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  1. On some Alu-tecs there has been a problem with water ingress due to the grab handle leaking. The water tends to run down the inside of the front panel to the floor which tends to rott the floor of the 2x lockers either side over a long period of time if u discovered. You would never know this was happening until you remove the plastic trays. This can be dome by removing the screws in each corner of the tray. The plastic tray will then come out. there is usally a clear indication of water ingress as the floor will be stained or soft. The repair process for an early sign is pretty simple however you will have to contact a bailey approved engineer to have works completed. The Tell Tale Sign:- Have a look on the inside of the lockers near the holding nut for the grab handle. Is they a water mark stain running from the nut to the ridges of the inside front panel?
  2. If your happy with the deal then can say you never got a good deal. i bought my caravan from Brayford Leisure in Lincoln nearly 2 agos. Im very pleased with it. I basically waited till feb and rang around dealers for the best price on my model. I then rang Brayford up and told them what caravan i wanted and what i wanted to pay. i got the van £3000 cheaper than anywhere else. "Think the sales just got a bit excited when i said ill buy it from you now if you can do it at this price" they offered me 3ķ for my old van but i said no and sold it on ebay for 6. 5k i was very pleased
  3. Thanks Les. Its a good job your on the towball. ..;-)
  4. If your looking to buy a new stabiliser complete. You may aswell buy an alko or a winterhoff depending on the chasis. For the sake of an additional £70 to £80 it certainly outways the messing around with a bar attachment, not to mention the better control.
  5. Hi guys/gals. i recommend you have the battery tested. This issue as nothing to do with the weather however it is a clear sign of battery deteration
  6. everything, NEC Camping and Caravanning Show Stand 1028

  7. The AVTEX L236DRS, Is the newest editions to the AVTEX range, Brand New for July 2013 Ultra slim design makes it one of the lightest most compact TV on the market for its size and features. USED THIS PROMO CODE (AVTEX20) AT CHECKOUT WITH THIS LINK CLICK HERE Avtex L236DRS 23″ LED HD TV DVD with Integrated Satellite Decoder Avtex L236DRS Digital TV - Overview NEW RELEASE FOR JULY 2013 The L236DRS LED TV. The Avtex L236DRS TV is the new generation type of “Ultra Slim” portable TV’s. Avtex travel 12v TV’s includeds this NEW L236DRS. Avtex have been designing and producing Televisions for over 20 years and distributing televisions predominantly for caravans and motor homes. Avtex L2136DRS Digital TV – Description This Avtex L236DRS Triple Tuner TV has been released for 2013 with lots more new features. The super stylish, Flat screen, super slim design will make this 12 volt TV an instant hit. The Avtex L236DRS one of the Best Caravan TV for July 2013 on the market, You’ll know that youve made the right choice when choosing this compact, stylish, feature packed Caravan TV or Motor Home TV. Avtex designed this L236DRS from the ground up, allowing a host of new features and a 23″ LCD Screen. The compact and light weight nature of the L236DRS makes this TV also suitable to be used in the Marine / Boat and Trucks Industry as well as caravans and motorhomes. As you can expect from Avtex, this 12v TV is built to the highest quality making sure your TV stays functioning at all times. The Avtex L236DRS has also got AQT (Avtex Quick Tune) system, this allows the TV to be tuned in with the press of a single button. The Avtex L236DRS uses the A+ high grade LED screen as used in all there range, this means you will have no dead or bright pixels, which gives a crystal clear perfect viewing experience. The quality of the large flat screen gives you vastly larger viewing angle than compared with cheap caravan TV’s. All in all, This Avtex L236DRS was Purposely designed for the outdoor leisure industry the L236DRS CAN record and pause live TV to an external USB memory stick or USB HDD (Hard Disk Drive), there is a minimum size of 250MB to a maximum size of 250GB. Along with this you can couple your Blu-ray player to the L236DRS using the 2x HDMI sockets on the rear of the set. Avtex L236DRS TV – Features 23” Full HD widescreen 1080p LED Panel with awesome viewing angles Triple Tuner integrated: DVB-S2 Built-in Freeview Receiver DVB-S2 High Definition satellite decoder built-in DVD / CD Player Integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) with timer record Easy Find II – Digital Tuning Tool HD Ready, 2x HDMI Input sockets VGA with PC Audio input socket for use as monitor CI Slot for access to pay TV channels Wall mountable VESA standard Pause / Playback live TV / Instant record to USB 240v AC Mains Adaptor and 12v/24v DC Power Lead Digital Text / Fast Text 2x USB / 2x HDMI / Phono / Headphone sockets Low Power Consumption Avtex L236DRS – Dimensions Width : 547mm Height : 336mm Depth : 48. 5mm Weight : 4. 2kg Avtex L216DRS TV – Whats Included L236DRS 12v Tv L236DRS Remote Control & Batteries L236DRS 230v Mains Adapter L236DRS 12v DC Power Lead L236DRS Owners Manual L236DRS Quick Start Guide Avtex L236DRS TV – Warranty All Avtex products now come with a standard 3 year warranty.
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