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  1. I would try O'Leary Motorhomes. Mike
  2. SBS

    Caravan Snobs

    You could always ask them if they would prefer a question on sport Mike
  3. We too have a 7'4" wide caravan and use Milenco Aeros but bought a pair of the longer brackets - much better view. Mike
  4. We have a 2002 Sterling Eccles and Sargents supplied a 13 pin plug and cable with spade connectors at the 'van end. If I remember correctly,I had one additional connection to make with a piggyback. Hope this helps Mike
  5. We stayed at the CC Low Manesty site last year - great weather. A 5 minute walk to Derwentwater from the rear of the site. Easy strolls with the dogs along the bank. Highly recommended. No shower block but we use our own facilities, anyway. Mike
  6. Sorry to be picky but it's Levisham (Lebberston is near to Scarborough)- and stop talking about this site - it's hard enough to book in as it is. Mike
  7. SBS

    Truma Ultraheat

    You have checked the most obvious problems and so it points to the PCB relays. Gary at Arc Systems supplies exchange PCBs with uprated relays. www. arcsystems. biz Mike
  8. A call to Swift may get you a phot copied version. Mike
  9. You can use U-shaped padlocks of whatever quality you wish to pay. Cheap ones can be cut through with bolt croppers but anything can be cut with a gas axe. You pays your money. .... Mike
  10. Loads on e-Bay for less than £20 (Item 180517266415) and less for used. Mike
  11. 12mm push-fit - either Whale or John Guest fittings. If you are buying mail order - try O'Leary Motorhomes as their price is usually v. competetive. I fitted a tap to isolate the water heater so that we could use the inboard tank en route. Mike
  12. You can find the schematics for your 'van here: http://sargentshop. co. uk/epages/eshop328964. sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop328964/Categories/TechData/%22System%20Schematics%22/%22Swift%20Group%22 Mike
  13. Take out the red/blue half moons and remove the screw. Take the handle off. You will then need a Torx screwdriver (A Rolson set is cheap) to remove the four screws. Disconnect the wires under the sink. You should then be able to remove the mircroswitch (you may have to cut off the spades). Slot the wires down the tap and re-assemble. Hope this helps. Mike
  14. They are all clamped (not sur about Alko Mamut) with a block bolted behind to stop the movement - to the rear. Might not have helped with Griff's problem. Mike
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