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  1. We have an older Nova 530 and if you want to fill the onboard tank from say an aqua roll you use the external pump to lift the water to the tank filler neck using the external switch. If on the other hand you want to use the aqua roll rather than the onboard tank you plug the external pump into the connection point and the tap micro switches control pump run, the external switch is turned off. We have a rocker switch on the seat base where the tank lives that selects which pump will operate, they don’t both run together. Dave
  2. If you are still having problems with 240V with the fridge level then it would indicate the heating element has failed. The element is 125W so you should be able to detect some heat around the cooling fins on the outside back of the fridge.
  3. Thanks ‘hstephen5’ for your post. I had to replace the original under roof locker rope led lights, as sections were failing, with the led adhesive strip a year ago. There were a couple of metres left over but it hadn’t occurred to me to fit some into the rather dark central wardrobe. We had tried the feeble round battery led once and discarded them. Now have the switch on order, access to 12V identified and all set to get the job done. Thanks again for shining a light on this simple brilliant idea! Dave
  4. Don’t worry about it, I only happened to know because he often features in local TV news.........
  5. Townie has it slightly wrong, David Jamison is not a Chief Constable but is the ex Labour MP for Plymouth and currently the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands. Easily confused but might explain the views expressed.
  6. When we bought our Nova back in 2006 we had looked at purchasing from a Belgian dealership and found that you started with the base spec and proceeded to add items you wanted from the extensive options list, such as a shower, battery, dual fuel water heater and the list went on....I gather buying a BMW is similar 😁. Lowdhams had picked what they thought was what the U.K. market wanted although in 14 years we have never used the rotisserie in the oven, we haven’t used the shower either in the rather cramped washroom preferring to use the more spacious site facilities. I think you might have to wait until the dealer resumes trading to find what they have specified or what you can have an input into choosing. I have heard it suggested Germans put function ahead of fashion and would agree. A few small niggles over the years but I can see another decade of use ahead, unless we are seduced by a rather fetching Fendt........ Absolutely no regrets of owning the Hymer, expensive yes but the cost of ownership over the years is acceptable 15K when purchased and a current market value of at least 5K after 14 years?
  7. I know that this is slightly off topic but on my (2006) Nova the 12V circuits are distributed out from multi spade terminal blocks in the roof corners and accessed by removing a side panel in the roof locker. Not the easiest place to see into or work in either.... Hope that might be of help to someone. Keep safe, Dave
  8. Sounds like you have a combi boiler. I suggest that there is insufficient ‘hot’ water flow on the shower to trigger the boiler, is the shower temperature set high enough?
  9. I pass the cable through a slice of old inner tube which I hook over the hitch handle before I engage the stabiliser. Noticed a Dutchman doing it more than ten years ago and copied him, a loop of rope would probably work just as well.
  10. I suggest that you have a look at the earth connections on both light units if either of them is is a bit dodgy it could be the cause of the problem. It is the cause of odd things happening with the rear lights on cars when the brake light comes on!
  11. I presume that the pump is operated by a micro switch in the tap, if so I would check the wiring connections you remade when refitting the tap and do a continuity check to see if the micro switch has failed. I converted my system to pressure switch operation because of wires continually fracturing in the mono tap .
  12. On my 2006 Nova 530 there is an unmarked grey square rocker switch fitted on the face of the locker that holds the internal tank. This switch selects either the internal pump in the tank or the external pump in the barrel. Either one of the pumps are actuated by the tap micro switches as normal. The small black switch in the external pump connection point only operates the external pump and is only used to lift water from the external barrel into the internal tank by pointing the pump pipe into the external blue filler and not by using the external connection point. I sometimes accidentally knock the rocker switch to ‘external ‘ and wonder why the taps stopped working! Hope that helps.
  13. Have a look under the sink and see if there are any wires disappearing up into the tap body if so it’s micro switched. Otherwise there will be a pressure switch somewhere on the pipe work that will sense the pressure drop when the tap opens and turn the pump on. Our Hymer had micro switches that were prone to wire breakages and were a pain to repair so I converted system to pressure switch operation and never regretted it!
  14. We have had our Hymer Nova for practically 10 years now with only tap microswitches causing problems (cured by converting to a pressure switched system). The layout suits us and the 'van has proved to be durable hence the lack of need/desire to change. I can see us still having this 'van in another 10 years time. The only downside is the MTPM of 1700 kg meaning the need for a heavy tow car and the trend to lighter vehicles reduces the choice yearly. If necessary we can do as the Germans do and turn it into a static. .... Honestly we have loved the 'van it sits a solid as a rock behind the car never giving me any worries regardless of the conditions which is more than I can say about our previous 'vans. British 'vans have come on by leaps and bounds in the last few years but we are more than happy with our old 'un. Don't worry about what the followers of fashion think, it's your money and your choice. Enjoy!
  15. Sorry about my late reply to all your responses. After our initial free site wide Wifi we had no access until we landed on a site where were asked for 4 euros per half hour (we declined), then a problem that was eventually proved to a faulty router on return home. We were over in France for 6 weeks and the weather improved as time went on so the resin did become hard and dried. .. The awning concerned is a Dorema sun canopy so it is a light fabric material. There is now an assortment of residue (most of it an of an avian origin) so we will do a cleaning session now we are home trying some of your suggestions before packing away for next year. Again thanks for your suggestions. Dave
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