explorer Ultimate Caravan Cover they are a universal fit and it comes with a 5 year warranty. If anyone has purchased a cover from them or had any dealings with them i would be very grateful to hear how the cover performed. Many thanks in advance for any replies John Duffy
  6. Hi going to Ireland with my caravan in May this year to Knock caravan club site i will be using the M50 motorway ring road round Dublin both ways to the site and back to the ferry port this toll road is barrier free and one has to pay by 8pm the following day at selected outlets in Ireland. For my return trip on the M50 doe anyone know if i can pay by phone when i get back into England provided i pay by 8pm the following day has anyone done this. Many thanks in advance for any help. Best regards John Duffy
  7. Hi Many thanks for all the replies to my problem of my toilet not flushing. I have now solved the problem and it works fine. As many of the answers said and on other forums the problem was the 3amp fuse holder at the back of the waste tank it must have been badly corroded. I by passed this fuse and connected a piece of short wire directly into the contacts at the back of the fuse holder i know that's a bit dodgy and hey presto the pump worked. Cut the wires off went and bought a new fuse holder and connectors as someone suggested put it in a plastic bag taped it up to keep it dry and put it right at the back behind the waste tank. Many thanks once again for all your help. John Duffy
  8. Hi Many thanks for the info from Dreadly did as he said pump will still not work Thetford C250. Removed plastic cover to locate PCB board checked to see if supply was coming to the PCB, meter read 12. 95 volts so that was ok but when i operated the switch there is no voltage to the pump. I thought that it may be the PCB board that was faulty so and went and purchased a new oneat £17. 99 fitted it still the pump will not work. Connected a direct 12 volt supply to the pump and it works ok. The terminals on the PCB and connector look ok. One thing that puzzles me is that the input supply reads 12. 95 volts as it should but when i press the switch to operate the pump the voltage reading on the same terminals drops to 3. 55 volts, so i don't understand whats going off. I am at a loss at what to do next. Any further help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance for any help. John Duffy
  9. Hi I have a Swift 495 Freestyle 2009 and on our last outing the Thetford C250 toilet will not flush I checked the 3 amp fuse which had blown replaced that, it still would not work. The toilet warning light to indicate full, this is ok. I suspect the pump may have failed could any tell me how i can access the pump to check it over and possibly replace it. Many thanks in advance for any help. Best regards John Duffy
  10. Hi Going on hols to France this year thinking of taking prepaid money card for purchase of diesel etc. Went into a well known travel agent to find more about it told them what i wanted to use it for and when i said i wanted to use to buy fuel, etc, they said that if you purchased diesel at a self service station and it said that the max fuel take was say 100 Euros and you only took say 50 Euros then they will take 100 Euros from your card and then refund you 50 Euros at a later date, which they said could be up to 2 weeks later. Has anyone else heard of this? Many thanks in advance for any replies Best regards John Duffy
  11. Hi We are going to France this year for our hols. I have a Ford mondeo MK4 TDCI Zetec 2012 Hatch. I presume mine are standard headlamps. I have bought a set of stick on beam deflectors Erolites i can see from the diagram given where they need to be positioned. My question is which part of the headlamp beam is defected is it the main beam or the dipped part of the beam that is deflected. Many thanks in advance for any replies Best regards John Duffy
  12. Hi Does anyone know of any motorway over night stops on the A4 motorway south of Reimes we are heading down to the South of France in early June. Many thanks in advance for any replies. Best regards John Duffy
  13. Hi It is 15 years since we last holidayed in France with the caravan When I drove of the ferry at Calais I then drove on to the large car park ferry terminal and stay there for the night car and caravan and left early the next morning for our holiday. Also on the return journey we used to get an early morning ferry home from Calais so we would arrive at about 6 o clock in the previous evening and stay for the night on the ferry terminal car park and catch the ferry the next morning. My question is can this still be done or is it not now safe to do so with all the problems Calais has with immigrants living nearby. Many thanks in advance for any replies. John Duffy
  14. Hi Bought a new Ford Mondeo car it came with 1 year Ford assistance in case of breakdown which is done through the AA, but it does not include the caravan i phoned them to see if my caravan could be put on the policy for breakdown which they could not but would sell me a new policy that also covered the caravan and also for european cover, only to discover that it only applies to trailers up to 7 meter's in length they will not recover vehicles over 7M with European cover which was no good to me my van is over 7M in length. Hope this may shed light on needing European cover with the AA for car and caravan This problem also applies to Green flag for European cover no caravans can be recovered if immobilised if they are over 7M in length. There is only Red Pennant with the caravan club that has no length restrictions. Regards John Duffy
  15. Hi Many thanks for the info one other question . When using camping cheque's can you still pre-book the site out of season. John Duffy
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