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  1. Caravan are more stable with a decent nose weight as long as the weight doesn't exceed the nose weight limit the lowest of: Car, Van or Aftermarket Bar Limit. A light front ended van is awful.
  2. It could be seen as a way of cynically retaining dealers when several may otherwise wish to disassociate themselves.
  3. Just a thought on reading another reply mentioning age, if you passed your test after 1997 then you will be restricted to towing weight without a B+E additional test.
  4. The cost of up-keep depends partially on age and value. If new, servicing is compulsory for warranties so expect c. £250- 300 per year for that outside of warranty you can choose the level of work required and some do it themselves. Insurance varies on value eg. mine is 14 years old and costs about £110 per year on a value of 6k A 20K new van is going to be £350 plus, others will help you with a more precise estimate. You will probably need a breakdown cover policy designed for caravanning as the existing one may not provide the right recovery options for you. Don't under-estimate spending on gadgets and replacement bits as stuff frequently breaks or wears out. I keep mine on the drive so I can't assist with storage costs.
  5. Thanks for taking the advice the right way....
  6. Fenester


    The container needs to be food grade plastic.
  7. There is a lot of questions here which will result in a complex unstructured thread - might it be better to post the questions individually so you get structured replies and then this doesn't go all over the place?
  8. Update: The cost of fitting two new valves to tyres that will have to be changed anyway within 24 months added up to £28. Two new tyres fitted were £126 all in. The labour of fitting a value is around 30% of the cost of fitting these relatively cost effective simple caravan tyres. I suspect with more expensive car tyres, low profiles and wider ones, the proportion would be less. The tyres were OK according to Micheldever Tyres but: new tyres were purchased as this was, in my mind,the best solution both for peace of mind and financially. I kept one tyre to replace the spare which I will go back and get done another day. They did remark that tyres have a shelf life of 5 years which fits in with recommendations (CMC etc.) elsewhere.
  9. Thanks for your help......I am waiting for the rain to stop before removing the wheel; guess it will be later in the week now dreary day here today.
  10. The tyres will go in the car and be taken down to Micheldever without the caravan. Do you think the obvious perishing of the valves makes the tyres suspect? May well trade in the van in the spring so hence a little reluctance to fit new tyres.
  11. Thought I had better check the nearside tyre valve this morning. It is cracked also and whilst fiddling with it it went bang and the other tyre deflated. Goes to show checking tyres at five years old is a must. So off to Micheldever tyres sometime this week - they can check the condition and give advice as to change or just do the valves. Gordon's advice above is to change them for new, this is cautions but reasonable as I will probably have to change them in the next 24 months anyway ...
  12. Avondale .....That was a good solution as was the gas locker in the centre and the glass fibre roof moulding. Is a split tyre valve that common?
  13. Only having a bottle jack slowed things up too.
  14. The hose seems to have been replace with a rubber bung - and yes it does go all over your shoes. You need a jar else as the pressure drops it will fill your cassette bay with pink.
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