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  1. Had exactly the same experience on this site. A group of CMC members returning from a rally thought it fine to pitch en masse around our unit with much less than 6m clear space. There was oodles of room elsewhere. Decided to use Ranville on the way home in future.
  2. Back in 1982 we had our bike rack stolen off the roof of our car on a municipal site at Bias, Les Landes. I had to source a replacement so we could get the bikes home. I had a devil of a job claiming the cost back from my insurance even with a police report, they tried to renege on a promise over the phone that they would accept the claim.
  3. I always try to travel on a Sunday and overnight somewhere not far from Portsmouth - there are several options for this. I've been stuck in a long queue approaching the A34/M3 junction more than once and it isn't fun. However, if you stay in the left hand lane, a good alternative is to head for Alresford and then Petersfield to join the A31 (I think it is) at West Meon and drop down to join the M27 just past Wickham.
  4. I paid NZ$240 (£130)for this trip solo when I did it, so it must be double for a caravan outfit. The most spectacular car ferry journey on the planet!
  5. I have a motor mover, there is a slope from the road to the turning point and again to where the caravan is stored. I would struggle without it. And the XT is always kept in the garage.
  6. Good choice IMO, I would buy one but am worried that it is slightly wider than my XT and would cause me difficulty getting in and out of my garage without scrapes. I've already done that a few times with the XT! I have to drive into my garage in order to bring the caravan off the road and into a position where I can turn it into its storage space.
  7. You should have researched the XTrail Owners forum, that's how I obtained the letter I referred to. Could have saved you a few bob.
  8. The spacesaver spare on the T31 Xtrail has the same rolling circumference as the primary tyres. As long as you keep to 50mph max then you are ok to tow. I have a duplicated letter from Nissan confirming this. I think the latest model (T32) has a full size spare. The higher spec Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage models also have a full size....or did the last time I weighed them up as possible replacements!
  9. I once got moaned at by a solo motorist because another caravan was behind me, he accused us of towing in convoy. Didn't know the other caravanner from Adam!
  10. I thought all sites were bound by fire regulations viz the 6 metre rule?
  11. I went to Florida a few years ago and forgot to advise Nationwide. Credit card was blocked at the first transaction and I had to telephone the UK to unblock it.
  12. Daughter no 1 has just invested in a Monzo account for our forthcoming holiday in Australia. I did warn her about possible pitfalls and I'll copy this advice to her.
  13. I recall our Bailey Maru, 1988 model, wherein the Electrolux fridge frequently had to be removed and inverted to get the coolant to circulate! Removal involved four screws, I think, and the gas input was a flexible tube that didn’t require disconnecting. It was dead easy, just as well!
  14. The Vine nr Welshpool and Coney Heath nr Holt both £15 pun last year. No loo or shower tho.
  15. An easy way to check it to turn the lights on for a minute or two. The voltage should then drop sufficiently to deactivate the relay.
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