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  1. Look like I could have posted that comment on the wrong page in my ponderings.
  2. Hi Davros 18 It may seem an inane thread to the lucky owners who are not effected but heartbraking to any that are.
  3. Hi Muddywheels I am also awaiting a reply from Elddis but not holding my breath, Trying other avenues first!! Do we know exactly how many owners have this problem,
  4. Caravan show coming up in October chaps, If Elddis wont talk to us, perhaps we should go and talk to them!!
  5. I understand what you are saying "The Traveling Rooster" my post was supposed to be a "Tounge in Cheek" response
  6. Stand by for the "Pothole" excuse!!
  7. I wish I could join in with all this praise Elddis is getting, I am in the process of a claim at this moment along it would appear with at least 5 other members (see cracks in outer skin) All this bad publicity must be costing them a lot of money in lost sales and customers, which is a shame to see a British Manufacturer gettin hammered.
  8. Well with 2700 views so far on this subject and several unhappy owners with this problem you would think they could make some comment!
  9. If they monitor this forum they better be prepared for a lot of flak coming there way.
  10. Just recieved rejection from Eldis re my claim, So it now begins!!! as suggested can we get a idea of how many of us are suffering from the same crack problem. If members can PM me I would be grateful. . A.
  11. You are not alone Bapsbaps!!! We have a Compass Omega 544 2008 Model which we really love until that is we noticed a slight crease below the front nearside window. I must admit not taken much notice of until scanning the Caravan Talk forum I saw your post along with several others. I was horrified to find splits in the nearside window both top and bottom. Our van bought new September 2008 with full service history we are now pursuing a claim.
  12. Hi Mark Thanks for your input, The thing is it was the caravan brakes getting hot not the towing vehicle, changing down as you suggest would make the towed vehicles brakes stay on. the towing vehicle is a automatic by the way which I am still getting used to, perhaps I should lock it in gear which has been suggested.
  13. Having spent a week at Easter at the Festiniog CC site we decided to drive down thru central Wales to spend a day or two at Newport. The A470 goes thru some spectacular scenery also a few steep gradients up and down, at the bottom of one particular long slope we stopped in a lay-by for a break, getting out of the car I could smell a strong friction plate type smell which I firstly thought was the clutch but moving to the side of the van it got stonger. The vans break drums were to hot to touch on both sides, After letting them cool down we continued stopping a further couple of times to check. Arriving at the Newport CC they were warm but not as hot. My question is is this normal when going down a long gradient when they are braking for several miles. Any comments would be appreciated .
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