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  1. Take the bottom drawer out and you will see them or the holes where they should have been. Grab the drawer by the sides and under the runners squeeze and wiggle and the drawer will lift out. Might be a bit of a struggle.
  2. I was measured at Portsmouth and my caravan searched for locking penknives. Strange because the security bloke did not know the law and was happy with my 12 inch kitchen knives. I still don't know why they searched for knives in the caravan...
  3. If your looking for a CL then I would recommend Bow Bridge Marina, Wateringbury. Next to the Medway and a Pub, Chinese takeaway and Fishing Tackle shop nearby. There is a train line close by but this a a quiet branch line. Good country walks to Teston Country Park. Close to Maidstone if you fancy a visit.
  4. Thinking of booking a Brittany ferry to Spain in September. I wonder if any 'friend' could lend me their code. PM me if you want me as your friend. Thanks in advance
  5. Good choice. I've had my Pegasus since new (2010) and love it. There is more than a few good ones out there. Hope you have plenty of good times in the future.
  6. We walked into the reception to ask if we could look at the site. There was no-one there so we strolled into the site. The empty plots were scattered around the site not just at the main entrance.
  7. I have just returned from Duquesa and had a look at La Bella Vista campsite out of curiosity. No security as I walked straight in from the main road. Several empty pitches probably about 6 or so. Didn't look particularly welcoming IMHO. Not really worth the drive as I think there are better campsites further North. Duquesa is nice around the Port though. ..
  8. Used Monzo in the USA and Croatia, no problems at all. This was before the £200 limit a month but still a good card to have IMHO.
  9. Thanks. Forgot about the machine. I have a collection of Warfarin tablets but its the others that I need to find out about. Just statins and HBP tablets. whoa, test strips are expensive. ...............
  10. May I ask how often do you get your INR checked. The max time I am allowed on a good INR result is 6 weeks. I was thinking of visiting the local Spanish etc pharmacy and asking them if they test. Strangely, I am going to Spain on Thursday (flying) and I am taking my repeat prescription with me and I am planning to pop into a local Pharmacy and see if I can buy over the counter.
  11. I stayed at a German service station last year on way to Croatia. It was not by choice but I was knackered and falling asleep. ( I know better planning). It took me three attempts to find one that I felt reasonably safe. They are awful places at night. Found a spot near the shop and stayed there. Worse night of my life, don't really know if i slept but as soon as the sun was up I left. Strange how the body wakes up as the sun rises. My advice find a campsite. I did stay at Ampersee and it is find for an overnight stop. Was going to visit Dachau but didn't as I didn't really re
  12. I might be but the forum is still showing my old email address and I can't access it. It won't allow me to change to the new one. ....
  13. So I can start to plan my retirement winters in Spain (5 months to go) and I didn't win the last competition. ..
  14. Another vote for the Post Office Credit Card. Use Monzo debit card worldwide.
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