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  1. Yes, they have formed a group on Facebook, they then contacted the site direct and negotiated their own rates, good for them, bet it was much cheaper than using the clubs. Phil.
  2. Oh i think they will be worse, the UK is approx 6 weeks behind Spain in the cycle. We intend to stay in our own bubble, ie car and van, using the Tunnel so no ferry or planes involved, we were also caught in the lockdown in Spain in March through to June, it is enforced rigorously there, unlike here! Phil.
  3. No but the other club have a 50 pitch rally there in January ,although to be honest the small rally pitches are nowhere near ours, its a huge site!
  4. Yes, i shall be leaving for my winter quarters in La Manga on Tuesday via the tunnel. Phil.
  5. I just wondered if it would keep a charged battery topped up whilst in storage, the alarm would be a small draw i guess?
  6. Just wondering if anyone uses, or has tried using one of these portable kits, if so i would be interested to know if they are effective? Phil. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-20W-Portable-Solar-Panel-Car-Van-Boat-Caravan-Camper-Trickle-Battery-Charger/313104673085?
  7. Brilliant, thank you, never thought of Amazon! Phil.
  8. Just got back from a trip to Devon and it would appear i have lost one of my rear marker light lenses. I have searched the usual source Ebay, to no avail. anyone know where i can obtain a replacement please?
  9. My tyres are 185 R14C so i am assuming they should be 65 PSI, many thanks!! Phil.
  10. Can anyone advise me what the tyre pressures should be for my 2016 Clubman SB please ? I would have expected it to be on the plate by the door but that gives me the weights and the wheel torque settings, a look through the handbook reveals, 'refer to model' when i eventually found the tyre section, so i am a bit stuck. Phil.
  11. Agreed, however, i think he caused more damage to his site than the van!! Phil.
  12. This thread triggered a memory from my earlier caravanning days. We were on a site on the east Yorkshire coast, there was a family who were causing problems with noise, unruly kids etc etc. I knew the site owner through numerous visits, he also knew my occupation, ( i was a serving Police Officer at the time), so one day he came to ask my advice re the problem family. I advised him pretty much as has been described here, ie not a Police matter but you are entitled to ask them to leave etc etc, this he did, to no avail. The site owner then appeared with his tractor, hooked up t
  13. Many thanks Mike. Phil.
  14. I have two of these brackets fitted to my new (to me) 2016 Clubman SB Can anyone tell me which brackets they are as i would like to utilise the lounge one for my TV. If it helps it says max Load 10kg on it, but i forgot to measure it!
  15. Wow, there must be a lot of Elegance owners didn't know that, me included as a former owner of one, there must be an offence here under the Trades Description laws surely? Phil.
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