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    The M6!

    Methinks everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon of creating artificial shortages of everything from widgets to gas to dry ice. Artificial shortages hoodwink the law of supply and demand and push prices up. Then when supply mysteriously improves, guess what? Prices don't go down again.
  2. MalH

    Speed cameras

    Same thing happened to me and some 10k others about 20 years ago on the Wrexham by-pass. The temporary speed cameras were not situated in the correct location for the associated roadworks.
  3. MalH

    The M6!

    Or the Russians. Or the Iranians. Or the North Koreans. Or the Cubans. All those paragons of democracy
  4. MalH

    The M6!

    No that route was already snarled up, especially at Holmes Chapel. My route was fine until we got to Nantwich, and by taking the A533 from there it wasn't too bad apart from the idiot truckers around Middlewich. Much worse coming from the A500 direction, it appeared, and everything seemed to be trying to get towards Whitchurch because of the long term closure of the A51 north of Nantwich.
  5. MalH

    The M6!

    Had to avoid the M6 last week when it was closed between j17 and 18 with traffic backing up past j16. An interesting route via A53 and A51 to Nantwich where we found every main road choked with HGVs trying to find alternatives. Eventually up A533 to short of Middlewich and across to Winsford on a decent road not supposed to be used by over 7 tonnes but of course the HGVs were ignoring that, making it quite hairy to tow.
  6. Another possibility is waxing in the pipeline blocking the regulator, especially if your caravan is one of the early models with the bulkhead regulator fitted low down. Later models have them higher than the top of the 6 kg bottles.
  7. As the great American journalist Henry Menken once said: for every problem there is a solution, neat, plausible and wrong.
  8. LE will advise better but it seems on the face of what you have posted the contract may have been frustrated due to the non availability of an essential component in due time. I always thought a frustrated contract was null and void, and hence the deposit should be refundable. But certainly you need to check the position with your local CAB.
  9. but not having been able to use the travel policy since this time in 2019, and coming up 75 next Spring, I'm sort of holding my breath to see how much extra I will have to pay for age + pre-existing conditions + over 30 days.
  10. If you mean NW Flexplus, you also get breakdown and mobile phone cover
  11. Indeed. Returned home from 5 weeks away yesterday to find that the toilet flush cistern had overflowed, finding a hairline crack in the outlet pipe and staining the ceiling below. Within an hour of lodging a possible claim on our household insurance, I received an email asking for an additional £84 premium on the policy already renewed from next week.
  12. Towing home from Nantwich to Middlewich yesterday (detour because of the M6 closure, but that's another story) a peloton pulled out in front of me and proceeded to hold up traffic for a good 10 miles by riding in a group, seemingly with the deliberate intent of not being overtaken. Bring cycling into disrepute.
  13. All I can say is my mate's son returned from Spain recently and reported that the hotel he stayed in were handing out preprinted Covid negative test certificates to guests who were asked to fill in their own details, no actual tests were taken. If that's typical then we're heading for trouble in the autumn.
  14. If it was a CL, maybe it's because the newbies haven't yet discovered those joys! We've been on several CLs this year where they had vacant pitches most nights, including at the weekend.
  15. Had this happen twice. The first was with an Aldi special, who refunded the purchase price without examining the item and without quibble. The replacement I bought on eBay has now gone kaput after allowing it to defrost (it had iced up considerably with constant use over 11 days). In both cases the cooling function continues to work on 12v . I'm assuming that the mains transformer has blown on each. As a btw, the online vendor wants me to pay to return the box for examination before considering a refund or replacement. I won't be doing that as the cost is disproportionately high and I just know that they will find some pretext to turn me down.
  16. MalH

    So am I evil!

    I’m afraid that over the years the friendly club has become less and less so. Unable to tolerate any criticism. As an example, I got banned from a certain DA’s Facebook site for congratulating the stewards at a particular meet for coping with difficult circumstances in the absence of any committee members to support them.
  17. Try disconnecting the battery for 10 seconds and switch the light off with the fob in the meantime.
  18. MalH

    So am I evil!

    Yes I could settle for that. Alas, far too often we see dogs let loose the minute the warden or CL owner is out of sight. 'It's not doing any harm' is the usual retort when the dog owner is challenged. Happened recently on a CL in Suffolk where the owner made it very clear to every arrival that dogs are to be kept tethered at all times.
  19. Why not use one of those places, what are they called? Ah yes, a site. There’s CMC Rokesbury Park at Wickham. We’ve also used the Windmill Nurseries CL at Farnham, both amenable to early and late arrivals and departures.
  20. Can you do some checking to see if the vendor is actually a trader masquerading as a private seller? If they are, then the Sales of Goods legislation will apply.
  21. Admin please move this to a more appropriate category if nec! I went out to recce a possible route home on Thursday. In front of me we’re three caravans in convoy, all the way from Beccles to Yoxford. There was a queue to join the A12, but instead of continuing on their route, the first and second outfit stopped on the main carriageway until no 3 turned the junction. They then continued their merry way with a long line of traffic behind, unable to overtake. They weren’t travellers judging by the outfits. Another example of selfish behaviour certain to add to add fuel to the anti caravanning fire.
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