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  1. I got 8 years out of an Elecsol gel battery, sadly the company is no longer trading, would have had another like a shot. Lightweight too. The best I've had out of a lead acid battery is 4-5 years.
  2. Can also cut out because the handset batteries are on their way out
  3. Not to mention the enormous shipping cost at present due to the astronomical price of containers
  4. If you want to break the journey there's a brilliant former municipal lakeside ACSI site at Nort sur Erdre. Not far off the Rennes-Nantes highway. You can then go round Nantes to the east, which is easier than the direct route, traffic wise.
  5. It's a fairly easy journey and possible to accomplish in a day without breaking sweat. The only pinch point is Nantes and even that isn't much of a challenge. There aren't any tolls until you get beyond Nantes, and easily avoidable if you use the 'old' road.
  6. Provided you're not intending to put anything heavy on the shelves and are prepared to regard it as permanent, I'd try No More Nails
  7. Given that no-one has replied to this, I wonder if anyone on here who's got the flat mesh spring loaded flyscreen could PM me with the measurements of the frame please?
  8. Be careful if you are coming from the M3 at the A34 junction ie from the north. The left turn into the entrance has a bit of a drop that you may miss in the dark, with a risk of clouting a motor mover.
  9. I’d forgotten about Colden Common. We stayed there for one night a few years ago, coming off a ferry at Portsmouth around 9pm, got there an hour later, no problem setting up. Not a big site but enough room for the regulation 5.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully replaced the concertina type door fly screen with the flat mesh spring-loaded type? The cords on mine have finally given up the ghost and, having seen various suggestions as to how to repair them (which seem very time consuming) I've come to the conclusion that I should take the hit and buy a replacement. The only problem is that the concertina version seems to be unobtainable from any source. I can, however, buy a spring-loaded fly screen, but I'm unsure whether it will fit. If anyone has done this swap could they please let me know? Otherwise, I'd be very grateful if someone with the spring-loaded screen in their outfit could PM me with the dimensions of the frame and the recess.
  11. If in doubt simply go thru the site entrance, it's not that much further!
  12. Well for the past 40+ years I've been letting one or two back legs down without being challenged. It's the first time I've heard of this proposition!
  13. I think you will struggle to find any sites open in that area, but try Haute Coeuteurs at Benoville.
  14. Unfortunately, there's a shortage of matches
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