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  1. Hi all I am wanting to sell my 2005 Lunar Lexon 640 Ultima with island bed, could anyone tell me approximately what its worth. I have owned it from new and its in vgc and comes with a Reich mover and full awning. Thanks Vaughan
  2. Hi all Could anyone give me advice on my caravan floor. I was sure it was delamination but after careful inspection underneath I have noticed that the floor is actually cracked thus giving a very spongy feel to it from the inside. The crack is about 12 to 18" long and curved not straight so how would I repair it? Would it be a simple job of screwing a piece of wood to the underneath or is it a job for the professionals. I have already started to do a delamination repair as I am sure this has happend as well as the crack. The floor is timber by the way and the van is a 2005 Lunar Lexon 640. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Vaughan
  3. Heres wishing all on CT a very happy christmas. Vaughan
  4. vaughan

    Volvo Xc90

    Hi Bill are you sure on those economy figures as the reviews state the manual is the most frugal with 34 mpg solo so if yours are accurate then thats alot more than what the experts reviews on this vehicle. I have been a volvo owner for 20 years and have an S80 D5 geartronic at the moment and nearly bought a new XC90 this year but was put off becuse of the mpg. Vaughan
  5. Thanks for all your replies, just for information the dish is 65cm so should be fine for using in France as well as here. Vaughan
  6. Hi all My kids are buying me an HD satelite kit from B&Q for Christmas can anyone tell me what else I will need apart from a tripod to set it up ie compass etc as I am not sure what comes with the kit. Vaughan
  7. Hi All I have just bought a static van and had our first weekend in it and we loved it but we are keeping the tourer so we can still go to other places. Vaughan
  8. Hi Pete Congratulations on your purchase I hope you have many happy holidays in it. Vaughan
  9. Ive been several times and it's a great show, not bought a van from there but there are deals to be had so take your credit card and grab a bargain. Vaughan
  10. vaughan

    Wardens Job

    I have been a caravan warden for about 6 weeks with my local council and wondered if anyone on this forum has done the same job as I would like to pick their brains please.
  11. Off to Hoburne Bashley 24th September anyone else going there?
  12. What an excellent idea pity it's a bit far away for me. Vaughan
  13. vaughan


    Thinking of a weeks holiday in France this September and wondered if the area around Calais has much too offer as we have never stayed there before only used it as a crossing point. We like to go out each day to different places and don't mind traveling for say 30 miles to get to a destination or further still if it is highly recomended. I would also like to visit the 2nd world war graves if there are any in that area. Any help would be appeciated. Vaughan
  14. vaughan

    Cadac Barbie

    Wheres the link to the £99 Cadac on PC web site I can't see it? Vaughan
  15. Nice looking car and I think the colour suits it. I considered a passat before sticking with Volvos and getting an S80 although I really like the look of the Passat CC. Vaughan
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