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  1. But if they catch it who will get the blame? Answers on a postcard.
  2. I’m going to put an apologetic note in the hall window saying we won’t be opening the door for trick or treat this year.
  3. That's more or less what happened in Melbourne. Once into the lock-down, they couldn't get out of it easily. Only just easing now after 3 months.
  4. You learn something new every day. I just wish more people would learn how to stay and keep others safe when let out.
  5. Turned up at site to find I'd forgotten to pack the EHU cable. Luckily I had a short length and the warden allowed us to swap to a pitch close enough to a bollard if I sited the 'wrong' way round.
  6. Small leaks like these are often caused by grit becoming embedded under the rubber seals. Clean the seals and matching surface with soapy water and then spread a very tiny smidgin of silicone grease around the seal. Don't use oil-based grease such as Vaseline, which will perish the rubber.
  7. If we are going out for the day, we peg the towels sideways to the handles on the overhead lockers. If not going out, we hang them in the toilet compartment and run a fan heater instead of the Truma blown air. Works every time.
  8. When I worked in a museum, the only people 'allowed' to smoke in the public galleries and office spaces were........ the great and the good! Princess Margaret, Julie Goodyear and the late Duke of Westminster spring to mind. By 'allowed' I mean the then Director turned a blind eye to them lighting up. I suppose the same 'exemption' is being applied here?
  9. Depends where in Nottingham you live. Travelling from where I live, I go A50, M1 as far as Loughborough and from there A6, bypass Leicester then A47 and the route you mentioned.
  10. I read something in the press that suggests it's OK to go to your holiday home or caravan in Wales for the purpose of winterising it.
  11. We were supposed to be going to Welshpool next week but as we are in a tier 3 area, albeit with a falling rate, we've had to cancel and won't be going anywhere, alas.
  12. I would have reported it to the police, hopefully there might be cctv coverage they could access, although by now it might have been overwritten.
  13. Yes indeed, blaming the government for tardy/lack off/too much/too little action will chase the virus away, eh?
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