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  1. My personal view is that two days towing from the channel ports to Port Grimaud with a van is a bit too much even using autoroutes; let alone non toll RN - but each to their own. France is big.
  2. No its battery, 3000 model c. 2005/6 The older ones were piezo.
  3. Electric heating . The top photo of the two is the fan motor control - leave lower lever as it is in the photo and then use the rotary dial for the speed - put it on 5. Electric heat temperature control is not this one shown above ((black one) that is for the gas) but on the other photo further up in the thread labelled ultra heat 240 v set/choose: 1000, 500 or 2000 watts and set the thermostat dial. These other dials will be elsewhere in the van somewhere. Eventually hot air will come out the events but it takes time. Gas Heating: You have the controls (black ones) in the latter photo. Turn to 10 and depress it will sound rapid clicks. the gas will after a little time light, continue to hold for a few seconds and release. Keep on 10 for a while and then when it is going nicely adjust. Set the fan control (lower back control in the photo) to A - this the auto control for the gas blown air. If the gas igniter doesn't click when the button control is depressed it will be the battery in the heater which will need replacing - it is independent of any other electrical system. It is behind the cover low down - on the left from memory.
  4. Correct and yes one would hope so - but always wind the jockey wheel until you see the car raise then you really know it is not going to come off.
  5. We have a witter fixed bar on the Kuga - no issues.
  6. The bottom line is that it won't dry out unless the wall board where damp is seen replaced. The water gets trapped behind the vinyl. The frame will rot. For a play-house rip the wall board of and replace with 3mm ply after its dry you can then paint the ply - do this in the summer or under cover. For now just use a tarp to stop it getting worse - in the winter drying out in outside ambient conditions is virtually impossible,
  7. Anyone in Hampshire interested in joining the Caravan and Motorhome Club instructor team?
  8. Sticking one on top may reduce clearance to the wheel; the clearance is often tight.
  9. The plastic on wheel boxes is not much different in thickness , strength and flexibility to that found on black plastic buckets. Be careful when filling cupboards next to the wheel box that items don't press on the box so it flexes and touches the tyre. My son did that, putting in cans of food, and we got home to find the tyre had worn through leaving a four inch hole and we could see the tyre. A new wheel box for the Lunar, as the part was not made any more, was £350 from a specialist manufacturer in Germany I decided to give that a miss. A fiberglass kit and some hours of work resolved the issue. I now also have a ply back to the locker to protect the wheel box. The crack shown in this thread looks like an easy fix.
  10. A very valid and correct opinion nevertheless.
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