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  1. Hi Thanks for the advice, looked at both sites and we are too late for both when we want to go. .......they are full. .....so be warned. .......get booked ASAP. .....popular game this caravanning lark is beginning to turn into!!
  2. Hi All Going down to the south Vendee and will need an overnight stop from Calais. I am assuming that I will be going via Rouen, Le Mans, Angers and finally to the destination. We have decided that 4-5 hours is plenty with small kids and so reakon that about 300 miles in the day will be fine. On the outward leg this will get me to just before Angers and on the home leg just before Rouen. Has anybody found a site near to the motorways that will take single nights in the peak of early August in these general areas? Many thanks!
  3. Many thanks for the replies, we can't get on this site for the dates that we want but will stay in the area. Cheers
  4. Hi All We have finally narrowed down our choice for this year. Does anybody know anything about these 2 sites? We finally decided that Jard seemed a little quiet and Tanch la mer seemed a little too commercial. ....so we though we would set up camp in the middle and see how the mood takes us!! Any help would be gratfeully received! Cheers
  5. Hi All Happy New Year!! We are looking to go a bit further South this year and think that the area around Jard Sur Mer seems to have a good mix of woods, beach and rocks. ......unless some of you know different! But, we were wondering if people have got any knowledge of any of the sites in that general area. We would like some Brits on sites but not enough to make you feel like you are still in the UK!! We have a younf child so a pool and slide are a must and be near the coast. Have had a look on the web and to be honest I am starting to get snow blind!!! Any recommendations regarding site of nice beaches (with some rock pools) and or decent campsites would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Mmm, I also have a bad back. ...which is why I went for the SE with standard 16" wheels and standard suspension. ......the M sport was a nightmare!!!! As for reliability. ...1600 miles in France. ...faultless!
  7. Hi I have the 320 D (163 bhp) My mate has a lexus 220 D My car has a smaller engine and is therefore slightly better on emissions, it is quicker, roomier, far superior in the handling department, has amazing torque, a dream to tow with. Really can't praise the car enough. The looks are an issue, but then again, the Lexus isn't what you would call pretty. My mate says every time he goes in my car that when he bought the Lexus he wanted to be different, but he now wishes he went with the crowd as the car is sooooo good. As for realiability, I have had no problems and in any case. ...who cares it is under warranty!! The only real problem you will have is not finding this over whelming desire to overtake everything. .....becasue you can!!!
  8. Hi All This has been very interesting, I had not realised so many other poeple had already figured this out!!! It is interesting, but I bet most people would think that 6th gear = greater economy, I have realised that it doesn't when towing, despite higher revs. Cheers
  9. Been meaning to do this for a while. ........went 250 from home to Dover and stayed in 5th Gear with higher Revs instead of going into 6th. we averaged 4. 3 mpg MORE!!!!!! So impressed with this I decided to stay with this formula all the way through France. On the return leg, I thought I would go into 6th gear, by the time we reached our first stop we had used 3. 6 mpg more than on the way there using the same roads (with comparable conditions). This was at 65+ mph. I'm not saying it will be right for everybody, but in our car using 6th gear for towing seems to be a false economy despite the engine pulling higher revs. I can only assume that torque is more thirst than revs. So, my advice to people would be to try it. .......you may also be as surprised as we were. Cheers
  10. Audiman

    320 D Review

    Hi, Yes, 1700 miles through France, no problems, apart from a slight wobble as we hit the A1 and wound the speed up passing a lorry on a corner, going downhill!!!!! When we got to our first stop, I realised that the dealer who serviced the van hadn't drained the water system so we were carrying an extra few KGs at the rear. I know that the whole outfit feels much more stable if you get that nosewight right up to the limit. 70mph in France felt VERY comfortable, we have a saloon rather than an estate, but I have a friend who has just wasted his money and bought a dealer fitted towbar at a cool £1200+.................or so I thought, when he got the car home he found that BMW also fit an more robust cooling fan, stiffer springs and different dampers. .............now he was towing at an even higher speed in France but his outfit is only about 70% Hope this helps
  11. Oh Good!! I have just won a new BP Gas light jobby wotsit this weekend . ........then I thought, oh. ......but I am on Butane!! So, just my luck. ....I win something and then have to spend more money!!!!! Cheers
  12. Hi All I am thinking of changing over to propane. Do I simply buy a new regulator and that is it? Also can I still use my Cadac grill? Many thanks!
  13. Audiman

    Best Towbar ?

    I have a Westfalia fitted to my car. It has a 13pin plug, but when I detach, you cannot see either the tow bar coupliong or the electrics, even if you look underneath the car. ......totally fantastic!
  14. I agree with Paul B I was a total petrol head and would never entertain the idea of a diesel, but. ............now I have one, I would never go back to petrol, 0-60 times are a little poor, but once you are rolling 30-70, ther is not much out there to touch mine Then when towing, as long as I don't go over 60, I get 33 mpg. .....however, the torque is so vast I find I sometime may creep over. ..........a little. .............
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