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  1. Bid low, I’d be suspicious why is was left, possible crank issue would be a concern, at a dealer it would cost in excess of 10k to rectify.
  2. Ours only does around 300 miles a fortnight with on average 3 miles per journey, been doing this for eight years now, four of them with Euro 6 and had no issues.
  3. Not only does sitting at the lights with your foot on the brake annoys the drover behind, it’s worse in the rain, but it’s the quickest way to ruin a set of Front Discs, the heat in the pads from braking, even hotter if you have just come down a hill and was towing, sitting with your foot on the brake puts all the heat concentrated in one part of the disc. On a lighter not back to the OP’s original question, he might find his answer here.😉
  4. Ours hasn’t moved for a few days, had the CTEK connected as above for the last two days, will be a surprise when I use it, the Stop/Start will actually work for a few days. To many short journeys.
  5. Some strange comments playing down the keyless entry theft when a quick google on police keyless entry, just about every police force is advising you to take measures against it.
  6. ad210358

    LED lights

    That’s LR for you, 😉 the LED lights don’t pull enough current to activate the trailer module. VLM4 should solve it.
  7. ad210358

    LED lights

    Makes no difference, we have LED rear lights on the tow car and still needed the VLM box from Swift, without the Rear Sensors would sound off and the trailer indicator light wouldn’t work.
  8. This is exactly how entry is gained, it’s not by scanning your fob as you lock the car, blocking your fob signal is possible so you think you’ve locked it but it hasn’t locked it. Entry is mostly done by the relay method, your fob is constantly emitting, though later models the fobs go to sleep after a few minutes of non movement. One person scans around to find your the signal from the fob, amplifies the signal to such an extent that the car is fooled to thinking the fob is present, the other person stands by the car door, he presses the button on the handle or triggers the proximity sensor, he opens the door, presses start and bye bye car, all this takes less than a minute. I disabled keyless entry on mine a couple of years back, amazed that the information was not anywhere in the drivers handbook when it’s just a case of pressing the buttons in a certain sequence. Also fit a Disklock fitted overnight or when in an area where I feel it’s not ideal. Beats going back to the car to find it’s not there, obviously insured but stuck in a car park miles from home late at night I’d prefer to avoid.
  9. Wouldn't advise anyone to buy a late model Disco Sport, older model with the PSA 2.2 yes, but not an Ingenium.
  10. Have to agree, I’m on our fourth car with a DPF in twelve years doing around 10k a year and during the week short journeys of a few miles, not exactly long journeys of a weekend, never had an issue with them. When we do go out we just drive normally, no Italian tune ups.
  11. Gaydon is also used for storage of excess stock.
  12. Kwik Fit mobile, booked on line, chose the tyres I wanted, came when booked for, he checked that the chosen tyres were suitable for the caravan, also checked the date markings on the tyre to show they were a couple of months old, all done on the drive, didn’t try to sell me new shock absorbers or any other parts that didn’t need changing. 100 % better than going to the branch.
  13. You might not want one at the maximum length, I bought a slightly smaller one to avoid having the end panels fitting against the windows. Been using one in this van for five years and previous van one for seven years with no issues with the awning rail. Not the same one though, had to replace it a couple of years ago as the bag was degrading badly, but just purchased a new Caravan Stor Zip but without the panels.
  14. But is Co2 the problem. https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2805/scientists-id-three-causes-of-earths-spin-axis-drift/
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