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  1. If it is a Hartal door then just buy a complete new lock; they are not that expensive and fairly easy to fit. 4 screws and about 30 minutes tops.
  2. Particularly as white spirit is often used to clean off none setting sealant after re setting components like awning rails or locker door frames, gas/electric points etc.- so keep it well away from any windows.
  3. White spirit is a definite No ---- it causes crazing, I accidentally used it on a Remi roof light that had de-natured black rubber on it after the sealing strips had perished - got the black gunge off but ruined the acrylic. As these are c.£500 to replace - beware.
  4. Solved. A friend sent me a picture of a barbeque with a canvas shelf beneath it. This sparked the memory of an old Homebase BBQ that has long since disappeared into rust; this was the windshield on the rear. Campingaz probably made a white labelled version for Homebase but the real label stayed on this fabric part. It had been sitting in the back of a kitchen cupboard for over ten years and I had completely forgotten its origin, Thanks all for trying....
  5. Puzzle. We found this is the cupboard today and I haven't a clue what it is. It is a robust material rectangle with folds fastened by velcro strips. It has a canvas cut out for folding about a third along its longer edge, The label says Campingaz 072052-05 and another tab with the number F0012815. It has a fire retardant label too. Google can't help. Any ideas.
  6. When you go continental caravaning particularly in France you see why the styles are different. Most just sleep in the van - it is simply too hot in the day - cooking is unpleasant inside even in the evening. Campers have extensive outdoor cooking apparatus - it is not uncommon to see a chip fryer appearing out of a locker. Most euro sites have ablution blocks with extensive dish washing areas - people seem to always carry their dishes over to the block. The wastermaster gets some funny looks at times. I suspect showers are fairly rarely used in the vans as there is a
  7. The frozen bit was as a result of this thread starting from another talking about frozen milk being used to maintain fridge temperature on a ferry crossing, Admin created a new thread, on my suggestion, using this wording as it was a tangent in danger of creating thread drift off the original topic. So, in reality it is about all food that previously one would have carried for the first few days of a caravan trip starting at a continental channel port: Calais, Caen, Bilbao, Santander or wherever,
  8. The third party issue is forgotten by so many. Having seen a caravan roll down a hill on a site after not been chocked properly after unhitching ; it fortunately missed everything in its way, except the fence at the bottom of the field. The consequences of hitting a van or car or even worse causing a death would be, beyond the tragedy, be financially dire. Potentially a house losing event. Gordon's comment is spot on.
  9. Having discussed this in conversation with my elderly neighbour he said: " They didn't have a problem with my sandwiches on the 6th of June 1944" - somewhat amusing I thought.
  10. Not strange at all, I was alluding to the fact that people preferences are different and opinions vary as a consequence. To some it is not an issue as they are happy to shop near the port to us but to us it is a pain. To you it may seem silly, but that is your prerogative. Putting the arguments on Brexit aside and the matter of 3rd country status, it seems that, having had tourists bring in small quantities of food for personal consumption for years even prior to EU Maastricht in the days of the good old FFR, a bit petty. You would think the sensible thing would be to create a
  11. The nearside swing out is a real important issues - as it is the side you cannot see in any mirrors. I have seen several posts and fences taken out on club sites whilst people try tight right had turns to close to obstructions.
  12. The issue is this - we like to get of the ferry and get on with a substantial journey arriving at our overnight stop(s) with everything we need to arrive late and then start early doing shopping later when we arrive relaxed and in a position to "slow down" for the holiday. Therefore we like to travel fully provisioned for the first few days. Whether this fits your style or not is relevant to whether one considers this to be an issue relevant to you or not.
  13. You can buy singles from wickes. There are a 1.5m long and about 300mm wide. £2.00.
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