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  1. We changed from a Bailey to a Coachman five years ago and haven't regretted it as we too feel that they are better built. However it is always a gamble and I would go with which ever one I liked best.
  2. Not really because you said you 'would not expect'
  3. We have caravanned for over forty years and are on our eighth caravan and touch wood have never had a serious problem but as others have said we tend not to post on here about it. Good luck with the search. It is a wonderful way to holiday.
  4. According to Google the average temperature is 24C with the record temperature being 36C. I have noted that the temperature was 34C at Laon when we came back north in 2017 from Annecy as it was too hot for us.
  5. We have been to the Dordogne or further south several years lately in early May and returning mid June and in nearly every case we have had to come north earlier than we intended as it was too hot for us. I don't like heat and I don't like rain so I am very difficult to please weatherwise
  6. Went to Spain for six weeks in November 2017 and loved it so decided we would go back at the same time in 2018. I then had a hip replacement in December 2018 so we couldn't go and booked for November 2019. Two weeks before we were due to go hubby got vertigo so we had to postpone until the end of March 2020. Just been told this week that they will do a replacement on the other hip at the end of March. I think Spain is jinxed but we will post pone again until November. At least it is paid for so it will seem like a free crossing when we eventually get there.
  7. We have sold a couple of vans over the years privately. The vans were about five years old so still fairly high value. The free selling sites just bought forth time wasters who wanted us to almost give it away. One pointed out he had to come from Scotland to see it as if that were our fault, and despite ten pictures of it one came to see it and then said it was the wrong layout. We tried on here and the CMC website. Finally I put it on Caravanfinder website. At that time it cost £26 and they would advertise it for a year if it didn't sell. On there the last one sold in a week.
  8. I suppose it is because she wasn't driving but this is the link to the CMC website and thread about the increased cost. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/sites-touring/overseas-sites-touring/red-pennant-loading-premium-for-over-70s/?p=3
  9. Regarding the cost that must have been some time ago. There was a lot of comment earlier this year on the CMC website as to how the cost for over 80 year olds had rocketed. I believe one person was quoted something like £700. Having said that I wouldn't go abroad without Red Pennant, not so much for the medical cover which you can get elsewhere but for the fact that if anything happens to the driver they will arrange to bring your outfit back to the UK.
  10. Lovely photos. It brings back so many memories. Can't wait to go again.
  11. The last few years we have come back north in June to get away from the heat!
  12. So, so glad that you were able to get away but I think that up and down on the ferry would have finished me off! Jenny
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I have just bought two for £64. Also accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime and that must be the third or fourth time I haven't got past the screen where they offer it.
  14. We sold a rotovator on E-Bay and the chap came 175 miles to collect it.
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