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  1. Use an air pump to direct a blast of air in the burner area -cobwebs..... This has worked several times for us and others over the years.
  2. When it is on PCP and goes back in 3 years still under warranty then what is the issue? I think the Kuga Powershift is a wet clutch system? With emission targets, finding a conventional torque converter is difficult. Another point is with torque converters the issue was cooling and fuel inefficiency.
  3. Ford Kuga with powershift seems fine to us.
  4. A solution is to use UPV moulding from a window supplier, I believe it is on sale at Wickes too. It is light, easy to cut and looks good. Tape nearly always curls with age and in my experience sticking it back is a losing battle. Using decorators cork as an adhesive works well with this material.
  5. Try a blast of air from a foot pump to the burner area. Cobwebs are a common reason for a gas fridge not lighting.
  6. As long as it stops that's fine. You could probably get it to stop quicker with adjustment but "if it ain' t broke don't fix it" it is the beat approach as you might mess it up! there are fiddly things pressure switches. It will vary with voltage by the way if you are on battery and the charge drops off or on a site with heavy load.
  7. Service history for vans out of damp warranty period has questionable value. It is serviced prior to sale and all is well, particularly damp free declaration, then whats the problem? When you consider most servicing is checking things work rather than value add preventative maintenance then the "walk away" advice for no service history does not seem that valid.
  8. yes.. it 's not great is it,..... weird circular zones that make caravans face each other and a noisy busy road.
  9. You would think when building hard-standing pitches making them level would be somewhat sensible?
  10. Having been on a ferry in a force eight back from Bilbao on the old Pride of Bilbao I think your are lucky your ferry crossing got cancelled. It is just one of those things; BF really have your safety and comfort at the heart of this decision; those smaller ships they are using this time of year are lively.
  11. The price is the one that the purchaser is willing to pay.
  12. They leak like caravans as the coach-built ones use the similar techniques and frequently use older methods not newer ideas like Alutech or equivalent. I have seen some really bad rot in one particular Motorhome.
  13. On all the time because the alarm will run the battery down within a week or so,
  14. Lubricate the filter thread with cooking oil or Vaseline when fitting. These are a "pig" to unscrew without cracking it. Use the handles of a pair of pliers and apply gentle turning pressure but not too much. just keep the gentle torque on for a few seconds and then they usually move - well hopefully!
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