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  1. That's the way we go. A really good run usually. Excellent stopping point at Montford Bridge with bacon butties to die for! I suggested the M6-M54 as I was trying to make it a tad shorter for you.
  2. Just watched it on ITV+1. What a plonker! I'd hate to encounter him on the road, shouldn't have a licence, let alone a '£70k Jag'. Completely talked over Sonia, who gave a decent account of herself. BTW, the piece was filmed at the C&CC Delamere site, and you could hear the road noise!
  3. The trouble is that they usually extend it by inserting darts into both ends of the roof. I had a very nice Trio awning extended this way and the inserts stood out like a sore thumb and looked odd. If the 875 awning has a wide mud walling, it might be possible to make up the difference by widening it further. However, I would prefer the correct size.
  4. There's a camping municipal just off the highway at Heric.
  5. Some of the basic generators can blow sensitive electronics in your van - even the charger unit.
  6. Buy a chocolate fireguard, it'll be more effective!
  7. That's put me in my place! But I still regard the extra hassle to comply with the constantly changing Covid rules a bridge too far. I've got no problem at all caravanning in the UK. There's so much to see, and when I and MoH retired we set ourselves the target of visiting a new area every year, and over the past 16 years it's been very rewarding and eye-opening to do that. Six weeks in France May-June and six weeks somewhere in the UK late summer, with shorter outings each side, has worked well for us. I very much hope that we can get to France with the caravan next year, but I'll want to feel safe, comfortable and hassle-free before committing. I'd like to know how folk have felt, safety-wise, on the 5+ hrs western channel crossings. As for flying anywhere, well the notion palls of queueing at check-in, again for security, again to board, again to deplane, again for immigration, again at the carousel and again for a rental car desk or taxi rank or transfer bus, plus 3-4 hours in a confined space sitting next to lord knows who. (I once caught a gastric virus from sitting in the middle seat on a flight from Mallorca, the woman next to me complaining of how poorly she'd been on her holiday. Three days later I had to excuse myself in the middle of a wedding breakfast to throw up and empty my bowels, it took me a fortnight to recover). If NZ will let us in by 2023, and I can afford business class, then maybe, just maybe......
  8. I've done the reverse but to Wirral. In your case I'd go M6, M54 to outskirts of Shrewsbury, then A49 to Leominster, Hay-on Wye, to Brecon A40 and stay on A40 to Haverfordwest. Finally A487 to St David's. As Leominster can be a tad slow at times, a decent by-pass is to turn off the A49 at Wooferton Services onto B4362 s/p Presteigne. Stay on the B road to Mortimer's Cross, rt onto A4110, rt again onto A44, lt onto A4112 then A438 by passing Hay on Wye, and as above. (This route takes you past our favourite CL!) If you want a longer but possibly faster route, simply go M6, M5, M50 which becomes the A40 at Ross-on-Wye, and stay on the A40 to Haverfordwest. The M5 bit can of course be hit and miss!
  9. Most likely Sargent. It should be inside the rh locker and behind the control unit. There may be a plastic vent cover. Remove the screws and then you should see the charger unit underneath. Just gently slide it up and out and unplug the plug-in connectors. The refit is the reverse.
  10. Once upon a time it was a good option for early retired with not a great pension to have an extended freebie in exchange for a little labour. Times have changed.
  11. Don't mention Anglesey. Everyone will want to go!
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