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  1. Another thought. Have you considered the Lleyn peninsula or Anglesey? Lots of CLs and CSs there. Another nice area is around Tywyn, but not so many sites thereabouts. Many, many moons ago I stewarded a THS at Pall Mall Farm at Tywyn, I think it’s still going.
  2. Can you imagine living in the Australian outback, maybe 200km from the nearest Coles or Woolies, needing a big 4x4 due to the terrain? How is EV technology and charging infrastructure going to solve that conundrum? It isn’t. So in IMHO such countries are very unlikely to be banning ICE vehicles this century. Which means they’ll still be buyable here on the grey market.
  3. CMC at St Davids is an excellent site.
  4. It's likely to be either condensation or rainwater driving through through the seal. Thoroughly clean the rubber seal and mating surface with soap and water, making sure they are completely dry. Then apply a little silicon jelly (NOT Vaseline or similar oil-based products, which will perish the rubber), and spread it along the seal and mating surface. Wipe it down again with a clean cloth so that you are left with a trace rather than a dollop (which would harbour grit and eventually cause another leak). The solution to condensation is ventilation. If the above doesn't work then you'll
  5. Ordinarily I would have swapped my current tow car (XTrail T31 version) for something newer by now, however...... The T32 XT won't fit in my garage. I like the Tucson, but the latest model has grown considerably in width over its predecessors and would be tight getting in and out of the garage - good chance of a scrape! I'd consider the Sportage but again the new model is wider. Other models seem not to have 4x4 options, and none come with a proper spare wheel. The power units seem to have dropped to 1.6L so I'd miss the clout of the 2L I'm used to. I've done 36k in the current ve
  6. Is that a serious question?
  7. ....and then blame the government, anyone, except the person in the mirror.
  8. Not sure if I heard this correctly but it seems the second dose will be given 12 weeks after the first in order to get more people protected. Hopefully this will bring forward the jab for most by several weeks.
  9. Yes, it'll be our turn to not give a toss and see how the present Covidiots like that (only kidding.......I think!)
  10. Taken the caravan to Germany twice - 1982 and 2011. The first trip went through France (before the autoroute eastwards, so it was all on A and D roads), breaking the journey at Hirson. We crossed the border at Saarbrucken and stayed a few nights at wonderful Heidelburg on a riverside site with a challenging hill out (we were towing with a 1300 Fiat so probably a doddle now). We then had a couple of nights at picturesque Dinkelsbuhl on the Romantische Strasse before continuing to Lechbruck where we spent a fortnight on the Lechsee site at Lechbruck, which in those days was owned by the Deutsch
  11. I’ve used a similar product successfully on the rear ABS panel but would hesitate to use it on the metal side panels or windows. To be fair, it cleans much better than water products, removing all the persistent black streaks.
  12. That's not going to happen because the vaccine has been approved on the basis of 2 doses. Any other approach would require revalidation and that takes time. Silly Blair idea.
  13. I'm convinced that the fishy woman and the Taff have deliberately diverged throughout the pandemic to spite Boris and co.
  14. MoH and I are in a bubble with elder daughter + 2 grandchildren and younger daughter is in a bubble with her OH, 2 kids and widowed FiL. On Christmas day we're having a brief lunch including a divorcee from another household as the third permitted family. So that's a bubble of 12 in a large kitchen/dinette. Can't say I'm totally comfortable with it but given that both daughters and SiL have all tested negative in the past few days I'll keep my fingers crossed. Already written off the idea of New Year in a cottage.
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