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  1. MalH

    Best Credit Card for use abroad?

    +1, but I’m not sure if the qualifying criteria has changed. You certainly have to hold a Flexplus account to get full ‘fee free’ benefit. This carries a monthly fee of £13, offset by interest on balances up to £3000.
  2. Okay as an indicative measure but it’s very easy in my experience to get a false reading. For example, I was getting a worrying reading around the washroom window yet on the service soon after the reading was well within tolerance.
  3. MalH

    Reducing Pegging

  4. Some excellent sites in RoI, there's a helpful guide issued by the tourist board. Not cheap by U. K. standards!
  5. It will almost certainly have a damage excess of maybe €2000 and a hefty fee to waive it. I suggest you take out a separate excess insurance policy, Google it.
  6. Already 90 in the Balearics and Canaries apart from the occasional autovia.
  7. MalH

    M6 toll

    Yet another benefit of CMC membership bites the dust, in the wake of site night vouchers for the now defunct club credit card.
  8. MalH

    Which Club should I join?

    Been in C&CC since 1977 and CC since 1988, worth being in both in my opinion, but then I've got veteran membership of the former now so half price.
  9. MalH

    Phone charging

    Quite a few sites, especially CLs, suffer from voltage drop when everyone is trying to draw maximum current. I've often struggled to charge my phone in such circumstances.
  10. MalH

    ferry prices

    Hang fire, I’m sure there’ll be lots of discounts in the months ahead!
  11. . ..and the prospects of losing the EHIC card and having to find someone to insure their health issues at great expense!
  12. Then you and them will need a visa!
  13. MalH

    Southern Ireland

    Watch the film The Quiet Man to gain a good idea of what it's like
  14. MalH

    Walking Boots`

    In my case it lasted exactly 6 months, then cleared up within a few days. However I still have the occasional twinge. ... I bought cushion heal inserts for all my footwear, which helped a bit, but it was still a horrible pain.