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  1. It was a Chichester Caravans dealer special. I had one too c 2005-6.
  2. Must have been a really big one then? I saw a coach sized really high motorhome at Godrevy last week. It was its height rather than its length that looked big.
  3. I think this is an issue that has crept up on us due to scale. Historically Motorhomes were in the minority and reserving the odd pitch was not an issue; it has been going on for years and is probably an embedded cultural/process matter within the warden community. Now with motorhomes becoming very popular reaching high percentages of site clients, 50% + I observed recently, the practice has manifested itself substantially, creating a bias to favour motorhomes to the detriment of caravans.
  4. One lesson learnt was this . Logically when you go on the CMHC website to book when you are not going to take an awning,is to book a non awning pitch. However on arrival you often find that blue peg pitches- non awning- are small and in inconvenient positions being squeezed in. St Agnes Beacon is a classic example of small blue peg pitches. As blue and white are priced the same one is disadvantaged by booking a non awning pitch. Having learnt this lesson do we now book non awning pitches when not intending to use an awning - no we don't. Only if all awning pitches have gone. If there was a price differential then this decision might alter. ,
  5. Not sure I understand your point? Please explain what you mean. I am not proposing anything specifically, just instigating a discussion based on want we recently experienced. If others have solutions then they are welcome to propose them. The blue pegs are usually non awing pitches due to their smaller size - they are priced the same as white pegs though.
  6. We are finding that on arrival many pitches are pre allocated for Motorhome use. This means that on occasions caravans are directed to smaller pitches some of which are undesirable. Being that everyone pays the same is this growing practice by club wardens justified? We have also noticed that often large Motorhomes, often with trailers and extra vehicles, impact the enjoyment of adjacent pitches significantly and the trend this year seems to be a greater number of Motorhomes and also a significant increase in larger outfits. Is the CMHC becoming the MHCC?
  7. I read the article. It did come across as white paper with the aim of promoting the sale of trackers. The insurance discounts given for trackers are less that the annual charge for connection furthermore frequently they fail to get a signal with swift command telling you that your caravan is somewhere where you definitely know it isn't.
  8. One concern must be the weight and its use of precious payload. The payload allowances are so low these days.
  9. VAT is claimed back on the costs so the overheads are less in compensation for the VAT uplift on fees. In a non VAT registered enterprise the VAT is not reclaimable so the overheads are effectively higher but no VAT is charged . So in reality the effect on fees it is fairly similar. However, in a bigger enterprise the investment in developing a CL/CS can be set off against taxable profits earned on other activities so one could argue the mix results in a better outcome for the owner,
  10. The hitch would pop off the ball when the jockey wheel is wound down- probably fairly abruptly.
  11. Was the weather warm when you tried it? I got worried with a carver once producing no heat but it was simply that the thermostat did n't kick in because the ambient temperature was too high.
  12. Funny that once mains 230v lights were the feature of the year!
  13. Just a warning Please be very careful what you put on acrylic windows and roof lights (Heki/Remi). White spirit - as an example - causes crazing.
  14. It does beg the question whether a choice of another dealer should be considered. Lack of basic knowledge indicates deeper issues whilst maintaining vans or giving advice on caravanning matters.
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