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  1. LV stands for Liverpool Victoria and Frizzells was originally a subsidiary specialising in cover for public sector union members. I first insured with them when I passed my test in 1968 and in those days they were still based in Liverpool.
  2. I posted this info yesterday but it disappeared. Not sure how it compares with other 'stand alone' policies but we paid the following for our NW deal last year: Basic worldwide 30 day policy £0 Medical condition waiver £120 (several disclosable conditions) Extension to 60 days £25 This year we've had to pay the over 70s add on (pro-rata from Jan-May renewal date) - £65 for full year.
  3. Yes Of course you do! Same with any insurance, they won’t cover you post departure!
  4. LV= provide the Nationwide 'free' policy. Exactly the same annual policy can be bought by anyone if they go online, obviously at a cost. Over 70s now pay an extra £65 pa, but it covers a couple. Pre existing conditions can be covered and the policy can be extended for over 30 days , both for an additional fee of course.
  5. We tried rallying with a Centre not far from here and found it exactly as you state. Wasn’t sufficient for me to cancel our membership as we use CLs mostly now.
  6. We've had 5 seasons out of our 260 Rally but latterly it has leaked through the seam above the windows. The roof is beginning to wear thin so I've just bought a Royal of similar style but 4000 waterproof rating. First use will be Easter and I'll report back.
  7. The only differences in principle are that (1) C&CC club sites guide you to a suitable pitch for your outfit, with the CMC you drive round and pick your own; and (2) C&CC certificated sites allow tents (up to 12 depending on the space) whereas the CMC bars certificated location owners from having tents other than pup tents.
  8. From distant memory there are several tight hairpin bends on the road down from Seefeld to the Inntal. And it's quite steep.
  9. I always book via the CMC telephone service. Works out cheaper than using their website!
  10. If west, I'd recommend Carefree Nurseries CL at Fareham, or Rookesbury Park Club Site at Wickham.
  11. They get shipped to New Zealand. You’d be amazed at the ancient UK caravans on the roads.
  13. Remember not to lick your fingers when you’re finished 😜
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