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  1. thank you Barney1 for updating this, I do notice though the Witter one is different to the Westfalia version, but must go as to your thinking I will go and peruse the new Peugeot Corsa as they are all owned by PSA.
  2. I think the Genuine LR Detachable is not manufactured by Witter, pretty sure but stand to be corrected but it’s very likely to be a Westfalia bar like on the FFRR. Witter bar has a very different fitting. http://accessories-instructions.landrover.com/enUSA/all-new-discovery/G2011177 https://www.witter-towbars.co.uk/towbars/land-rover-range-rover/discovery/atv/55/mk-5-rear-towing-valance-required-on-detachable-towbar-9780
  3. Sorry Robbydob, I changed the van 6 years ago and no longer have the diagram. get some very stiff cardboard and a flat blade screwdriver with a blade width around 5mm, rest the cardboard just below the light on the rear panel and place the screwdriver at the bottom of the lens with the shaft of the screwdriver resting on the cardboard and gently push down, levering the lens off. The cardboard is just to protect the rear panel.
  4. There’s no need to fit the shackle, there’s two eyes either side of the tow hook receiver to hook a carabiner clip to.
  5. You might need to remove the VLM board, I had to on ours last year, had a Discovery 4 with a VLM4 box fitted, changed to Volvo, no lights, ATC nothing, removed the VLM box plugged the 13pin in, ATC fired up and all the lights worked.
  6. It wouldn’t work if it was standard on every van, I’ve just changed from Land Rover with a VLM4box fitted on a Swift to a Volvo, the van lights would not work at all on the Volvo, no ATC, nothing, had to remove the VLM4 box and it all works as it should. There is no standard protocols for car manufacturers to follow, so each one does their own thing.
  7. No, it really does brake.
  8. No charge if they are Euro 6 compliant.
  9. Yes, not the wisest thing to do.
  10. Dealer near me seems to be totally closed service side included. One of three in the group, go past it a few times a week, gates closed, chained, security post up, has been since the end of October, signs of the odd caravan being delivered. The web page is states they are closed due to government advice.
  11. Or they may not, the original owner my have to go to court to get it back. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/418674/Couple-furious-after-police-allow-gypsies-to-live-in-their-stolen-caravan
  12. No reason to remove the badges etc off the drivers door, damage was to the N/S wing, headlight and grill, the bumper is not colour coded,
  13. LV told me similar, when I bought a Disco, they gave me one week to get another insurance company and refunded the remainder of my premium. On another insurance issue , one of our work vehicles was recently hit whilst parked at a hospital by an NHS vehicle, our insurance company (Aviva) were very good, could not do enough, the insurance of the NHS vehicle were also keen to check everything was good, offering us a courtesy vehicle and take care of our own vehicle. Aviva sorted everything, damage was headlight, bumper, grill and a wing. What is baffling is whey the repairers which are owned by Aviva, removed all the vehicle trim and badges of both doors, and we now are missing those badges and trim as they are on back order.
  14. Not that far away. https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/11/18/12bn-government-climate-plan-backs-mini-nuclear/
  15. If your docking in Pompey at 7.30pm, you will be hitting the M40 around 10pm, the services will be rammed that time of night, I often call in at Warwick services for fuel early doors, there will be trucks everywhere, have known them stopping on the edge of the forecourt, overnight space is a premium, best bet would the the services on Pear Tree roundabout at Oxford, junction of the A34/A44, does not allow trucks at this one so will have space.
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