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  1. When our caravan went for a service last year as an afterthought we asked them to wash it without asking how much. They charged £50 and I was shocked at the price just for a wash and wouldn't pay it again.
  2. Next it will be lists of clothing - 9 pairs of pants, 5 hankies, 12 pairs of socks..................! Surely to goodness we can manage without such lists. Or am I alone? Yep! I have a list of everything that goes into the caravan at the start of the season and then another list for every trip which includes pants, hankies and socks, as well as all perishable food and anything else we remove from the caravan when we get home. It is a lot cheaper than having to go out to buy what I have forgotten to pack. It isn't because we are oldies either as I have had my lists as long as we have been caravanning. We don't have a list of jobs to do as I check round that hubby has done his and he checks mine.
  3. Whoa! Dangerous! Whatever gave you the idea that you need to be looking to change
  4. Sorry Les I can't remember but I am pretty sure it wasn't as much as shown on their ACSI page however I have just noticed that they are shut between 23/12/ until 12/1/ so that might put paid to you stopping there.
  5. We were there at the end of November 2017 and there were plenty of pitches still available. It is the only site around Seville open at that time of year.
  6. Inspired me to go back to Stratford. Thanks John.
  7. We bought ours from Kenmore Caravans in West Yorkshire via Ebay. Very happy with it and delivery.
  8. I don't know but I do know we loved that van.
  9. I don't understand people being taken in. If anyone in that situation was genuine surely a phone call to the local police would result in you being put in touch with someone who could help. When I was asked by a young woman for the bus fare home as she had lost her purse I told her where the nearest police station was and said they would help her. Perhaps I am just hard and tight!
  10. John recommends Camping Virgen del Mar. His blog is full of ideas for routes and stops https://jondogoescaravanning.com
  11. One of our favourite caravans was a German Geist with a British layout. We were looking round it at an 'alternative' show next to the Hull caravan show one year. We commented to the dealer that we would have bought it but it had a window directly over the bedhead and I could imagine sitting up in bed and knocking the blind up and being exposed to anyone walking by. He called over the managing director of the company who said he could have it made without the window and he did. The only thing was all the fittings and curtains were in place just no cut out window! I can't believe any UK manufacturer would do that. When we wanted to change it after five years the dealer said that they were no longer being imported as the euro to pound rate had priced them out of the market.
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