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  1. Hi Has anyone dealt with Scenic motorhome and caravan insurance specialists? Had very good quote today for touring caravan insurance. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. keithjl


    hi just had mine updated 7. 7. 4 version at kia garage free of charge
  3. keithjl


    hi Alan kia dealerships are doing a free update on sat navs my sorento is 2014 software version 7. 5. 4 the new update is 7. 5. 8 if you google kia navigation maps it takes you to kia home page saying free updates I phoned my dealer to update my sorento booked in tomorrow
  4. keithjl


    hi Alan did you take your to a kia dealership they told me can take up to 2hours mine is booked in tomorrow
  5. keithjl


    hi kia are doing free sat nav updates just booked my kia for upgrade just google kia navigation map
  6. thanks 

    for the tickets received today

  7. hi 1 meter dish benicassim
  8. hi could any body help with tv in spain. I am on astra 2, full strength and full quality, receiving sky news but cannot receive bbc or itv channels. I am using a sky box, hope this makes sense. Any info greatly received
  9. Can anybody recommend a site near a23 between Zaragoza and Teruel, preferably nearer to Teruel. Thanks
  10. hi can,t find the link about Brittany ferry prices special prices for 20 euros
  11. hi les what stop overs do you use
  12. hi we are staying at bonterra park
  13. hi which is the best way from, caen to benicassim useing toll roads thanks
  14. Hi Can anyone recommend the best route from Cheshire to Hawes Caravan Club Site Thanks
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