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  1. A regular coating of Rain X makes clearing of frost and ice a lot easier.
  2. Brake Pads, Gas Struts was tongue in cheek. Your a regular on Disco 4, two posted so far, DM can give you a list.
  3. Add the petrol ones to the list, reports of engines being replaced before the first service.
  4. Current Disco 4 is a little over 3 1/2 years old, costing me fortune, two sets of rear brake pads now, one set of front pads, two tail gate struts, soon to be fitting a new set of boots all round, terrible at this age and 45000 miles. Previous one was just as bad, both the FL2’s were terrible, had to fit a battery on one of them. Serious note though, for what the OP needs an Evoque or Discovery Sport would be more than adequate to pull his van, but I would without doubt stay away from any that have the Ingenium under the bonnet, Oil Dilution, Turbos, EGR Valves, Oil Leaks, Balance Shafts, the list goes on, anyone who remembers the old K Series engine, the Ingenium is becoming known as the K Series Mk2.
  5. I wouldn’t use someone doing it on the drive, been there and have the T Shirt, very difficult to spray a wheel, especially if it has spokes, dry difficult to get a smooth finish, overspray in the spokes, the rough finish harbours brake dust, better getting them done bu someone who dips them and powder coats, much better finish.
  6. Just north of J12 of the M6, just after the M6 Toll joins, across all four lanes your weighed as you drive, APNR takes the details of the vehicle, was there when it was three lanes and also included the hard shoulder at least seven years ago, DVSA wait for you just north of J13 and your escorted to the works unit just before J14 for a more comprehensive weigh.
  7. Wouldn't make a lot of difference, the vehicle is weighed in and out, they work on the difference, vehicle loaded going in at twenty tonnes, coming out empty weighing twelve tonnes, the weight difference is eight tonnes, even if it’s weighing light, the difference will still be eight tonnes.
  8. It’s bit more than that, they can pull the vehicle in for checks, if they have seen something their not happy with, Traffic Commissioner involvement is if they refuse to follow.
  9. I wouldn’t say they have no powers at all. https://www.commercialfleet.org/news/truck-news/2019/02/14/highways-england-to-stop-vehicles-for-dvsa
  10. 2016 Discovery, soon as you connect the van, rear lights on the Disco illuminates as do all the road lights on the van, it’s designed to according to LR, seen lots of other 2016 reg Disco’s the same, along with many Volvo’s, interestingly if I use a 13pin to 7pin converter and connect to a 7pin plug it does not illuminate the Disco’s tail lights or trailer lights. It is linked to the DRL’s, with diagnostic equipment if I turn the DRL’s off it all behaves correctly. We have a 2017 Renault van, no DRL’s, in fact they are not fitted to the ones on the forecourt today, though there is a facelift due next month of which DRL’s are fitted. All down to when the lights were type approved.
  11. Just had to modify ours earlier this week, two small self tappers, one in each rail.
  12. Nothing whatsoever, been using one of those holes for the last seven years, carabiner clips easily in. Not so keen on the eye in the rear bumper, should the trailer breakaway there is a chance the A Frame could foul on the breakaway cable before its done its job of actuating the brakes.
  13. Oil Service Required is to do with diesel in the engine oil based on algorithms of failed DPF cleans. Usually appears just before/after a service, there are two service indicators to be reset on the 2010 face lift FL2.
  14. We run a number of 3.5 ton Renault vans, normally cost us around 23k with discounts, they now do an electric version, price coming in just north of 60k, that’s right 60k, no discounts, payload is 300kgs lower, and with a loaded range of less than 100 miles, that is in the summer, the range is less in the winter with the use of lights, wipers and heater.
  15. ad210358

    Tow Assist

    Tow assist only comes if you spec the vehicle with full surround cameras, a lot of money.
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