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  1. This was a post a long time ago. In the end, after seeking advice, I used Milliput to successfully repair the crack in 2020.
  2. I calculated that it would take six years of discount to get the cost of the lock back.
  3. 1979 was a typo should have read 1997. Apologies to Legal Eagle.
  4. One might argue that the post 1997 testing for B+E is a waste of time and effort. Do the outcomes of testing post 1979 drivers result in less accidents than those pre 1979 - where is the data? Much better to focus resources on qualifying LGV licenses and clearing the back log,
  5. I suspect on a safety basis it would make very little real world difference. How many accidents would occur with B+E tests being removed? Do we have lots of safety issues with pre 1979 drivers towing vans without this test? Today a pre 97 driver gets to hitch up and go above 3.5 without a test as does a pre 97 driver that tows a caravan behind a light car with a GTW <3.5 k and is also OK, Which unit is safer? You could argue a small car with a heavy caravan in the second case is more of a risk. The existing system is flawed too. I would say though "that new caravanners need some instruction" but that is a different matter.
  6. Saw another caravan on Tuesday afternoon on the M3/A34 without towing mirrors. - these are among the ones that need pulling first even just for a polite chat.
  7. If we are all on EV yes agreed, else it is not fair.
  8. Any idea what the timescales are on this consultation and a decision?
  9. Nothing is free eventually. If people start charging cars via the pitch fee watch pitch fees go up smartly. CMHC club require an additional payment for EV charging.
  10. Don't forget the public liability issue.....this is the biggest claim that one might face albeit a rare occurrence.
  11. 1200 is the maximum carrying weight -as you phrase it. Knowing the kerb weight would be useful and then we can see how stable it all might be. The 895 is the weight of the empty caravan with some basics in it which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually this doesn't include the battery or a mover if you have one. This MIRO mass in running order weight is notoriously inaccurate due to the way caravans are manufactured. It only takes some optional extras or some DIY in its history and it will be incorrect - sometimes it varies from caravan to caravan of the same model . The only true test is a weigh bridge.
  12. We have two threads running here admin will need to merge them. The 1960 looks like the MAM of the car i.e. the maximum weight that the car can be. the 1 and 2 are the maximum weight for the front and rear axle. When they are added together they are always bigger than the MAM so as to allow for variable loading.
  13. The key issue is what is this 1960kg figure.
  14. What is the 1960kg figure? I suspect that the 3365 is the gross train weight i.e. max weight of car and trailer together. I would add that the 3500kg restriction is based on plated weight not the actual weight. In other words you cannot empty the trailer simply to get it below the figure - it is the theoretical potential weight as stated on the plate that is limit. What you need to establish is the ratio between the weight of the car and caravan. Normally we work on the kerb weight i.e . the weight of car including driver and various fluids. The ratio is important for stability. Just because it can tow a certain weight it doesn't mean it is stable, so this needs to be thought through. Tell us what 1960 is, and perhaps the kerb weight if its different, and we can go from there.
  15. My 2020 Eccles has dark wood furniture/doors and charcoal black/grey bulkhead walls.
  16. Having seen several people damage their vans on sites this year I think training is certainly needed by some. I saw three accidents in one afternoon whilst sitting by our van on a CMHC site last July and further one a couple of weeks ago. All at low speed maneuvering round the site as they looked for pitches. The hitching up properly is one issue - just to stop vans falling off at the first speed bump is a winner on its own. The prevention of dragging cables; swinging out and hitting things, cutting corners and clipping rocks; learning the subtleness of reversing on a straight line on meeting that tractor on the approach to a site. To name a few.
  17. On insurance renewal one needs to check that the sum insured is enough for the new for old replacement value Many have had to increase this figure on renewal as prices for vans have increased substantially since they purchased them.
  18. Are you suggesting training courses are pointless because everyone can just pick up a van and get on with it? Please explain your view....
  19. Quite a bit gets learnt through watching others.
  20. That is the existential question for caravanning and also motorhoming of which I see little answers to at present.
  21. High Prices The difference between Challenger and Eccles was only upholstery - correct me if I am wrong?
  22. do you have 12 s the white plug?
  23. It was a Chichester Caravans dealer special. I had one too c 2005-6.
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