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  1. Also bear in mind your 90 days start the moment you enter either France or Spain depending on your route, so you need to deduct travelling days (both directions) from your stay. Phil.
  2. Hi Dave Thanks for this, do they open around March time do you know, also any recommendations on sites please? Phil.
  3. Yes agreed, thats why i was thinking about Croatia after Turkey say maybe March April May time, still pondering things at the moment. Phil.
  4. Have to say that was my thoughts in choosing Turkey in the first place, thank you for the advice. Phil.
  5. Mmmmmm, yes me too, so basically i would like to know if i could spend 90 days in Turkey and then traverse to Croatia for the following 90 days?? anyone? Phil.
  6. Unless i am mistaken you pass through at least 2 en route there, ie Bulgaria and Croatia ?? https://www.axa-schengen.com/en/non-schengen-countries Wonder if Cyprus has caravan sites?? 😊😊 Phil.
  7. Wow, for once the salesman was spot on !!! Phil.
  8. I have looked at the stats for the Antalya region and to be fair, they were comparable with southern Spain in the winter months where i have wintered for the last ten years. Its a big country, like Spain, if you look at the stats for anywhere north of Madrid for the winter months, its colder than the uk!! In fairness however, i have never been to the place and so i can only go on the stats. I would love to hear from anyone that has actually overwintered there.
  9. Yeh its roughly 2500 miles for me not a problem I will be staying for the winter i have towed to Morocco in the past a similar distance.
  10. Pondering Turkey as a non EU destination for taking my tourer to in the winter, anyone caravanned in Turkey, particularly the warmer southern coastal areas? any recommendations for sites and advice would be much appreciated. Phil.
  11. I have had 3 E Class estates all 220d i have towed to Spain and back countless times with them, never ever had a problem, when i have finished with my current Merc GLC i think i shall go back to the E Class, in terms of comfort and reliability they are unsurpassed in my opinion. Phil.
  12. I have this very problem with the shower in our Lunar, i have tried everything i can think of, the water simply will not run at a constant temperature! such a nuisance as we both love the shower in our van. Phil.
  13. I have the 2016 Lunar Clubman, your van will be fitted with the Alde 3020 wet heating system which also heats your hot water in a separate tank. This is a video of how to use the syustem via its touch screen panel, hope you find it useful. Phil.
  14. I have the Alde 3020 system in my van for space and water heating. For some reason after i have mixed the water to the correct temperature, (especially in the shower), the water will run cold for a few seconds and then return to the mixed temperature. At first i thought it was a problem with the shower mixer valve, so i replaced the cartridge, made no difference, then i tried the other two mixer taps at both sinks, does exactly the same thing, there is no loss of pressure when the water goes cold? i am baffled, anyone got any ideas please? Regards Phil.
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