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  1. Common problem on all gt65 panel is loose and moves with air pressure on front of it dealer will fit a wooden baton behind it to secure it mine was done at service
  2. Had same problem with mine even had new door in the end got onto dometic via our dealer and they replaced the fridge apparently common design fault
  3. Maxview sat dome is £1099 fully automatic sits on roof twin lnb and is weatherproof much better option than the tripod mentioned at £900+
  4. Been reading a lot on here about stability problems with Alutech Caravans when i first picked up my pegasus 514 from Cosford caravans i too noticed that the van was very "Twitchy" i could not understand it and it was very frightening, i had followed caravan club guidelines and increased tyre pressure on rear by 4 PSI and made sure i had checked nosewieght all to no avail i then resorted to lowering the tyre pressures to car recommended pressures for a loaded vehicle 30Psi instead of 34 AND BINGO it now tows like a dream so if any of you have these stability probs try my idea certainly works fo
  5. I had the same happen to me at a caravan club site but i went onto a hardstanding anyway only to be retorted at by the warden to which i replied " I pay the same fees as a motorhome and i can get stuck as well so up yours (relatively speaking)". I have now left the Caravan Club and gone over to the "Friendly Club" much cheaper and with my age discount even cheaper,Don't be put off by being led to a pitch i find if i ask politeley they will nearly always give me the pitch i want Goodbye Caravan club and the booking frenzy
  6. Buy the new unicorn and i bet you another comes out in 2 years time i,m keeping my peggy till at least 2014 their not conning me again
  7. Far cheaper than the £45 bailey one and does the same job did not want one with Bailey plastered all over it anyway (pay £45 for it then advertise for bailey nice one bailey)
  8. I Totally agree with Jocky i am also fed up to the teeth with the CC booking system,everyone must be up at 6am with a flask of coffee and a spray water bottle to cool the keyboard down as they frantically try to book the next 52 weekends on the trot,Then with dismay look out of the window and remark " oh look it's raining we won't go this weekend does not matter though " Sorry i've had enough goodbye caravan club been a member for 15yrs but not anymore, Booked my two weeks in the lake district with the CCC and with my age discount actually came in at WAIT FOR IT £100 cheaper than the nearest C
  9. Hope you have all got a large bank account to order of there website
  10. Mine fell apart on our Peggy replaced under warranty really cheap effort of a door
  11. Sounds like it is overheating ie no fan working thats why it is taking time to reset there is an overheat stat on the magnetron which will trip if it gets too hot contact your dealer Dave
  12. Might be nothing to do with it but when i loaded my peggy up originally mine did the same but i had increased rear tyre pressures by 4psi as recommended by caravan club removed the 4psi and had no problems since
  13. Killed mine no insurace discount and they want £199 NO THANKS i just use the alarm on it now
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