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  1. This morning's post brought a flier from Greentrees inviting me to their forthcoming "Janfest" open weekend. Amongst the many interesting events on offer was a full page devoted to promoting the "Bailey Pursuit launch weekend"! In view of this information this "Must-see model" may be difficult to find. It would seem that the decision for Greentrees and Bailey to part company must be a very recent decision. I wonder which party instigated the parting of the ways. GordonW
  2. Yes Tim, I have read the Caravan Club's response and I've also looked at the draft of the proposed EU Regulation. I am disappointed that the Club has taken the position that it has and tries to claim that there is no evidence that unsafe caravans and trailers cause accidents. In my opinion it is sensible to have safe vehicles on the road and that this legislation will go some way to ensure that happens. Having been involved in guiding legislation through the EU for many years I feel pretty confident that the CCs response will be ignored as the knee-jerk response of a vested interest seeki
  3. The vast majority of road users do not own and tow caravans or trailers. In my opinion this majority would expect that caravans and trailers are safe to be towed on the road and would probably be very disappointed to realise that that there are no independent checks on their safety. It would be in everyone's interest to have safe vehicles on the road so why are we being encouraged to protest against a sensible initiative? gordonw
  4. I use the AL-KO Premium Jockey Wheel that features a sprung wheel. The loading of that spring gives an indication of the weight on the jockey wheel that with simple mathematics can be translated into the nose weight of the caravan. When the van is parked with the steadies down I always wind the jockey wheel up and zero that scale. This takes the pressure off the spring and avoids damage. Some of my continental caravanning friends remove the jockey wheel completely as an anti-theft device when parked - simple but effective. The general consensus seems to be that it doesn't matter whethe
  5. But Mr Windeatt mentions nothing about a fire, loosing my caravan or my insurance company refusing to pay for resulting damage. These observations about hypothetical occurrences must be the result of a fertile imagination. As this thread has now changed into a discussion about hearsay fraudulent claims for whiplash injury there seems to be little point in contributing further. It's just a pity that those who choose to hijack a legitimate discussion do not understand the legal difference between tort and breach of contract. GordonW
  6. I've also received a letter form the Caravan Club telling me that that I will not be allowed to use my awning on Old Hartley Caravan Club Site from Friday 10 May 2013 onwards. A I booked a pitch with an awning from the 9th 0f May it would appear that I can use my awning for one night then I will need to remove the awning. As I have written confirmation that I booked a pitch with an awning for the whole period of my stay it would appear that the Caravan Club have broken the contract that I have with them. I have written to Neil Windeatt (Head of Site Operations) author of the letter aski
  7. I thought that they would bother me. I used to carry a couple of lengths of pipe insulation foam to clip over them. In practice I found that they are not a problem so I don't bother to cover them any more. GordonW
  8. I have driven a car with a loose wheel and it is immediately obvious from the loud knocking noise that there is something seriously wrong. If the same situation were to happen on your caravan you would be oblivious to the fault until the wheel came off. I believe that is the main reason why it is necessary to check the tightness of bolts and nuts on the wheels of all trailers. GordonW
  9. No your water pipes will not run between the internal and external floor of the van. Normally they run on top of the floor next to the wall. This means that they will run at the back of units, floor lockers and beds. It is a matter of getting down on your hands and knees opening all the doors, removing drawers etc, and examining everything with a good torch. Remember that water will track a long way from the source of the leak before it gets out of the bodywork so where you see the water under the van could be yards way from the leak that is causing the problem. GordonW
  10. No Dave Industry pays less for electricity than the private user. I agree that it can be difficult to obtain figures but they are collated and published by the EU. If you look at http://www. energy. EU/ you will see that in November 2011in the UK a high industrial user pays €0. 1019 (8. 6p) per unit and a low industrial user pays €0. 1149 (9. 6p) per unit that compares with a private customer high user paying €0. 1513 (13p) and low user paying €0. 1676 (14p) per unit. These figures are market averages and it is possible to do better deals than that. The reason that industry gets lowe
  11. Dave I do hope that you are not paying 20p a unit. I pay 10p a unit during the day and 4. 7p off peak. GordonW
  12. I think that you will find that the latest Avtex TVs have a much wider viewing angle than the earlier ones. My 2011 model was considerably better than the 2009 model with sharper picture better colour and very good viewing angles which are reflection free. I am also trying to get one of the new models with the analogue, digital and satallite inputs but they are in very short supply. I believe that a small shipment has already been sold out and the main stock has yet to arrive in the country. My experience of Avtex as a company has been very good with very prompt service on the one occas
  13. No it doesn't sound very fair but I'm not surprised. When I see the number of people who use electric heaters in the awning all day, and sometimes all night long, it must be expected that site owners will need to recover the cost of electricity used. A 3kW electric heater costs £0. 45 an hour to run or in excess of £10. 00 a day if it is left on constantly. Add to that the cost of electricity used for the rest of the caravan and all the pitch fee goes in paying for the electricity consumed. GordonW
  14. It seems to me that the condition for getting 10% discount is quite clear - you have to agree to use two ALKO locks on the same side whenever the caravan is not connected to the car. If you accept that condition then you get 10% discount. Should you then decide not to comply with the condition then you will have to take you chances that the insurance company will pay out in full if your caravan is stolen. If I really found that I couldn't or wouldn't comply with the stated conditions I would forgo the 10% discount and then I could be confident that I would be fully insured. GordonW
  15. I don't think that it would be too difficult to make a rubber snap-in tubeless tyre valve fit the hose type tap connector on a Truma waterline. Then you can attach your compressor to the valve and that will maintain positive air pressure to empty the water through the taps and drain. But remember to use a compressor that cuts out when the pressure reaches 1bar. GordonW
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