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  1. Nah Always like to see a good healthy debate
  2. I purchased a couple of dehumidifiers, that take the crystals, from towsure last year. These are like a ball where the crystals are in the top half and water collects in the bottom. didn't use the bottom section as I placed them in the kitchen and bathroom (end bathroom) sinks, so the water just drained away and out of the 'van.
  3. I am supprised that they didn't pass you onto Miriad Products - Part of the same building Telephone: 01283 586060 Address: 2000 Park Lane, Dove Valley Park, Foston, United Kingdom, DE65 5BG Email: sales@miriad-products. com
  4. The driver, with wife and teenage son, were stood by the side of the road (police in attendance) - no sign of any medial issue as no ambulance in attendance or the police given first aid; no damage to vehicle windscreen or any other part that I could see. At the time I passed there was no other vehicle involved or stopped by the side, the police were just trying to keep the traffic moving than worry about anything else. It had happened on a busy stretch of the A30, about 3/4 the way down a very steep descent. If the driver had been going as the appropriate speed then he should have been able to bring the vehicle & 'van to a stop without any drama or incident, unless hit by another vehicle or medical issue - which both I have already covered.
  5. No I did not see it happen, but if the driver was driving at a speed appropriate to the road conditions, traffic conditions and caravan loading then this would not of happened (as per the comment from Arc systems) From your comment I am assuming that you are the defence counsel and are taking the stance of it not being the drivers fault at all.
  6. Went there in May. Got to site and was told my pitch number - which was taken by a large tent - went back to reception and all I got was a shrug and told to use any pitch available. Went and had a look and all that was big enough was one next to the play area and sloped away to much. Went back to reception again and said that they either sort me out with the correct pitch or I'll have a full refund. Was told that the manager will be back in 20mins and she will have to see what can be done. waited 30mins and went back to reception again, was told that the manager is on the phone sorting it out. Eventually was told that they have transferred us to their sister site on the main part of dawlish (peppermint park) Drove round and was shown to one of their seasonal pitches - fully serviced and hard standing. Would I go back there - No - because of the way that they initially handled the problem.
  7. The look on the blokes face seem to have said it all and the wife was giving him the "if looks could kill" kinda stare.
  8. On our way to Newquay a week ago (on Saturday) got held up for a bit coming down one of the large hills, on A30, to eventually see a Merc ML facing the wrong way on the verge with newish 'van on it's side Seems to have not read the large clear signs saying 'if towing to reduce speed' - Well he waste his time trying to get to his destination all for probably 5mins. Got talking to one of our neighbours and he said that the same thing happened on the Friday as well Also whilst I am on a bit of a rant, why is it that people with trailers and/or boats seem to think that the 60MPH rule does not apply to them. had a guy with a largish speedboat in tow (on very small tyres) come past me on the M5, as if I was crawling along. One blowout, or emergency stop, and I could have seem the boat end up strewn all over the carriageway Mark
  9. We had a really good day, as it was my daughter's 13th b'day
  10. I had exactly the same problem as you (in May also) - Noticed that it was flexing so much as I also had to mount it in the low position. ] On the way home it actually cracked around one of the mounts Contacted the supplier and sent in some photos, they asked to just send back the mounting brackets and refunded my money in full. I actually didn't get any significant increase in MPG saving and was going to send it back due to the amount of flexing. I could not see how something that flexed so much could actually guide the air flow to it's desired direction.
  11. We stopped at Rockley Park, Poole, last year and was happy with the site and facilities.
  12. We'll be there from the 21st for 1 week.
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