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  1. You do need to push the door in slightly where the sticker is and then you will hear a click and the door can then be opened
  2. Unlike houses static caravan wall structures are usually structural throughout as there is no roof support without the walls. Be careful
  3. May be a silly question to ask but have you checked the RCD for the battery charger hasn't tripped or if its a separate charge that its a) plugged in b) its mains supply fuse hasn't blown?
  4. We have a Coachman Laser 620 and it is a very spacious van even though its on the 7' 7" wide chassis rather than the current 8' wide models
  5. Perhaps a silly question but was there two outlets? Some open source images appear to show one near the gas locker (not the water inlet) and one at the front on the nearside.
  6. I would suggest looking on Facebook as there are a few user groups on there that appear to have very good technical areas. If you don't do FB search google or similar as there are various forums that may have the answer you require
  7. As you have a static caravan is the A frame still fitted in which case you could use the jockey wheel holder. Alternatively do you have any decking that you could attach the pole to or utilise the TV aerial bracket if fitted
  8. According to data for your caravan from this site https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-data/swift-freestyle-se-495-2009-caravan-specifications/ your MRO and MTPLM are slightly different to your quoted figures. However if you look at the following link which includes the 2009 Challenger https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/buy/brochures/swift-challenger not sure how that compares with your model but you will have your MRO, 69kg for Essential Habitation Equipment Payload (this includes gas and battery although may be only one cylinder), Optional Equipment Payload 10 Kg (normally includes items such as
  9. This should help https://www.dometic.com/en-gb/uk/support/dometic-mini-heki-s-_-24747
  10. This may help, there should be an electrical isolator switch as well as the RCD on the main panel. We had a 2010 540 and i'm sure the electric heater isolator was near the gas heater control
  11. Leisure shop direct should be able to help you. They keep/can get most spares for Dometic i believe
  12. Perhaps put some temporary timbers as well local to the area of the original struts so that the roof and sides keep their shape
  13. It still needs the pump on though
  14. There is a possibility that the battery in your alarm is flat or running low. I've just had this with our Laser which meant that the external light was on permanently. Replaced the battery and all sorted. Can't help with the rear light sorry
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