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  1. Many people replace these pipe runs with domestic plastic waste pipe, This might be an alternative option for you? The sink will drain better and less chance of blockages and odours.
  2. Or reading threads like this we bought a Swift instead of Coachman or Elddis . So, brand image is damaged by alleged poor service feedback on forums like this and yes it affects sales. Lunar learned this lesson the hard way.
  3. Will the news announced today be the end of caravanning within 10 - 15 years? It has been suggested that even if you buy an I.C. engine vehicle in 2029 taxes will be introduced in the transition period to make them very expensive to run. Currently electric cars in the majority have low tow limits or very limited range. I have seen hybrids towing but they will be phased out too. Current electric technology isn't yet up to towing any decent distance without major inconvenience. Will we see the caravan with its own motors and batteries perhaps, or will carava
  4. The OP outcome is awaited please,
  5. It is more about unnecessary complexity but any licensing or bureaucracy incurs addition costs for often questionable value. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
  6. Lunars did use Concept Kel Alarms from Keen Electronics Ltd. a company that has good customer service reputation in my mind as they sent out spares to us very promptly. The little silver key is the one I suspect you are referring to?
  7. Don't jaywalk in Poland either only designated crossing points else 500zlt fine, Even late a night with no traffic
  8. It depends on whether you are on 230v and the charger is on or not, If not, although the fridge will not be using 12v to cool, it will run the battery down eventually as it uses power to control its electronics as will the modern caravan control panels too. If you have a solar panel fitted in the system you might get away with it. On Sargeant systems (Swift) there is a shut down isolation switch to turn off all electronics to avoid this scenario. On older caravans leaving on the fridge manually ( older non auto fridges) set on 12v , or on 230 without pow
  9. Stabilisers should not be used to attempt to solve stability problems although this sounds counter intuitive to their name. They are there for additional security on normally stable outfits for extreme circumstances. If the bike rack is making the outfit unstable then it's no bike rack I'm afraid.
  10. This is the key phrase: " caravan will need to be assessed by your supplying dealer who will have to be a continuing Lunar Automotive dealer." The question is how many such dealers still exist and what is the percentage of previously purchased vans still get warranty under this criteria? Surely goodwill should cover all sales within previously declared time limits. It is difficult not to be cynical.
  11. But the larger better equipped van has a payload that makes it very difficult to use it with the lighter tow vehicle and lower MTPLM. Motor-mover, battery and gas plus basic stuff and you are struggling; plus the smaller car then can't take the stuff you then can't put in the van. - no room or no weight capacity Things like: Awning, chairs, groceries etc etc.
  12. Good summing up of the discussion.
  13. It is all a bit weird. Recently purchased a new Swift. 1481kg beneath the door. !500kg in the gas locker with conformity paperwork showing 1500Kg. On querying this via the dealer Swift said "The weight plate in the gas locker is the plate that gives you the details of what the chassis can take so to speak. (essentially the upgrade). We purposely place a lower MTPLM as standard as it gives the customers flexibility to have a smaller car, or of course upgrade if the car they have will tow more." So, £60 later I now have a 1500kg sticker, with an extra 2 PSI on the tyres
  14. A cheap low wattage one from Tesco is as good as any. A tenner will do it.
  15. If average means a measure of central tendency i.e. in the middle somewhere in a range of tow cars in terms of power and weight then the car in discussion whilst a good tow car for a suitable weight is in reality a below average tow car or lower quartile at least of the range of cars that tow.
  16. Depends definition of on older. c 1990- 2008 I was told this on good authority, but confidentially, that the weights were all over the place.
  17. Agreed you are correct in term of enforcement but if MIRO is inaccurate it overstates payload and can then as a consequence cause people to overload unless they take the van to a weigh bridge. Many people just weigh their stuff and add it to the MIRO to calculate how close they are to MTPLM whilst potentially flawed this approach is common,
  18. The MIRO of older caravans was imprecise, especially Lunars apparently, so the pay load was often grossly over stated resulting in frequently exceeded MTPLM by many users being blissfully unaware,
  19. Or sensible and considerate use. Back to gas heaters.... I remember as a student their use in student houses; gas calor heaters pumping water out and the walls dripping in condensation....
  20. More electric use higher prices.....
  21. Heating awnings is not a popular practice with site owners who pay the "leccy" bill....
  22. The black cylindrical bit looks like a signal noise filter.
  23. In following on from my above comment having now read the SWIFT user manual - it is raining today- it says quite specifically that for Swifts a car battery is not suitable.
  24. I suppose if you buy a car battery and it survives and does the job against the tasks set against it then all's well. If it fails in a short time then you know to buy a more expensive leisure battery next time, It is the off grid issue with repeated charging that the heavier plated leisure batteries come into play. Being that car batteries are not that expensive relative to leisure batteries then a bit of speculation isn't going to be the end of the world.
  25. As many people service there own vans as they get older a service record becomes less and less important, What would be important is a service report from a recent service. It will show as, hopefully dry, and the brakes etc will have been examined thoroughly and rectified if required. Don't forget the age of tyres.
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