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  1. Cl owners have set up this web page which gives you information about when they have vacancies. It is very early days so not many on there but I live in hope that more will take it up. Cl Booking | Find it - View it - Book it I spent a couple of days recently e-mailing and ringing nearly every Cl on the North York Moors for any availiblity in mid September and ended up booking a commercial site as the only one who could take us.
  2. I think it only went live this week so as I said early days but to be able to look at availibility on sites straight away rather than having to ring or e mail to be told nothing available is a huge bonus.
  3. Cl Booking | Find it - View it - Book it Obviously in its infancy and therefore not many CLs on there yet but a brave attempt by Cl owners to make finding vacancies easier for us. Sorry for some reason it isn't pasting it as a link.
  4. I asked our local Bailey dealer the question when I was thinking of buying at a show. His answer was that he was obliged to do any warranty work under his agreement with Bailey but....I would have to wait until he had workshop space which could be a month or so, I would then have to wait while he ordered any new parts and then wait again until he had time to fix them. If I bought from him, as a valued customer he would squeeze me in somehow if I had a problem and wanted to go away and he would cannibalise a show van for a part to get it done quickly. Certainly a friend who had not bought from him had to wait a very long time for him to order her some parts she needed. The trouble is, as I understand it, that dealers don't get the same rates from the manufacturers as they charge normal customers so they lose money on work that they do as warranty work.
  5. Although we have visited Winchester cathedral I didn't realise there was so much else to do around there so I will have to look at incorporating it into a future trip. I have been thinking of taking the caravan to the IOW in the autumn but then I am also thinking of Scotland and the Lakes. Really interesting blog as usual John.
  6. We have had our Coachman VIP 575 for five years and are very happy with the construction of it but the fridge, water pump, Alde heating and cooker have all had problems over the years. As far as towing is concerned it has been fine with no problems at all.
  7. Thanks Vaguely. I did only mean the general area and you have told me that.
  8. I have occasionally considered a static as we get older but there isn't anywhere where I feel I would want to stay all the time. We have lots of places we like to go to for a couple of weeks every other year or so but no where to always stay. The other option is a seasonal pitch but even that I would have trouble with. Where is your static?
  9. I have never had a good grill in a caravan in 40+ years but I loved the rest of the caravan.
  10. I recommend you be very careful. We went to buy a new grill some years ago and came away with a new to us caravan.
  11. I just turn off the water heater while the caravan heats up. If it is really cold we use both gas and electric to get it up to temperature and then turn the gas off.
  12. Not a static but off with the van to morrow. Only two hours away as like you I have to come back for my second jab. Had a busy few days getting it ready and now can't wait to go. Just to walk somewhere different will be wonderful even if we can't do pub lunches and cream teas. Probably better for my waist line anyway.
  13. Just a couple of hours away to a quiet large Cl in Suffolk as we have to return home for my second jab on 22nd.
  14. Just goes to show you should read what is available.
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