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  1. We have a 530 , great storage space but the downside is the payload doesn't allow you to use it while towing.
  2. One option might be to explore getting a heki vent that fits the same size roof hole, This is going to be a £500 solution whether you find a new remi replacement or use an alternative brand - they are all expensive.
  3. The truth hurts,,,,,,people will hate this, but you are correct. The " I paid for the electricity in my pitch fee" brigade forget that higher usage over the years has resulted in increased pitch fees for all.
  4. I had it clarified in writing from the french authorities who issued the CRit Air that the sticker could be affixed on the left hand side of a windscreen of a right hand drive vehicle as it was affecting visibility. Message : Thank you for the Crit Air Sticker. I drive a British right-hand drive vehicle, the sticker interferes with the vision can it be placed on the left hand passenger side? Merci pour l'autocollant Crit Air. Je conduis un véhicule à droite britannique, l'autocollant interfère avec la vision peut-il être placé sur le côté passager gauche? Answer: Via E Mail Hello You can display your sticker on the passenger side. Best regards Cordialement, Service de délivrance des Certificats Qualité de l’Air contact@certificat-air.gouv.fr
  5. Most repairs are done by buying replacement wall board with the covering already bonded. On older vans sourcing this may become difficult. As my woodwork teacher Mr. Dawson said years ago " make a mistake a feature" in this context perhaps a different finish may well look better than trying to create a match.
  6. This was a post a long time ago. In the end, after seeking advice, I used Milliput to successfully repair the crack in 2020.
  7. I calculated that it would take six years of discount to get the cost of the lock back.
  8. 1979 was a typo should have read 1997. Apologies to Legal Eagle.
  9. One might argue that the post 1997 testing for B+E is a waste of time and effort. Do the outcomes of testing post 1979 drivers result in less accidents than those pre 1979 - where is the data? Much better to focus resources on qualifying LGV licenses and clearing the back log,
  10. I suspect on a safety basis it would make very little real world difference. How many accidents would occur with B+E tests being removed? Do we have lots of safety issues with pre 1979 drivers towing vans without this test? Today a pre 97 driver gets to hitch up and go above 3.5 without a test as does a pre 97 driver that tows a caravan behind a light car with a GTW <3.5 k and is also OK, Which unit is safer? You could argue a small car with a heavy caravan in the second case is more of a risk. The existing system is flawed too. I would say though "that new caravanners need some instruction" but that is a different matter.
  11. Saw another caravan on Tuesday afternoon on the M3/A34 without towing mirrors. - these are among the ones that need pulling first even just for a polite chat.
  12. If we are all on EV yes agreed, else it is not fair.
  13. Any idea what the timescales are on this consultation and a decision?
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