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  1. I too looked at this and there is a good video on Youtube which takes you along the single trackroad.
  2. Actually that was what I said at first that I would cancel and she asked me did I really want to go or just want a cheaper deal. Apparently now the new deals are open to existing as well as new customers as they decided it wasn't worth the hassle of having customers cancel and then come back a week later. Don't you think I am annoyed enough without you quoting that sort of figure to me
  3. Any of you rent Sky TV? We have for twenty odd years and apart from adding HD at one point have never needed to change our package. Yesterday we decided to look into adding Netflix to the account and found on line an advert that said we could have Sky TV plus Netflix for £25 or £31 with HD per month. We are currently paying £49 per month. When I finally got through to an actual person she told me that I should check every eighteen months that I was on the best deal, and she promptly changed me to that, but of course no recompense for the years we have paid through the nose for being out of con
  4. I so identified with your post except we had three years running of wet weather with very small children to make us head to France for the first time. During the third holiday we visited a steam railway in sunshine for the first time that week and when we came out of the engine shed it had started to rain and I burst into tears! I said 'I am never going to holiday in this country in a caravan again' and for about eight years I kept my word. Now retired we have headed abroad for six weeks once or twice a year and spend the rest of the summer in the UK. Having not been abroad for the last t
  5. I was told our local hospital is running three wards for orthopedics at the moment; one for patients with no signs of Covid, one for patients with Covid, and one for those who may have it but can't be put in with those who have in case they haven't, and not in with those who haven't in case they have. So the staff are covering three wards instead of the normal one. multiply this by the other specialities other than orthopedics and you see why there is a shortage. Then of course you get the staff who are suffering from Covid or isolating because someone in the family has it.
  6. We have had three separate holidays in Scotland including the area just south of Fort William last year. While the sites we stayed at as two pensioners probably won't suit a young family, my blogs might give you some ideas of what there is to visit in the area. Scottish Highlands | jennyandjohngocaravanning (wordpress.com) 2016 Galloway Scotland | jennyandjohngocaravanning (wordpress.com) 2014 South East Scotland and Northumberland | jennyandjohngocaravanning (wordpress.com)
  7. We hope that you have seen the worst and from now on there will be a steady improvement.
  8. I haven't dared tempt fate and order mine. It must be the first time for about fifteen years that I haven't.
  9. Got a text from their doctor and then had to go on line to get an appointment. The text said if they didn't have access to online they would get a letter. Luckily they telephoned their daughter who dealt with it for them as they don't have a computer.
  10. My sister in law and brother in law [mid 80s living in Brentwood] have appointments to have their vaccinations on Friday.
  11. Having been members of the NT for years, when we retired we bought life memberships. Our thinking was that as we got older and the savings dwindled there might come a time when we didn't want to pay out our annual membership but membership gives us lots of 'free' days out. Since retirement away in the caravan we have visited the whole variety of Trust maintained properties and our life time membership has more than paid for itself over the last fifteen or so years. The posturing on the Woke issues has incensed me this year, but in the main I think they do a good job on giving us a
  12. When you say the Armstrong's home I assume you are referring to Cragside and yes it is worth a visit. It was the first private home lit by hydroelectricity and the fireplace in the bit built on for a visit by the future Edward V11 it worth a visit in itself. If you time your visit for the beginning of June the rhododendrons are magnificent. We took three trips to see it all. While in Northumberland we also enjoyed Wallington Hall and Warkworth castles and of course Hadrian's wall forts. For me Hampton Court and Windsor castle are also must visit places. My f
  13. I think it is very rare for a new caravanner to get the right layout first time as you have not the experience to guide you and everyone is different in what they want. If you think that you have found the right layout sit in the van and mentally go through your day. Get up, where are you going to store the bedding if you don't have a made up bed, keep your underwear and the breakfast cerial and toaster, use the washroom or go over to the toilet block, keep the dog bed, will you be doing much cooking or eating out, is the fridge big enough etc etc. The longer you can pu
  14. John, I just wanted to say that I now have access by just scrolling down the library web page and not following the instructions the woman on the phone gave me when I rang to ask if they were allowing access at home. I paid out over £100 last week to renew my subscription to Findmypast as I didn't know you could access it via the library. Oh well, c'est la vie. Thanks again.
  15. Thank you John that is what I thought but it didn't work for me. Mind you I was doing the pin from memory and it is a long time since I used it as it is saved on my laptop. I shall have to have a good think but thank you so much for your help.
  16. John, Suffolk libraries didn't get back to me and their office isn't open at the weekends. To access your Ancestry do you have to enter a user name and password? If so can you tell me how it is made up? I assume the user name is your library ticket number but the password doesn't seem to be the four digit code I use to access the Suffolk website so I wonder if it something else.
  17. Thank you for that. Suffolk confirmed to me to day that they were giving access at home but you need a user name and password and she was going to e-mail me the details but I haven't heard anything yet. I will get on to the library service again if I don't hear anything.
  18. If you like to private message me all four names and dates of birth and where if known I will have a go at getting you started as I love a challenge. Can't promise anything but I will have a go.
  19. I think that could well be the answer. Thank you. Before Covid you could use Ancestry for free at the library by booking a computer there.
  20. Thanks Daviat92 I have a friend who used My heritage and I will ask him. Hort2074 I just wanted to find out who was the uncle my mum had told me about who committed suicide at the grave of his daughter a year to the day that she died. There was a bit of poetic licence there but he did commit suicide a year to the day that she died and researching that started me on a fantastic journey of discovery. Since then I have done research for people in the village where I live. I just love the search. If you know anyone's name who would have been alive in 1911 the census of that
  21. Watching the David Walliam's Who Do You Think You Are the other day I was surprised to see him do a search and come up with a copy of a marriage certificate. I have been doing family history for years and have a subscription to Find My Past but have never seen copies of the actual certificates available other than paying for one to be sent to me. Does anyone know which site he would have used to see one on line?
  22. We are away at the moment in Yorkshire and were going on to Northumberland next week. However to night I have e-mailed to cancel. Northumberland is a tad too far for hubby to drive home in one go and we are concerned that there might in the next couple of weeks be a shut down like before when sites shut almost over night. We might try and stay a bit longer where we are on the grounds that we could get home in one hit if necessary, but the attractions of our shopping being delivered and being within our own garden and four walls are becoming rather attractive even though I couldn't wait to get
  23. Yes, I did read it and that is how I knew that I totally disagreed with it. I can appreciate what GAS says about it being political and of course I did not know that he used the f word in it, but to me he was expressing somewhat forcibly a different point of view to the majority's [including me] opinion on here.
  24. I totally, 100%+ disagree with Signature's views and post but I thought this forum was for debate.
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