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  1. Simple answer to all this - buy German!
  2. I absolutely agree! Compare the two club sites at Sandringham - the CC site just looks like a housing estate with its neat rows of hard standings - much prefer the more informal look of the C&CC site. Why can't more Uk sites be laid out like a lot of the French ones?
  3. We had one fitted to our 495Ufe last year ( to replace a fiamma zip roll-up) Best thing we ever did - make life so much easier! Brian
  4. Almost! Had our Hobby 495Ufe for eight years now (purchased new in Belgium). Only thing that has gone wrong in that time has been the condenser in the fridge (and that's not down to Hobby!) Fantastic build quality.
  5. Had our 495Ufe single axle since new (2006) and have had to replace the spring in the door blind. Yes - that is all that has gone wrong
  6. Well I can't understand why anyone would want to shut themselves away in their van watching tv, showering and using their on-board facilities and hardly ever coming out to socialise What happened to the happy communal camping spirit of old?? Methinks modern fully fitted caravans have a lot to answer for!!
  7. Used a Fiamma Zip for a number of years and loved it. However we began to struggle rolling it up and have now invested in an Omnistore wind out (as oftern found on motorhomes). Absolutely brilliant and so easy to,use!!
  8. I use one of these - polishes up a treat!
  9. Just buy a Hobby! They even fit a ladder on the back to help you get up there
  10. Why not nip across the channel to Belgium? De Cuyper in Poperinge have a good second hand stock ad offer excellent service - we bought new from them in 2006 and have had excellent service since - Highly recommended Check out their web site ('they have English speaking staff btw)
  11. Just climb up the ladder on the back and walk up and down the roof with a mop! Easy with a Hobby!!!
  12. Camping la soleil De Provence just north of Vaison. Best site in the area in my opinion! Beware though - Madame runs her site with a rod of iron!!!
  13. BJH

    Folding Electric Bike

    We have two from Pro Rider and they are excellent. Used every day in France last month - round trips of 50 - 70 km each day
  14. Fiamma bike rack mounted on the rear of the van - just like 50 per cent of European vanners! (Hobby 495 & Volvo xc70)
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