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  1. Do not use that site. She is a scammer and doesn't have the roof light at all. I know and had to go through the bank to get my money back as she refused to refund me and eventually failed to reply. I'm surprised she hasn't been closed down.
  2. You can replace it with a new 900 x 600 roof light although the opening will have to be enlarged. Better than scrapping it.
  3. There isn't any towing data on any Japanese imports so it's a very grey area although lots do including myself.
  4. The two pipes are likely to freeze and push out of the fitting. Not advisable.
  5. Our vanmaster has something similar but is very well engineered. It pulls out easily even after years in position.
  6. My Garmin was just standard but still did strange things. It took us through the centre of cirencester when it was easier and quicker to use the ring road as one example. I suppose the caravan version may not have done the same but I had lost confidence in the Garmin.
  7. I have the latest 7" version with TV and I think it's great. I had a new Garmin up to a few weeks ago when it was stolen and I wasn't upset one bit as it was terrible. It used to send you down country roads when there was a parallel main road etc. I've used the Aguri quite a few times and it's been faultless. You can select between caravan and car and it adjusts the arrival time to suit, avoids country roads and doesn't seem to do anything silly. It is basically a tablet with a sat nav program on it. The caravan poi are useful as it takes you right to the site ra
  8. I have an Aguri caravan sat nav and it is so much better than the previous Garmin. The soft ware and maps are a bit more basic but the directions are spot on. It avoids the Moor roads near us and keeps to the main roads. Also if you miss a turning it doesn't continue to tell you to do a u turn for miles. Very happy so far.
  9. I've just changed my motor on my powrtouch classic and it was far easier to take it off the van then to do it in situ. Gives you a chance to give it a good clean too. I had previously changed the other motor whilst it was still on the van and it was a lot harder . Some bolts can but very stiff. Next job is to change both rollers. It's starting to add up but still cheaper than buying a whole new unit.
  10. We have a whale pump that seized and blew the fuse. We just bought two new pumps and loads of fuses. Job done. If it goes again at least it won't spoil the holiday.
  11. Hi all. Does anyone here have the maxxair deluxe fitted to their caravan? It replaces the omnivent and allows the fan to run even if it's raining. It is also thermostatically controlled to bring the fan on to cool the van down. Sounds a good idea. I saw it at the NEC last last year but the saleswoman was useless even letting a member of the public pipe up to promote it. Should have given him a job.
  12. I have two factory fitted by Vanmaster and switched at the main bank of switches near the front door. Brilliant if setting up in the dark.
  13. Sorry john. My bad. I'll have a good read when I get a minute. Seems like a really good idea if it's purpose made for a caravan.
  14. When I have installed this ufh in bathrooms it states it must be screeded over with self leveling compound to protect the mat and to stop it over heating and breaking the circuit. It is 240 v after all. Wouldn't want the dogs claws to go through and get electrocuted.
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