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  1. At the time that we bought one, about ten to fifteen years ago, they were the only one being built to a UK spec. i.e. full cooker, thicker more comfortable seats, bigger fridge. In those days the other German ones were built for people who mainly live outside while caravanning and just used it for sleeping in, whereas it was recognised that in England with our weather we caravanned slightly differently. I haven't looked at a German one for some years so things may have changed.
  2. We had a Geist caravan and loved it bought from the English company who had given a British spec to the German firm. They even agree to make it without a back window as that was what was putting us off. Five years later at the NEC we tried to replace it and were told that they were no longer being imported because the pound/euro rate was so bad no one would pay for one. That was about ten years ago so Lord knows what they would think of the rate now.
  3. I do wish you luck. Over the years I have met several single lady caravanners and all seemed to be having a good time. In Spain a couple of years ago we were talking to one Scottish lady waiting for the bus at the stop next to the site and she was touring Spain on her own. I thought that was exceptionally brave.
  4. There must be something about this year. I booked our ferry for the same date as John as I really wanted to meet the man who inspired us to try Spain for the first time two years ago. Sadly my husband is suffering from vertigo and the doctor doesn't think the ferry is a good idea so we are not going either. I am so disappointed as I was really looking forward to going to Portugal for the first time and meeting John.
  5. Thanks everyone especially CommanderDave. We have just ordered the Omnstore from Roseawnings of Poole and they are fitting on Monday and Tuesday or next week.
  6. You will find bad reports on all makes of caravan but those who are happy don't tend to write about it. We had a Unicorn for five years and were very happy with it.
  7. Yes, I do think that he would listen, because he is a considerate person who just thinks I am making a fuss about nothing. He uses a great gadget to listen to the TV so that the volume can be turned off but he can still hear so that he doesn't disturb others, but he doesn't realise how noisy the slamming of the door can be. I also mumble according to my husband. Funnily enough no one else has ever had to ask me to repeat something because they hadn't heard me.
  8. My hubby is deaf and very heavy handed. The number of times I have told him not to slam our caravan door is beyond counting. It would do him, and people like him, a world of good for a neighbour to ask politely for him to be a bit quieter as he might take it a bit more seriously and realise that I am not making a fuss over nothing. I honestly think people do not know that they are noisy.
  9. Thank you everyone. Food for thought over the weekend while staying down in Cornwall in the wind and the rain. Can't complain though, we have had twelve days of wonderful weather. Think perhaps we need to make a deviation on the way to go via Poole.
  10. We have had a Fiamma sun canopy for some years and been very happy with it but we are getting older and shorter, and are starting to find it difficult to get up on steps looking up to put it away or start getting it down. I have seen people winding out a sun canopy either with a winder or electronically and wonder if it possible to fit one to a caravan, specifically a Coachman. Googling doesn't seem to bring up an answer. Does anyone on here have one? Is it fitted to the roof and more importantly does it do any damage to the caravan structure?
  11. In our years of caravanning we have had three punctures while towing. The first two were within a month of each other on a four years old Avondale. In those days we didn't get away quite so much so we complained to Avondale and got the response that the tyres could have been in store before they were fitted to the van and basically it was a 'question of tough luck'. The next was on a four years old Bailey. My hubby doesn't tow over 60 miles an hour and looks ahead so to avoid hard breaking so the tyres had not been abused at all. We have just replaced the tyres on our four year old Coachman and put new tyres on our Kia prior to our November holiday in Spain/Portugal. Expensive, but as the only contact with the road it is worth it to be safe.
  12. I have always used ACSI and got discounted prices as we go out of season but I have recently discovered https://www.pitchup.com/ Which I have found really useful looking at sites in Spain in the winter.
  13. We tried with all the free ads you can use and just got a load of time wasters who wanted something for nothing. Eventually we paid £26 [four years ago] to advertise on Caravanfinder which, had we needed it, would have given us an advert for a whole year. We sold at near the asking price within a week.
  14. We have caravanned for forty years and often stopped en route for loo, lunch and of later years a snooze and have never put the steadies down.
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