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  1. Not that far away. https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/11/18/12bn-government-climate-plan-backs-mini-nuclear/
  2. If your docking in Pompey at 7.30pm, you will be hitting the M40 around 10pm, the services will be rammed that time of night, I often call in at Warwick services for fuel early doors, there will be trucks everywhere, have known them stopping on the edge of the forecourt, overnight space is a premium, best bet would the the services on Pear Tree roundabout at Oxford, junction of the A34/A44, does not allow trucks at this one so will have space.
  3. You could cannot see a reason why you couldn’t make one, or buy one ready made. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quality-Coiled-Extension-Trailer-13-Core/dp/B00ZCMGTBA/ref=pd_lpo_60_t_1/261-6798280-3309150?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00ZCMGTBA&pd_rd_r=856eb14f-a3d1-4209-9ca1-93b43ced959b&pd_rd_w=iuyDj&pd_rd_wg=s6R5l&pf_rd_p=7b8e3b03-1439-4489-abd4-4a138cf4eca6&pf_rd_r=PFAZFJ8JQG9KJJEEKZNR&psc=1&refRID=PFAZFJ8JQG9KJJEEKZNR
  4. Much like in London now, from Kings Cross to Euston Underpass, a little under two miles, which was three lanes with one lane being a bus lane, now the bus lane is now a cycle lane, the next lane is now a bus lane, leaving the rest to use the remaining lane, it took me twenty five minus to go from Kings Cross to the Euston Underpass, in that time, three cyclist were seen, with one of them using the pavement, 8.40am on a Friday morning.
  5. I recall you from Freel2, many moons ago now. I had two Fl2’s would have another if they still made them, the Discovery Sport is not a replacement, build quality is poor, engines are poor and the dealerships abysmal, all pointy shoes and kipper ties and haven’t a clue on customer care. Jumped ship to an XC60 D5, haven’t towed with due to 13pin electrics Issues, but solo it’s impressive.
  6. Hinchy, you surprise me, another LR owner taking the leap.
  7. Having just purchased a19 plate XC60 it’s going back again for the second time for towing electrics. With a 19 a Volvo drop down towbar and Volvo 13pin electrics, no option of seven pin anymore just the 13pin with 13 pin connections. Plug in a trailer board it works fine, everything lights up as it should, car knows it’s there, does the trailer light test, turns off the blind spot monitoring as it should. Plug it the van, nothing, not a thing, no ATC self test, no lights, no trailer light test or the turning of of blind spot monitoring. As mentioned here, turned the engine on, opene
  8. Tale of two vehicles, in the last few years spun shells on a 3.0 doesn’t get a mention on disco4.com but snapped cranks even on the D5 do. Was also featured on Watchdog a few months back.
  9. The spun bearings is a problem on the 2.7, the 3.0 doesn’t seem to have this issue, crankshafts snapping is an issue though with the 3.0, can go anytime as mileage as low as 26k, with a bill in the region of 16k if your unlucky. Myself after twenty years of Land Rovers, two Freelander 2’s and three Discoverey’s I no longer own one, it went yesterday great vehicles but let down by poor after service and poor dealers. TD5, worst of the bunch, but always got me home. Freelander 2, wiring issue that was resolved after a two stay at the dealer’s. Another Freelander 2, flat batt
  10. Bid low, I’d be suspicious why is was left, possible crank issue would be a concern, at a dealer it would cost in excess of 10k to rectify.
  11. Ours only does around 300 miles a fortnight with on average 3 miles per journey, been doing this for eight years now, four of them with Euro 6 and had no issues.
  12. Not only does sitting at the lights with your foot on the brake annoys the drover behind, it’s worse in the rain, but it’s the quickest way to ruin a set of Front Discs, the heat in the pads from braking, even hotter if you have just come down a hill and was towing, sitting with your foot on the brake puts all the heat concentrated in one part of the disc. On a lighter not back to the OP’s original question, he might find his answer here.😉
  13. Ours hasn’t moved for a few days, had the CTEK connected as above for the last two days, will be a surprise when I use it, the Stop/Start will actually work for a few days. To many short journeys.
  14. Some strange comments playing down the keyless entry theft when a quick google on police keyless entry, just about every police force is advising you to take measures against it.
  15. ad210358

    LED lights

    That’s LR for you, 😉 the LED lights don’t pull enough current to activate the trailer module. VLM4 should solve it.
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