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  1. The other tyre & the spare are absolutly fine Brian, but the lady did say keep an eye on them & if any problems I had to get back to her, funny how it was the only 1
  2. Update: Emailed a pic of the offending tyre to a lovely lady called Wendy at Tyre Line late yesterday afternoon, she just rang me to say there is a replacement tyre being sent out to my local tyre depot, should be there Monday. Now that's what I call fast efficient service.
  3. Thanks Grasmere you've given me hope, just about to ring Tyre line now.
  4. Yeah I have read that its the 195 size that still dont help me though as mine are 175/75R/14 with bad cracks in the side, surly these should be covered as well I hope
  5. Just found out that Swift were recalling 2007 vans fitted with Matador tyres. My 2007 van still has them on & 1 of them has badly cracked side walls. What do I need to do, is the van safe as it goes out again in September. Thanks in advance
  6. I just ordered one from currys so they must still have them
  7. Thanks for that guys every thing seems a bit clearer now, its all gobbledeguk to me goes, right over my head LOL. I'll go shopping for a dongle ( see I'm learning already!!) see what the best deals are out there. Will update when I get one.
  8. Hi everyone, sorry to appear thick ( which I am!!!) but I want to take my new laptop away with me in the van, I think I need a dingle dangle or what ever it is but I dont want to pay for it monthly, only for when I go out in the van. My laptop is wifi whatever that means. Sorry again. I wish I was brainy!!!
  9. I got all mine from Boyes, they were really cheap & the dinner plates were alot bigger than the ones in the sets
  10. I hope you dont want to go on the beech, you can't get down!!
  11. Well!!!, the memory foam topper worked a treat. I got a 3inch one & found it most comfortable
  12. We bought a Carry Chef Deluxe at the lawns show & was speaking to the Cadac rep. We asked him what the recall was all about, as we had read it on here & he told us there was NO recall, but did say about the coating comming off, there was a couple there actually who were saying that they had bought one last year & the coating had come off. We were a bit reluctant to buy one, but glad we did because it was fine! We really like it.
  13. Hi Mick Have PM you but dont know if it worked give me a shout if it didn't
  14. I think it would be more comfy to sleep on the grass outside. I wonder if I could get a different mattress from swift, surely they dont make them all the same in every van do they??
  15. Just got back from the 2nd trip in the new van. Does any one else find the mattress hard, its like sleeping on a rock!!, I've heard people mention memory foam topper thingies, but had one of em on the bed at home & it lasted a week! dont fink a right lot to em. Could I get a differant mattress?
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