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  1. We found Noirmoutier somewhat boring although that may be down to the weather when we were there! Preferred St Gilles Croix de Vie but much preferred Concarneau area to both of them. It's all subjective of course.
  2. Agree with Mandarin about the Bealach Na Ba road. We did it a month ago just in a car and it is an amazing trip to do but with a caravan, no, no, no. Also, acting on advice given on here we used the A84/A85 to get to the west coast rather than the A82 and that was absolutely fine for towing.
  3. We must have been incredibly lucky as in forty years of caravanning we have never had a damp one and we have had various makes over the years. I often say that even if we won pots of money I would still caravan where I could rather than the other options. Hubby always says if there is anything you don't like on a site you can be off the next morning unlike booked accommodation where you are stuck with it. Caravanning isn't just about cost, it is a way of life. The total freedom of where to go and what to do. Having said that, we couldn't afford our two six week holidays abroad if we didn't caravan and I wouldn't give them up from choice. So only you can decide what you want to do but good luck with your choice.
  4. We mainly use CLs but I make an exception for Black Knowl as it is one of my favourite sites. Just outside the gate is the biggest dog walk ever; the New Forest is at the gate. We had a brilliant couple of days out at the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth. We also like Salisbury and Winchester cathedrals. We like the walk at Keyhaven and The Gunn there does a great lunch. Another favourite is Hengistbury Head. There are photos of all these in my blog.
  5. I honestly think that it is down to pure luck. I agree with Jampot's comment that the dealer is key but our latest dealer went into liquidation four months after we bought the caravan and he had been trading for forty years. We have had from new an Avondale [when they were in business] a Bailey, a Guist and a Coachman and had small problems with each although nothing major. There was nothing about any of them which would make me say this is the make to go for. Just remember for every moan that you hear there are probably another ten owners who are perfectly happy but just don't shout about it. Even on a two years old van check for damp!
  6. We have had more holidays in north Yorkshire than anywhere in the country but this year did the extra mileage up to the Scottish Highlands and are left mouth open at the spectacular scenery.
  7. We go for the maximum my hubby will take me which is 45 days to fit the CMC Red Pennant insurance. Given the chance I would go for four or five months. Yes, I miss the family but there is always Face Time so that I see them when I want to. I never bath at home and the shower in our van is as good as the one at home so no change there. I am not a keen gardener so, as I told an enthusiastic gardening friend, the weeds and grass will still be there when I come back. Space wise as we spend a large time outside when abroad we actually live in more space there. We use a roll out sunshade as we did get fed up with putting the awning up and down and I would like a wider bed. I just love the total freedom of moving on when I want; none of this silly booking months in advance, seeing so many places or just sitting around the site if I have had enough sight seeing for a few days, and meeting new people.
  8. We bought the 51 litres water carrier. Taking it back to morrow for our money back as it leaks like a drain around screw top.
  9. Noyers sur Serein is one of the loveliest medieval towns I have ever walked round. Nice ice creams too!
  10. They were smaller capacity then but also had a smaller neck for the pump which was too small for the pump on our current van. Hubby cut out a bigger hole and glued in a bigger fitting but it has looked a complete mess since. I take what you say about plastic but I am quite conservation minded in other things i.e. plastic bags and bottled water so I think I am allowed a new water carrier.
  11. Just ordered one of their water carriers. We have two Aquarolls and one of them must be nearly forty years old from when we started caravanning, or they first came out, but think it is time for a new one
  12. We find that in the heat it falls off so I just hold it up to the window as we approach the barrier.
  13. We often go away for six weeks at a time so gave up the allotment and stopped growing summer veg as we were never there to crop it. Winter veg are fine. A keen gardener friend was horrified and said 'What about the garden?' when she heard how much we are away. I told her it would still be there when we came back, 'Yes but what about the weeds?' 'They are still there too,' I told her but she doesn't even like going away for a fortnight in case the garden looks unkempt.
  14. It annoys me that they serve a cooked breakfast on a cold plate so by the time you have got a drink and queued to pay the meal is cold.
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