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  1. Sometimes the dealer doing the PDI inserts the door key for the first time without removing the protective film covering the keyhole. This results in plastic getting into the lock mechanism and jamming it. Happened to me, dealer replaced entire handle and lock mechanism.
  2. Just seen a flooded caravan site in Derbyshire on the BBC news. Looks like quite a few write offs. A nightmare for the poor owners. Anyone know which site this is? I heard that the Derwent at Chatsworth was overflowing, so maybe that's the one.
  3. On a site in Serignan I found my ehu had no earth. Reverse polarity is something I've encountered every trip to France but not on every site.
  4. It's not bad for caravans. Plenty of space in my experience. Long walk to the facils.
  5. It would be much more useful to come up with an invention that would clean the caravan roof without getting up a ladder! Washing the van is my least favourite activity and I have to confess to taking risks when reaching across with my long brush. I nearly came to grief this week when the alloy extending ladder I use decided to fold in on itself - my fault as I hadn't checked it was secure. Fortunately only my pride was hurt, but it woke me up to the fact that at 72 my van roof washing days are numbered and I'll have to come up with an alternative.
  6. You also see a lot of off road caravans in South Africa. Not so many in NZ where, because of punitive taxes, they tend to import our old ones, some going back to the 60s - a sight for sore eyes!
  7. I didn't appreciate it is a 90s caravan from the op. That era had predominantly GRP panels and a crack can possibly be repaired with fibreglass and body filler that you can buy from Halfords etc.
  8. This must be repaired properly by a professional who knows what they're doing. You can make a temporary fix using duck tape - it's very important to avert the risk of damp ingress NOW. If the van is still under warranty, take it back to the dealer you bought it from. If not, do a search for businesses doing repairs to plastic panels. The material is similar to modern car bumpers and can be repaired using an epoxy type resin. However, if damp has got in it must be dried out.
  9. MalH

    C& C C

    As I said before, in my experience, if you phone a C&CC site on the day they will book one night if there is space. Which there usually is.
  10. Tewksbury flooding is a common occurrence, that’s why the office is on stilts. Same with C&CC Keswick.
  11. Really need to be wary of posts like this. The law of self fulfilling prophecy might kick in.
  12. MalH

    Tight drive

    I have a winch as a backup. My van has to go in forwards so reversing isn't an option.
  13. MalH

    C& C C

    Doddle. The worst thing is getting to the channel ports!
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