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  1. Although we have visited Winchester cathedral I didn't realise there was so much else to do around there so I will have to look at incorporating it into a future trip. I have been thinking of taking the caravan to the IOW in the autumn but then I am also thinking of Scotland and the Lakes. Really interesting blog as usual John.
  2. We have had our Coachman VIP 575 for five years and are very happy with the construction of it but the fridge, water pump, Alde heating and cooker have all had problems over the years. As far as towing is concerned it has been fine with no problems at all.
  3. Thanks Vaguely. I did only mean the general area and you have told me that.
  4. I have occasionally considered a static as we get older but there isn't anywhere where I feel I would want to stay all the time. We have lots of places we like to go to for a couple of weeks every other year or so but no where to always stay. The other option is a seasonal pitch but even that I would have trouble with. Where is your static?
  5. I have never had a good grill in a caravan in 40+ years but I loved the rest of the caravan.
  6. I recommend you be very careful. We went to buy a new grill some years ago and came away with a new to us caravan.
  7. I just turn off the water heater while the caravan heats up. If it is really cold we use both gas and electric to get it up to temperature and then turn the gas off.
  8. Not a static but off with the van to morrow. Only two hours away as like you I have to come back for my second jab. Had a busy few days getting it ready and now can't wait to go. Just to walk somewhere different will be wonderful even if we can't do pub lunches and cream teas. Probably better for my waist line anyway.
  9. Just a couple of hours away to a quiet large Cl in Suffolk as we have to return home for my second jab on 22nd.
  10. Just goes to show you should read what is available.
  11. I used to print out my holiday diary but found it to be getting very bulky to store when I had filled two large folders in seven years. Having taken a lot of inspiration on where to go from David Klyne's blogs I decided to have a go at writing one, mainly as an aide memoire for me, but also for anyone who caravanned to get a flavour of where we had been. Nine years ago on a similar thread to this David suggested that I use Wordpress.com . I took his advice and find it quite easy to use but dread the thought that it might close one day and I would have to print it all off to keep i
  12. I would wait if I wanted a second hand one. As soon as all the people who normally jet off to warmer climes get the go ahead I suspect that there will be a lot of second hand vans on the market which were bought for last year and this year.
  13. I have sold a few bits on Facebook for free but our caravan sold in the first week we advertised it on Caravanfinder after having tried a few free sites and had nothing but timewasters.
  14. We have been members of the Caravan and Motorhome club for about forty years and found that the one club was all we needed. We mainly use their 5 vans sites and the insurance for going abroad and booking ferry facilities which are very good. We belonged to the Caravan and Camping club for a year to gain access to a particular site we wanted to use one year but didn't join again. Which one you join is very much see which one you prefer. The big difference between the two is that the CCC charge deposits for their sites and the CMC don't. This means that the CCC often have more vacanc
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