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  1. If you're in the CMC, Carefree Nurseries CL at Fareham is a good option.
  2. We never draw drinking water from the Aquaroll, we always have a separate container which we sterilise from time to time with Milton. Too often in the past we've encountered a tepol taste when using the aquaroll, so now it's purely for washing up and showers!
  3. ...and if you plan it right, stop overnight in Millau and avoid the toll altogether - or just come off the A75 and go through the town!
  4. The Unfair Contract Terms legislation may apply, and Trading Standards would be able to assist towards a favourable outcome.
  5. That's what I have. I can't fault them when I lost two caravan tyres in as many days.
  6. Crab Tree Farm at Waterhouses is excellent. Also a few good ones around Brampton,between Chesterfield and Chatsworth. These are all on the edge of the NP.
  7. Extra £60 p.a. for starters if over 70 (per policy, not per person). Supplements also for declared medical conditions, stays over 31 days and cancellation cover limit is £5k per person. This year I'm paying an extra total of £216 for up to 47 days, several medical issues, an extra £3k cancellation cover and the over 70s supplement. I searched online for alternatives, the cheapest was £250 for a single trip policy with a £500 excess!
  8. Elbow grease +strong Fenwicks solution then!
  9. I find elbow grease works best!
  10. The radio can drain a leisure battery in a day if the latter isn’t fully charged. I remove the facia when not on EHU.
  11. Interesting point, thanks. I replaced the caravan battery last time out in March - but I don't recall the awning light coming on unswitched until this week. Yes
  12. My awning light seems to have adopted a life of its own. Twice now I've found it has come on overnight even though the switch is off. The switch in the van will not then turn it off but the security key fob does. I'm concerned that if this happened off grid, I could end up with a drained battery. Any clues as to the cause?
  13. +1. But I always have some cash for the first day and if I haven’t got enough left over from the last trip,or I’m going to a new country then Sainsbury’s give a preferential rate for Nectar cardholders ordering online.
  14. Did you weather it before this first use? All canvas is liable to leak before weathering.
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