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  1. Update. Having been to look at a Sorento GT Line I got quotes through Carwow. Together with a £3000 deposit contribution and a decent trade in plus a low 2.9% interest a deal has been done. I pick it up on Friday. Now to organise a towbar. Thanks for all the comments and advice. In the end I thought that the Sorento is going to do a great job and be much better value for money. Martin
  2. Went back to look at a Sorento today. (GT Line) Seems a better deal financially with 2.9% on a 3 year PCP. Together with a more competitive price and the 7 year warranty it looks like it might be the one. Any further opinions?
  3. So.e interesting points raised. I am thinking of using PCP having never bought a brand new car before. I thought it might be prudent to have flexibility in 3 or 4 years especially in owning a diesel. Dealers have also talked about a contract hire but I am struggling to get my head around not actually owning the car. I realise that is also the case with PCP to an extent. It's a minefield!
  4. I wondered how many on here tow with a Skoda Kodiaq. Thinking of getting a 190 DSG. Looks a great vehicle. Must say I have loved my Santa Fe but need to move on. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks Martin
  5. I attached a pipe so condensate no longer collects in the plastic tray but drips out the pipe sticking out the grill. A bigger problem is when you leave site and there is potential for all the water in the plastic tray to slop out and end up inside the caravan walls.
  6. I'm sure it should be permanent live connected straight to the battery via an in line fuse. The action of starting the engine will disrupt the atc self check I would have thought if it is wired through the ignition. Atc doesn't like it's self check not completing properly.
  7. I would have thought that the body shells and most if the fittings inside are identical. The main differences being the extras that a unicorn has such as alde heating, solar panel etc. Probably more damp issues reported as Unicorns sell in greater quantities.
  8. Sorry to hear you are having axle problems. We had the same on our Madrid S3. Alko came to the dealers and reported back the usual story that it had been overloaded at some point and even claimed it was marginally overloaded as presented. I didn't make too much of a fuss as Bailey agreed to replace the axle as a goodwill gesture. However I am certain that it is not overloaded an has not been as I keep a spreadsheet of everything in it including the mover and battery. We carry most of our gear in the car and as there is only two of us this isn't a problem. When we had our Pageant Provence S7 we did not have this problem and am sure we carried more at the time as our son's were with us as well. What I don't understand is that the exact same axle must be used on all sorts of manufacturers models so why are Bailey having so many reported problems when other makes don't seem to? Is it the flat topped wheel arch that makes it show up? Although I don't have the upgrade weight the axle is rated for 1550kg so my weight calculation becomes even more conservative. Good luck Mark and let us know how you get on. Martin
  9. We like doing this as well. Just had a few days near Market Harborough. The Brampton Valley way is an old railway running between Market Harborough and Northampton with two unlit tunnels! We stayed at Waterloo Farm which is a site right on the trail. Another favorite is the Mawddach Estuary running from Barmouth to Dolgellau. Another old railway trail that runs over the estuary with some spectacular scenary, There is a lovely CL just outside Barmouth called the Orchards which actualy has two sites one for CMC members and one for CCC members. Lets hope others join in with more suggestions. Martin
  10. Just filled up for the third time and pleased to report that for just under £10 I filled my 10kg safefill from pretty much empty. Pump stopped automatically and all was well. I reckon it's nearly a third of the price of calor.
  11. Washing up liquid has salt in it which i would imagine would degrade the seals. Some people use bio washing tabs instead of 'blue'.
  12. Lights and pump work from 12v supply only. They don't rely on a mains hook up. As others have said check the battery voltage with a meter. If this is ok then fuses or a loose cable perhaps. Always worth checking that battery connections are tight as well. Good luck.
  13. No problem at Morrisons. The advice is to show them the cylinder before you fill. However I didn't realise this at the time and the pump is out of line of sight of the staff anyway. When I asked previously a few weeks ago and explained Safefill the manager said he didn't have a problem. Since Morrisons have become more official in their stance I decided it was the right time to take advantage. Thanks for this. Does the pump cut out before the gas level gets above the recommended level or do you just keep going?
  14. So I have taken the plunge and bought a 10KG Safefill. I went to our local Morrisons and put 15 litres for the first fill as per the instructions. Just over £8 for about 7kg of gas- great! The question I have is when I go to refill it, say when its gets to a quarter full do I connect up to the lpg pump and press the button until it stops ie does the opd tell the pump to stop or do I need to keep an eye on the level. The instructions say not to to fill above a the visible part of the translucent bottle. Will the pump stop before then anyway? Thanks
  15. Some interesting points raised, many thanks. I thought it might be quite interesting to discuss. It's a lithium ion battery 500wh and takes a few hours to charge. The little and often approach seems sensible as does seeking out kindly site owners and cafes. I have a 150 watt inverter but may try a 300 watt one with proper sine wave output as some chargers can be a bit fussy. Any more ideas and theories gratefully received. Unfortunately the battery is one if the bits that make ebikes expensive. A second battery would run into £100's of pounds. The batteries are lithium ion and are totally deep cycle. Thanks for the idea though.
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