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  1. We have one on the right side and use it all the time. Find it really useful, bikes, BBQ, water & waste bottles anything really that you don't want clean in the van. I suppose it is just as effective to have a jug and a bowl of water, but for me I love it and would definantly make a point of getting one again if I were to ever change our van
  2. Hi Thanks for the advice, looked at both sites and we are too late for both when we want to go. .......they are full. .....so be warned. .......get booked ASAP. .....popular game this caravanning lark is beginning to turn into!!
  3. I must admit, like others have said, company lease cars are lovely in that you get an often 'flashy' car way out of your budget for a cost that is within your budget!!! if that makes sense. We have taken the last 3 cars that my wife has as these 3 year 'option to own' things and for us they are hassel free motoring and only cost £100 a month (However, I do accept that to manby people that may be too much money) Caravans on the other hand are in my opinion a different matter. ...they don't 'age' as quickly as cars and thet don't depreciate as quickly as cars (however, many dealers still seem to have the same limited morals that are found in the car industry!!!!!) BUT for us, the biggest reason why we are now towing a 7 year old caravan is that there are no extra goodies on the new ones (and in many cases there are less) but we also don't like the colours, materials and above all else they are getting too damm heavy. I do about 22 000 miles a years, many of which are on twisty Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire roads where taut handling and power to capitalise on overtaking opportunities are a must. .......niether of which you get in a 4x4. ....so I will always want a saloon type car and to be able to tow many of the newer versions of our van if you don't want a 4x4, then you almost need to buy a 5 series BMW or and Audi A6 or Volvo S80. .....all of which are way to expensive!!! So for me a new car can have certain advantages, but the way things are going I am finding that apart from a hard core of vanners who must have the latest thing. .......many are beginning to stick with what they have got because the new vans are becoming to heavy and rather expensive!!! Cheers
  4. Hi All Going down to the south Vendee and will need an overnight stop from Calais. I am assuming that I will be going via Rouen, Le Mans, Angers and finally to the destination. We have decided that 4-5 hours is plenty with small kids and so reakon that about 300 miles in the day will be fine. On the outward leg this will get me to just before Angers and on the home leg just before Rouen. Has anybody found a site near to the motorways that will take single nights in the peak of early August in these general areas? Many thanks!
  5. Many thanks for the replies, we can't get on this site for the dates that we want but will stay in the area. Cheers
  6. Hi All We have finally narrowed down our choice for this year. Does anybody know anything about these 2 sites? We finally decided that Jard seemed a little quiet and Tanch la mer seemed a little too commercial. ....so we though we would set up camp in the middle and see how the mood takes us!! Any help would be gratfeully received! Cheers
  7. Hi All Happy New Year!! We are looking to go a bit further South this year and think that the area around Jard Sur Mer seems to have a good mix of woods, beach and rocks. ......unless some of you know different! But, we were wondering if people have got any knowledge of any of the sites in that general area. We would like some Brits on sites but not enough to make you feel like you are still in the UK!! We have a younf child so a pool and slide are a must and be near the coast. Have had a look on the web and to be honest I am starting to get snow blind!!! Any recommendations regarding site of nice beaches (with some rock pools) and or decent campsites would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Audiman

    Our Forum

    I also raised the point that Pete made a couple of onths ago and to my dismay, it started an arguement!!!! I also agree that it seems to got worse since about May, my posts began to drop off after that point. I agree that the general 'friendliness' of this forum has gone away, I just hope that this isn't indicative of the way caravanning is going as it becomes ever more popular. ........otherwise, I suppose that not only will I leave this forum, but I will be selling the caravan and finding another hobby where people are a little more accepting and have learnt the fine art of being a llittle more civil!!! Incidently, I belong to a number of car forums and cycling forums and this one is by far the most argumentative, but I don't belong to any other carvan ones so can't comment if this is unique to this forum or not PS the abroad section of this forum is ALWAYS helpful and friendly!!!
  9. Mmm, this is very interesting, I, like many others have been buying my vouchers off ebay for quite some time, I have also been given some and sold some by friends. ..oh and occasionally even earnt them through hard debt!!! But surely the caravan club are taking the ahem if they think that once a member has stuck to their side of the bargain i. e. spent shed loads of cash on their CC credit card, that they are then somehow told what they can and cannot do with the voucher that they have gained in good faith. I am am quite sure that the CC do very nicely out of the credit card. ..after all, it is a business. ...whoops sorry. ..club!!!
  10. Have to say never had a problem with Autoglym. ....but about 2 year started using Meguiers. ....far superior in every way and NEVER any paint residue!
  11. When we went to France we noticed alot of Dutch vans were called Streckman, and some of those were massive! Don't know how old they were and never saw any with extending sides. Cheers
  12. Mmm, I also have a bad back. ...which is why I went for the SE with standard 16" wheels and standard suspension. ......the M sport was a nightmare!!!! As for reliability. ...1600 miles in France. ...faultless!
  13. Hi I have the 320 D (163 bhp) My mate has a lexus 220 D My car has a smaller engine and is therefore slightly better on emissions, it is quicker, roomier, far superior in the handling department, has amazing torque, a dream to tow with. Really can't praise the car enough. The looks are an issue, but then again, the Lexus isn't what you would call pretty. My mate says every time he goes in my car that when he bought the Lexus he wanted to be different, but he now wishes he went with the crowd as the car is sooooo good. As for realiability, I have had no problems and in any case. ...who cares it is under warranty!! The only real problem you will have is not finding this over whelming desire to overtake everything. .....becasue you can!!!
  14. So, does anybody know of a card that won't charge commission on EU transactions? I only got my card because we are having an extension and I figured I would be able to get some vouchers out of it, that fact that we did not get charged for using it abroad was a bonus. ........but now, well, like others have said, looks like it will be used to finish off the decorating after the builders have finished!!!
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