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  1. We bought the 51 litres water carrier. Taking it back to morrow for our money back as it leaks like a drain around screw top.
  2. Noyers sur Serein is one of the loveliest medieval towns I have ever walked round. Nice ice creams too!
  3. They were smaller capacity then but also had a smaller neck for the pump which was too small for the pump on our current van. Hubby cut out a bigger hole and glued in a bigger fitting but it has looked a complete mess since. I take what you say about plastic but I am quite conservation minded in other things i.e. plastic bags and bottled water so I think I am allowed a new water carrier.
  4. Just ordered one of their water carriers. We have two Aquarolls and one of them must be nearly forty years old from when we started caravanning, or they first came out, but think it is time for a new one
  5. We find that in the heat it falls off so I just hold it up to the window as we approach the barrier.
  6. We often go away for six weeks at a time so gave up the allotment and stopped growing summer veg as we were never there to crop it. Winter veg are fine. A keen gardener friend was horrified and said 'What about the garden?' when she heard how much we are away. I told her it would still be there when we came back, 'Yes but what about the weeds?' 'They are still there too,' I told her but she doesn't even like going away for a fortnight in case the garden looks unkempt.
  7. It annoys me that they serve a cooked breakfast on a cold plate so by the time you have got a drink and queued to pay the meal is cold.
  8. I haven't stayed there myself but saw it advertised when I was looking. https://tourism.euskadi.eus/en/accommodation/caravaning-obetamendi/aa30-12375/en/
  9. None of my business but it seems a great deal of hassle not to mention expense just to arrive two hours earlier. We arrived late one afternoon at a site and took one of the last couple of free pitches. Next morning someone moved off a more desirable pitch [ good view] so clearing it with the warden we moved pitch. I wasn't really prepared for the snarled comment from our new neighbour to the effect of what pull did I have that I had managed to arrive on site so early.
  10. My planning and booking of our spring holiday to Scotland is now complete after several people gave me some helpful information about routes. We were going to go straight to the CMC site at Morvitch and were given the route which finally approached from Crianlarich along the A82 to Invergary. Since then I have booked a few days at a CL at Port Appin before going to Morvitch so could someone help with the following: Are the A85/A828 from Tyndrum to Port Appin towable and likewise the A828 north to rejoin the A82?
  11. Not sure that ours is exactly the same but certainly the same price and design. We use it all the time abroad for two of us. In the UK we use a George Forman but it is a bit heavy on electricity to use abroad.
  12. And I would completely agree with you.
  13. My first reaction was that I wouldn't replace anything that could be cleaned and wasn't worn out, but then I thought about it and realised I like my matching china, glasses, cutlery etc so I would replace anything that I didn't like. I wouldn't replace it just because it was second hand.
  14. We drove miles to see this the year before last and having got there couldn't see what we were supposed to. We drove along it twice to try to appreciate it. I must need my eyes tested.
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