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  1. I concur fully with my fellow GLC owners, no problems at all, excellent towcar, comfortable and reliable, setting off for Spain again with my outfit next week. Phil.
  2. Book with the sites direct, you will probably get a better rate and almost certainly a better pitch, in my experience. Phil.
  3. phil1041

    Gas Conundrum

    Can i just be clear on this, so are Flo Gas now swapping the Green BP Gaslite cylinders that we had to go to Homebase for in the past? Phil.
  4. What time of year are you travelling? Phil.
  5. Yes that sound about right, i have done it in less, on my own though! Phil.
  6. I have one, bought from the above linked company, had it shipped out to Spain, best thing i ever bought!! they are awesome. Phil.
  7. Couldn't agree more, and actually, the drive through France is much better than it used to be as more and more French sites are now open through the winter months. Phil.
  8. I live in Southern Spain now for 6 months of the year, as others have said, a great deal depends on your final destination . I am able to assist with routes and sites also, not rallies however, i always find it much cheaper and more interesting to make my own arrangements with the sites, you get much better pitches too!! Phil.
  9. Have to say i am in total agreement with the OP, we drive through France to Spain at least 3 times every year, Sometimes we go down with the tourer, others we shoot back just in the car staying in Hotels, to me i am afraid France is just expensive and in the way, unfortunately due to the dog and the wife who will not sail, we have no alternative! Oh well. Phil.
  10. You just need one of these connected to your aquarol. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Caravan-Motorhome-Mains-Water-adapter-kit-for-Aquaroll-FLAT-Food-Grade-Hoses/201600603581?hash=item2ef05515bd:g:xscAAOSwIBBUZ0vD Phil.
  11. phil1041


    I use this in my Merc https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/AdBlue-Greenox-Solution-for-Diesel-Cars-Audi-Merc-add-10L-Litres-Pouring-Spout/142857681369?epid=1624747351&hash=item2142fb39d9:g:-ucAAOSwyXNaBM0R Phil.
  12. I purchased an acre of land with Outline Planning Permission to build my own house, i wanted to put a static caravan on the land to live in whist building so i approached the council planners. They agreed to let me have TEMPORARY permission renewable every 12 months, however, i was told that the caravan could never be a permanent fixture. So in essence, the posts advising you to seek advice from the council before you commit to anything are very prudent in my experience. Hope this helps. Phil.
  13. Just for info, i have two tags from this company, one for France and the other for Spain and Portugal, they have an office in the uk and are very easy to deal with. https://www. saneftolling. co. uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnNvaBRCmARIsAOfZq-3uwiQyikCuVMNPfGsiX2-VRf0dnpZaukqbExdqJ3fkJjPWD01y3oAaArIHEALw_wcB No not on commision but hope this helps. Phil.
  14. Some interesting thoughts, however, i posted this because i was actually more interested in the customer service aspect of LR. In particular, now that Jaguar have been grouped together with LR. Phil.
  15. So it was you who got the good one then?. Well done Ted. Phil.
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