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  1. Are you sure it wasn't a repeat? After all, there was a Palm Sunday last year, and the years before that.
  2. Never mind the DPF, the battery on my XT wouldn't turn the engine over on Friday when I decided to get it out of the garage for a spruce up. It hadn't moved for 2 weeks and before that it had only done a couple of short runs since we were last out in the van in February. I've recharged it, but know from long experience that the Nissan security system and other gizmos will run it down again, so I've attached a trickle charger on a timer to give it an hour's boost each day. This is what I do when we go to sunnier climes for several weeks in normal winters. What's the summer equivalent of hibernation? Meantime it'll be MoH's shiny new Viva for shopping trips.
  3. TBH it’ll take a major improvement to persuade me to go out in the van. The notion of getting caught out a long way from home outweighs the appeal of a glass of wine outside or within the awning.
  4. In which case it’s only a matter of time before an even more lethal virus emerges
  5. Indeed. We are supposed to be on a war footing. During wars the media is often censored to prevent the spread of misinformation and alarmism. I can't understand why we aren't doing something about it. Johnson is too much of a liberal I suppose.
  6. No 20ft rule being observed here!
  7. I am wearing a mask in supermarkets but primarily to stop myself from touching my face with my hands
  8. I had advisories on my front pads and disks two MoTs on the trot, I do about 4K pa. I eventually had them changed in January and the garage said there was still a margin left.
  9. Anecdotally, this coming week will see the maximum infections and hence the greatest risk to those not observing the precautions. Two weeks beyond that will see a downturn. Let’s hope so!
  10. But where would they stay if the farm(s) were a long way from home?
  11. There's been quite a lot of publicity recently about the lack of labour to support farmers in getting the various harvests in this year, largely because eastern European gangs have gone home. Should the current lockdown be relaxed come June/July, I wonder if there may be scope for said farmers to invite caravan and motorhome owners onto their land to provide labour in exchange for the basics, including water and disposal facilities? We'd all need to be prepared to go 'off grid' of course, but the idea does interest me. There used to be a farm down south that did this every year but I've not heard much about it in recent years.
  12. Opening time at Lidl is usually quiet, but unless ours gets its act together over distancing I won't be going there.
  13. A valid point not mentioned in the media is that 80% of full pay, with lower tax, NI contributions, travel to work costs, will leave most people in a break-even position. Harks back to when I retired and went onto a pension of approx. 49% of my final salary - I was worried how I'd cope but when you took off all the items I've mentioned plus professional subscriptions, union dues etc, no need to buy suits and shirts and so on, I too wasn't far off break-even.
  14. Absolutely say I, who previously castigated Corbyn and McDonnell for their tax and spend inclinations!
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