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  1. Oil Service Required is to do with diesel in the engine oil based on algorithms of failed DPF cleans. Usually appears just before/after a service, there are two service indicators to be reset on the 2010 face lift FL2.
  2. We run a number of 3.5 ton Renault vans, normally cost us around 23k with discounts, they now do an electric version, price coming in just north of 60k, that’s right 60k, no discounts, payload is 300kgs lower, and with a loaded range of less than 100 miles, that is in the summer, the range is less in the winter with the use of lights, wipers and heater.
  3. ad210358

    Tow Assist

    Tow assist only comes if you spec the vehicle with full surround cameras, a lot of money.
  4. Seen a Disco, sign written, advertising towing service, does work for a dealer near me who has three branches, never seen him with towing mirror yet.
  5. Not a bad price, our Esso agency card price for this coming week is 121. 32.
  6. He he doesn’t need a receiver, the car is the receiver
  7. If you watched the security video, you would see one thief with like a laptop bag which is waved around the door and windows of the house looking for a signal from the Fob, he cannot extend his arms six or seven metres to the car door.
  8. Not quite, thief one amplifies the signal so the vehicle thinks the Fob is next to the vehicle, thief two stands next to the door to open it as the vehicle is fooled into thinking the Fob is by the door.
  9. Depends on the car, on ours in D you have very little engine braking, whilst in Sport it will not get into top gear but will change down much earlier and gives you much more engine breaking, especially on long downhill descents. Depends on the mapping, particular vehicle I drive most days your encouraged to change up at 1500 rpm, lots of low down torque, let it get over 1800 to 2000 rpm it gets very thirsty.
  10. Think I’ll keep my hard earned in my pocket. ,looked up the address, expecting a large factory site, not exactly. https://goo. gl/maps/jaCTGkjg6ps
  11. ad210358

    No DRLs?

    Renault are still selling a LGV today with no DRL’s, the actual headlight was type approved in 2010 and they are still using it today, hence no DRL, the vehicle has been face lifted a couple of times but the actual headlight hasn’t changed. Strange thing on our towcar, they illuminate as required on the front only, when you plug in the trailer electrics, the rear lights are also activated as are the trailer lights. They will become part of the MOT on vehicles registered from March this year and will have to be working, but DRL’s to earlier vehicles will pass if they are turned off.
  12. Ive looked at them but they only seem to M+S rated. https://www. pirelli. com/tyres/en-gb/car/find-your-tyres/products-sheet/scorpion-verde-all-season
  13. ad210358


    Newer technology is around the corner, Bosch have developed a system to drop Nox emissions by nearly 90%. http://www. autoexpress. co. uk/car-news/103331/new-bosch-tech-drastically-cuts-diesel-nox-emissions
  14. ad210358


    With the vehicles at work, normally using BP fuel, 9000 to10000 miles there or there abouts would require 20 litres of Adblue, from October through to April ran solely on Esso, Adblue useage was much more, in some cases as much as double the worse case was 4000 miles on 20 litres of Adblue, from April using BP and back to 9 to 10k on 20 litres of Adblue.
  15. ad210358


    Many of the forecourt pumps are designed for truck use and will not fit most cars, hence the smaller containers have a special no spill filler and the 20l having a screw on funnel. I know my vehicle advise against using forecourt pumps as the fill much quicker than the tank can cope with.
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