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  1. Keele is ok both ways with dedicated areas for caravans
  2. If you look closely there should be 4 or 5 lateral cords threaded through the pleats. If not then I suspect all have snapped. If this happened a while ago, the thread holes may have 'healed'
  3. A vacuum cleaner is probably most effective. It’s very tricky getting into the pleats.
  4. Yes Harrogate is a joy to drive through at any time, not!
  5. The lateral cords have a tendency to break. Buy some heavy duty thread from a haberdashery and weave it through with a crewel needle, tying it to the snapped off end.
  6. Not used St Louis for a few years but nice site
  7. Not all that far from Arromanches and walkable distance from Pegasus Bridge is Camping Cappuccines at Ranville. No bells and whistles but a nice little site.
  8. I can recommend a decent CL not very far away if you PM me.
  9. Having seen my buddy often struggling with his, I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole.
  10. In a word, no. Unless you can prove impact damage.
  11. My local locksmith reckons he can overcome any mechanism in a few minutes
  12. Top marks to Whale for monitoring posts and responding to the op
  13. There's a clue in the club's name
  14. MalH

    Trickle charging

    According to the bumpf it has reverse current blocking.
  15. MalH

    Trickle charging

    That good eh?
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