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  1. A lot depends on age of this propex? Abi suggests old so have you a model number for yours? Old ones started with 24 and a popular one with abi was the 2470, grey box about 7"x"8"x 12" tall?
  2. Bit of a misunderstanding, the remote by connecting itself isolates the original stat in the switch with the 0to9 knob, not the knob itself which continues to work with the remote stat. I generally describe the action as exactly the same as plugging earphones into a radio disconnects the loud speaker, (albeit 1970's technology so mono socket and plug! lol)
  3. Far from a common problem but the odd one fails, even rarer to physically 'burn out' rather than a component fail. Usual cause of burnt circuit board is short circuit usually caused by worn out motor or possibly an individual switch wire in the end of the cable, connecting to the fans switch, catching and rubbing through on rear casing? As for price of new one £68?!!! good job I was sat down when I read that last week! And, it gets worse if your unlucky enough to have the later TEB3 fan...£98!! their having a laugh, going to have to look at my repair costs, it's been a while but £20 last one I did.... including postage!
  4. It's not a gas fitting as such, it's usual use is for high pressure air brake pipe connections, 2000psi! You'll find them then at your local branch of Pirtek
  5. Hi again. I should have mentioned that I have replaced the pcb switch which was cream crackered. 

  6. Hi Gary. I’ve tried emailing you but I guess you have thousands to cope with. I have a fanmaster 4000 which won’t play with me. It’s fine on gas but when on electric it works for 10 minutes then trips the house electrics. If I let it cool down then reset the trip it’s fine for a while then does it again. I suspected damp between the elements but running it on gas hasn’t helped. Any thoughts? Element faulty? 

    Thanks for your time 

    1. Jaydug


      Gary doesn't seem to get on the forum as much as he used to.   You'll stand more chance if you give him a ring on 07901 544431 - but only Monday to Friday, 9-5pm

    2. daveand elaine

      daveand elaine

      hi, sorry for the delay in replying to thank you. Been away in french France. i'll try ringing him.

  7. Good or bad, the picture does not show the thermocouple, the copper 'bulb' or cigar as I call it, is infact the gas fires room thermostat, the fires electric heating remotethermostat in this case being clipped too it The thermocouple 'bulb' referred too I'd assume is what I call the hot end, this is sighted on the burner inside the fire, the other 'cold' end being screwed into the gas valve under the van ☺️
  8. I well remember the clubs recommending 5yrs when the manufacturers said 7yrs, people on forums then getting down to three and even two!! At the time and in responce to this silly state of affairs, the manufacturers removed reference to age, substituting 'regular inspection,' (from day one), as the only way to ensure tyres remain fit for purpose. How then this silly argument still exists today is totally beyond me?!
  9. There's a manual you can download and print on my website, www.arcsystem.biz
  10. Well i can help determine that for you, give me ring 9 till 5, 07901 544431
  11. George the original Metz service has retired, however he passed the firm to a guy who George tells me is doing very well and he recommends. Phone number remains the same 07940 593673
  12. Seems not enough air is being pushed through the element castings, this could be for several reasons but as ive seen it before, first thought is fans on motor shaft wrong way round, or same problem connected reverse polarity so fans still going backward. Next is someones cleaned the fan and the mucks now been chucked on to the elements by the fan, this then blocking them directly behind the overheat stat. Third would be a fault on control board. Lastly, I fully agree with previous post
  13. My last and current van both used the same heater and I didn't notice any draught at all from it, so first question would be if it's fitted correctly? For instance the gap at the front and to each side of the air intake should be cloaked by a shaped metal plate which stops anything excessive coming out directly into the living space. That in itself is more than other fires. My guess though is the vans 98/2000 so at the beginning of the change to what was only motorhome standard low level ventilation, this removed a great deal of the previous standards draughty floor ventilation around the van. I would first then check the floor for these sources of draughts, particularly around the front seating area?! Your looking for anything other than reasonably considered a small gas drop hole ie, under or very close to gas connections.
  14. The replies are not meaningless if op now armed with other people's experiences is better aware, therefore make a more informed judgement as to his dealers demands being fair or not
  15. Oh! You've stopped Surfing then Mr Durbanite? how the devil are you these days? All I seem to remember about that new year at Newark, was it was minus 7degs and I had a busmans holiday fitting remote temp stats to truma electric heating systems. .. including your own to your good ladies delight 😁 PS, one of my daughters was in your homeland several weeks ago filming an advert, just started showing on television
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