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  1. You're rather over simplifying what the Aussie authorities are doing, but at the present time I'd prefer the latter when push comes to shove.
  2. Aussie police and armed forces seem to be getting a decent handle on Covidiots in Victoria. We're just too soft, rather than stand up to the clowns we take the line of least resistance and walk away.
  3. Just received a £40 refund from Nationwide for the two months when our holiday insurance add-on for age 70+ and pre-existings couldn’t be used.
  4. C&CC Keswick is regularly flooded when the River Derwent is high.
  5. At least we managed to park up, the Frankley services are impossible for caravans.
  6. Indeed, for example MOH drove home from St Helens today, coming towards Liverpool on Walton Hall Ave we passed a Stagecoach bus heading the same way, the same company that sent me an email yesterday advising on the need to wear masks on public transport. I counted some 15 passengers, NONE of whom were wearing masks and neither was the driver. We've got no hope of 'freedom' with this attitude.
  7. Methinks confusion is used by many as an excuse to do what the hell they like and tough on everyone else. That's the trouble with so many people who think they know best. They pick and choose which advice to follow and then when they fail to do so and it backfires, they place the blame on anyone else - usually the government.
  8. One at Alnwick just off the A1, walking distance from town and supermarkets
  9. Our local PO is in a convenience store. Since day 1 of lockdown, the owner has stood outside in all weathers controlling access so social distancing is never compromised. Top bloke.
  10. Until it backfires on them, they get the virus, and then blame Boris for not protecting them better.
  11. Let's face it, Brits will always blame the government rather than accept personal responsibility for anything.
  12. Our first venture to Lidl today since the lockdown. Not busy mid-morning (might be the awful weather) and well organised. Vast majority wearing masks, just the odd one or two younger members of society who probably think they are immune.
  13. Stayed there late May a few years ago, plagued by tree fluff!
  14. We had this problem when our current van was new. The hot hose had been cut too short and in time pressure and/or road movements caused it to fall out. The solution was a short piece of extension pipe with An extra push fitting.
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