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  1. Revised the Mill Farm CL due to a problem with the original video. Link is now.-
  2. Hi All Just posted another video of the Mill Farm site near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk here.- https://youtu. be/TuOBfTCeyCQ @Gordon - Agree that final approach would be useful and the most recent one at Mill Farm has this. I tend to only add them if the approach from the main road is less than simple as I'm a bit mindful that approaches from further away may change (or I may have not taken the correct one in the first place :-) ) @Coriolis - Thanks for the kind comments, sorry the music was too much . My drone is out of action at the moment and current
  3. Hi All Thanks so much for the positive feedback and glad most of you liked the videos and thought they would be of use, it gives me some encouragement to keep doing them. I'll try an answer each point raised and apologies if I miss anyone out.-- @Paul - Thanks for the spelling correction. I've just changed it so hopefully the people of "Louth" will put their pitchforks away. :-) @HairySpinner - I don't think that number plates would be a GDPR issue (my son has specific knowledge of this area) as it's not really identifiable or private information. Nether the less as a rule I
  4. Hi Haven't posted on this site for quite a while. When choosing CL sites over the years I've always wondered why so few CL site owners post photos of the sites to give a better impression when choosing. Over the past year or so I've started to make short films of the CL sites that we've stayed at. I'm up to eight videos so far with another almost ready to post so whilst it's not quite a comprehensive database but I plan to keep growing it and thought it may be of help to others on this site. The videos are on YouTube and this is not a commercial venture just a hobby so no a
  5. They offered to take it back under warranty to see if they can work out what the problem is or to provide us with some additional bracer beams to be placed at the bottom of the windows (which we found solved the issue of the corner beam collapsing inwards. We opted for the additional bracer beams, partly because I know it will fix the issue and partly because sending the awning back is a whole lot of hassle and will have to be done out of season. Personally I think the direction of the wind was catching and then twisting the beam making it less stable. The extra cross braces will give me
  6. Hi Sparky Yes it sounds like you have the model just before ours. In a way it's good to know that it may not be a flaw in the design flaw but to be honest I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of our awning since it really is hopeless in anything other than fairly moderate winds. I'm beginning to wonder if our particular awning has a fault of some kind as it really doesn't stand up to winds anything like you are describing. Vango replied to my initial email suggesting that I check the tubes for kinks. We did that and even swapped a center pole around. I've sent them a video of
  7. Actually the pressures were all correct, it's the very first thing we checked, even to the point of removing the safety cut-off valve and then manually pumping to 8psi. Which incidentally is 1psi more than the manual states and 0. 5psi more than the safety valve is designed to be, but when we contacted Vango they recommended pumping to 8psi. So unless the blowout valve AND the gauge are BOTH wrong then the pressure should be fine.
  8. Hi Sparkyy Hmm, even with no wind at all our corner posts want to bend inwards, even when we swapped one of them out for a center tube it straight away wanted to bow inward. If you wouldn't mind me asking a few questions.- When you were in those high winds did the awning kneel down at all? Is your awning the older 2015 model or the new Varkala II (2016) model? I believe the latest model has thicker roof spars. Ours are about 60mm (diameter of a coke can) whilst the newer ones are the same diameter of the uprights. I really do want to like this awning but at the moment it is starting to di
  9. Hi All We've had our Varkala 420 for two seasons now and in many respects we absolutely love it. The little features that Vango as tent manufacturers add are really good . . . however . . . We have noticed that the front outer legs never want to sit true and instead bow in. During calm conditions this is not a major issue but when the wind gets up the awning collapses in on itself almost completely. We have (following Vango's advice) checked the tubes for kinks, even swapped a center beam with an outer beam in case the corner one had developed a fault but it did the same thing. T
  10. Hi Thanks for all the replies and apologies for not coming back sooner, the thread notification doesn't seem to have worked and I only got around to checking the post again today as it's been a busy couple of weeks. To answer some other poster's questions yes it is an auto-box. My guess is that the reasons for the entry in the manual are.- 1 Toyota covering their backside :-) 2 I can see that with a heavy trailer and hills then cruise control could strain the engine in certain circumstances (the driver would IMO have to be a bit crazy to let this happen but I see their point.)
  11. Hi We've just purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser and whilst it was not a deciding factor in the purchase it does have cruise control and I thought that this feature would take a bit of the strain out of long haul tows. I did a search on here about cruise control and not-surprisingly found several people talking about using it, mainly to stay within speed limits. . HOWEVER Now we have the car I was perusing the rather hefty manual and on the subject of Cruise-Control the manual clearly states that CC should not be used whilst towing. I'm not overly bothered either way but I can't quite see th
  12. Excellent idea Nelmo, I'd love to hear from someone who has actually tried one of these units on a local route where they know that the shortest route is non-caravan friendly. Maybe I'm a bit off topic but surely the both of the caravan and camping clubs are failing in their duty hear in their magazines etc. I've read several so called product reviews of satnavs in both magazines (we belong to both clubs). All of them are blatantly adverts not product reviews. They can take a £50k top end car / caravan combo on holiday for a week to tell us the kitchen unit is nice. Why oh why can't they
  13. Hi All I was just wondering what peoples experiences are of Swift in relation to getting van specific spares. We purchased a new challenger 625 in March with a fixed bed. Unfortunately one of the supplied bed slats was too short. I didn't think this was going to represent a problem but the replacement part took almost 2 months to get to us and was then the wrong (too short) part. The subsequent replacement slat took another two month (picked it up yesterday) and was not even a bed slat. They had sent a piece of MDF trim instead. I don't think the dealer has mucked up and ordered th
  14. Hi Should be pickin up new van at weekend and was planning to make a first trip to Cherry Hinton CC site near Cambridge. I'm sure I checked a while back and it was open year round but it seems to be closed until end of July. Does anyone know what's going on there ? Cheers Dave
  15. No I wouldn't be happy unless I told the buyer the full story, but obviously I don't want to take too much of a hit on the price. In hind site the most annoying aspect of this is that on all three occasions the dealer advised waiting till the end of the season before commencing repairs. The reason given was that they would need to A-wait for warmer weather and B-take the van for several weeks. the end result was that the ineffective fix was left unchecked till the next year. My advice after this experience is any damp should be repaired as soon as it is found and then checked again 3 mo
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