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  1. I was about to click the agree completely button when it occurred to me that it could be read that I thought you were being 'a tad wimpish' whereas I meant that I agree it is too risky for us older folk.
  2. I thought the street was empty so how is there a person to stab 50 yards away?
  3. I cook every day when away and rarely use the microwave in the van. The other option may be a Remoska. We bought one for the caravan some years ago and as it uses very little electricity I use it at home rather than turn the oven on for just roast potatoes. https://www.remoska.co.uk/
  4. To us the beauty of being a pensioner is that we can go away for weeks at a time and therefore it is the overall weekly fee that is important. Having said that, we don't use CLs because they are cheaper than a club site, although they are, but for a better ambiance.
  5. We rarely use anything else. Most have better views, more space between outfits and of course fewer outfits than a club site.
  6. We originally booked Brittany Ferries with the CMC and paid in full ready to go last October. My husband's sudden ill health meant postponing it to March this year for £20, which I have done in the past when necessary. In January I learned that I would be having a hip replacement in March/April and rang CMC to postpone again to October. This was before all the Corona problems but I was told that under their new terms and conditions Brittany Ferries would only postpone for a month or I could cancel and have a refund of £250 from my £1100 payment. I had to point out quite forcefully that I had not booked under their new terms and eventually it was agreed that I could postpone the outward bound to the end of October and they would hang on to the other £500 for booking the inward trip back when their booking period opened. Now I doubt very much if we will want to go unless a vaccine has been found or it is possible I will be having the hip operation which was cancelled in April because of the virus, so I expect that we will lose the money anyway. The so annoying thing is I could have claimed from Red Pennant for the original postponed trip as hubby had a doctor's certificate to say he couldn't travel, but thought at the time that that would cost £200 RP fee and we would want to go in the spring so might as well just postpone.
  7. My old boss used to say that statistics were like a woman's bikini, what they revealed was interesting but what they concealed was vital.
  8. When we are away in the van, normally four to five months of the year, we have a lot of prepared supermarket food but at home I tend to cook from fresh most of it although I do bulk cook and freeze several portions of the meals I make. In this crisis I have tended to cook even more for something to do. The trouble is more time to bake means my waist line is getting bigger.
  9. A couple of years ago we had to cancel our holiday. Red Pennant told me to pay the ferry cancellation which was about £100 and then cancel the RP insurance which had cost £200 so that I actually saved £100. I was delighted that they were telling me how to save money at their expense.
  10. I do glance through the magazine but all the bumph that comes in the envelope goes straight into the bin. Presumably someone reads it or the advertisers wouldn't waste their money but I do wonder who does.
  11. We stayed at Les Iles at Beaulieu sur Dordogne on a pitch right by the river. One minute walk to the local boulangerie and into the old town. Bit further away from the main Dordogne attractions but very good.
  12. This was a design problem that we didn't notice before we bought our VIP and not wanting the window fouled we went for a sun canopy instead.
  13. We stayed at Morvich last year and visited Sky. After the beautiful scenery in main land Scotland I was disappointed in the eastern side of Sky which I found to be bleak and barren in comparison. However someone on the campsite told me we had missed the best by not visiting the western side. We drove up from Cambridge and took the route that GAS recommended to us having stops at Penrith and Tyndrum and a week on the coast before we went to Morvich. As others have said you can get the motorway part out of the way in one hit, although we wouldn't, but you will find it takes much more time to get from the end of the motorway than you think.
  14. Another great blog John. Having postponed our second trip to Spain last October as John was ill and rebooked it for March, we have had to postpone again as I am to have my other hip replacement within the next six weeks which is about eight months earlier than I expected. To my astonishment BF didn't want to allow a postponement, which the CMC have always said we could do for £20, but wanted to cancel and refund me £250 of the £1100 we had paid. After pointing out that they couldn't change the terms and conditions of an existing booking they have reluctantly agreed and we are hoping third time lucky next October. I wonder if a lot of people are cancelling because of the Coronavirus situation and that is why they refused initially. Anyway I hope that you have made a full recovery from the illness which stopped you going out to Spain on time and hope that you will be going again on 28th October so I might meet you at last. I think that I said that last year!
  15. We are only members of the CMC but not for their sites. We use their CLs, Red Pennant insurance and ferry bookings. We did have our car insurance with them until we found we could get the same cover elsewhere £150 cheaper.
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