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  1. Rooster I only asked if you were careful how you loaded your caravan, the least I expected was a civil response and instead your replying post infers I'm nothing more than a simpleton !!!!. So at that I shall remain silent and direct no more questions / post's in your direction . Good day to you Sir
  2. Rooster you must be very careful loading your caravan since there is 150kg difference between your van loaded weight and cars towing capacity
  3. I bet a good percentage of caravans being towed are over there prescribed MPTLM limit judging by what family's carry when on holiday . It very easy to misjudge the actual weight of items being carried So the outfit which the OP is talking about is at best probably legal but if the van were to be above its MPTLM even by 10kg it would exceed the cars towing limit . It seems that some folks instead of doing the sensible thing and choosing a suitably matched lighter caravan for there car would rather tow close to or even over limit of there vehicle just so they can have the larger more high spec van. Or perhaps its plain ignorance or a couldn't care less attitude that some vanners have, either way we all have a duty of care to other road users and includes making sure your car / caravan combination is legal, well balanced and in a safe condition to be on the public highway
  4. neil and lena


    I have a close friend who has a 1 year old German Burstner and it had to go back for repair after it developed a serious water leak in a roof seam . He was also told by the dealership who carried out the repair that his was not the first
  5. I would look at your Lunar Handbook as I seem to remember reading in mine that a battery should be used when the van is connected to the mains
  6. The C&CC do home insurance which fully covers your property when empty for more than 3 months,
  7. Because when your out there for 3 months + of year the nights are long and can be cold especially in winter months so TV is a must for some people
  8. If your talking about Aire des Camping-car there not for caravans only Motorhomes so your best bet is a municipal for an overnight stop, there are plenty to choose from
  9. Never experienced any pulling to the left with mine but it is on 225/65/17s
  10. Rather you than me !!! whats the point of having a tow car that cannot tow your van at its maximum weight . So to keep within your cars limit you will have to very carefully weigh everything you load into the caravan so not to exceed 1000kg . What a lot of faffing about, better to change to a more suitable tow car as your present 1. 4 diesel is going to struggle with a ton behind it
  11. I paid £25 a night in 2008 at the NEC but we were on tarmac and had EHU and very close to the Toilet Block but £30 seems a bit steep
  12. The Verso would appear to have a low nose weight limit of 52kg which could be a problem for stable towing
  13. I've had an Auto Satellite Sytem fitted to both my present and previous van and have never had an issue getting a picture either here or abroad, before taking any pitch I just check for a clear line of site south using a compass and if the pitch is not suitable I won't take it end of story . We use C. C mostly in the UK so you can select your own pitch, cant be bothered farting about aligning a dish and would rather just press a button and be watching Sky within a minute :)
  14. This site here is far better than Faskally and although the pitches are a tad small the toilet and washing facilities are good, they even have proper baths if you dont fancy a shower http://www. fonab. co. uk
  15. Is that the new model ? I'm of for a test drive at my local dealership on the 30th but i've already decided I'm having a new one early next year
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