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  1. Well I’ve had no difficulty getting all uk free to air channels on my iPad in Lanzarote, Australia and South Africa, including our local radio station. Legal Eagle will no doubt correct me, but my understanding is that possession and use of a streaming box such as Kodi isn’t illegal per se, it’s the downloading of copyrighted material without a licence that can get you into trouble.......if they can detect and track you. If you’re not in the uk that might be rather difficult.
  2. If you have wifi where you are staying, the simple answer is to either access TV off the internet (eg BBC iplayer) or buy a 'Kodi' type box to do it via your 📺
  3. Our several experiences of the Dordogne have been many days of fairly hot weather followed by downpours that turn the sites to mud. The highest temperatures we have experienced in France have been in Tonnerre, Burgundy, where was 35+ on both occasions we stayed there. So far inland with no breeze it was close on unbearable. Not even the Med has been so sticky.
  4. Me neither, I think it’ll be time to move on from caravanning if we can’t go much more than 25 miles without a recharge but can’t have a fossil fuel powered vehicle anymore.
  5. I would suspect dirt or grit between the window and the seal causing ingress by capillary action. Try cleaning the mating surfaces thoroughly with soapy water and dry it out. Then apply a very tiny smear of silicon gel (NOT Vaseline or similar petroleum based products, they will perish the rubber). An alternative to gel is a silicon spray such as Thetfords toilet seal lubricant.
  6. Don't even think of using the M65 Blackburn services. The caravan parking signs take you to a general car parking area where you are reliant on finding two vacant bays end to end, not long enough for most outfits, and a tight turn in and out. The nearest alternative is Charnock Richard, great heading north apart from the usual ignoramuses using the bays for solo cars, less so heading south where you are in with the HGVs.
  7. A tiny smear of silicon jelly (NOT vaseline which is mineral oil based and will perish the rubber) around the window seal after first cleaning it should overcome ingress through capillary action caused by dirt.
  8. MalH


    That's one place I've not driven!
  9. MalH


    Anyone who has driven any distance in the USA will have observed how everyone keeps to the speed limit and don't lane hop. As a result, the traffic progresses smoothly and stoppages are rare.
  10. I'd be interested in reports on the auto version as I'm giving it serious consideration for my next change of tow car.
  11. 1964 Wolseley Hornet, a mini with a boot. The floor rusted and I recall driving to Cornwall with sopping wet feet, the rear subframe rusted and the replacement was ‘secured’ on a wing and a prayer. It would jump out of gear unless I drove holding the gearstick down. The headlamps were held in place with sticky tape. This was around 1970 when the MoT was rather more superficial than today, it’s a wonder I’m still here to tell the tale!
  12. It'll keep going up until I'm due to travel to the Eurozone, whereupon it will nosedive. It always does 🙁🙁
  13. The 490 bus between Ludlow and Leominster stops outside the site. Don’t fancy staying here TBH, there are several nice CLs nearby and Home Farm at Bircher is more attractive too if you don’t mind being on grass. The same bus stops across the road from that site as well.
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